Zydot Ultimate Blend Review

I’ve already done a review of Zydot Euro Blend, so I decided I should also do a Zydot Ultimate Blend review as well.

Zydot makes a very strong claim with their detox drinks, that they can detox you completely within one hour. For me, there has to be something very special about the ingredients for that to be true.

So even though the Euro Blend products failed dismally, I thought it was only fair to do a review of the Ultimate Blend product as well.

What Is Zydot Ultimate Blend

Zydot Ultimate Blend is marketed as a one-hour formula for detoxifying the body to pass a urine drug test.

It’s an amazing claim, and unfortunately, one which doesn’t stack up.

The company has been around since 1987, but unfortunately, the products just don’t seem to have the quality they claim they have. Despite all the negativity around this product I decided to take a closer look at it all stop

I’ve already reviewed Zydot Euro Blend, and had a friend test it, so is there anything different about Ultimate Blend that gives it more of a chance of being successful?

Does Zydot Ultimate Blend Work?

The formula of Zydot Ultimate Blend consists of various B-Vitamins, Creatine and a few other natural additives.

It’s nothing special, nothing revolutionary and unfortunately the feedback from user reviews on drug forums and places like Amazon suggests that whatever is in it, it doesn’t work.

The instructions for using Ultimate Blend are pretty straightforward. You drink 16oz of water, wait an hour and then drink the contents of the bottle.

You then wait another 20 minutes and then refill the bottle with water and drink that. The instructions then say that you just need to urinate a couple of times before your drug test and you will be clear for up to 5 hours. It works the same way as every other detox drink.

The problem is that feedback says that isn’t the case. I’m not even going to waste my time trying Ultimate Blend even as part of a review because I don’t want to give my money away for something so blatantly unlikely to work.

In my Euro Blend review, I mentioned that one of my friends tried that product and failed his home drug test. There is literally nothing different about Zydot Ultimate Blend, so you can’t expect a successful result.

Zydot Ultimate Blend Review

Zydot Ultimate Blend Review: Conclusion

The $21.95 I just don’t think it’s money well spent. Zydot Ultimate Blend makes big claims which just won’t stack up in reality. And even if there is a chance they do, why take the risk over something as important as a drug test?

If you don’t have much to spend I suggest Rescue Detox Ice. its not the best nor the safest, but probably still better than Ultimate Blend, If you have some more, you should really go for Mega Clean plus a Toxin Rid combo which is probably the best and safest product on the market (check out my review).

Its 69$. Yes it’s more expensive, but failing a drug test could be even more expensive.

If you can’t quite bring yourself to pay 69 bucks for Mega Clean and Toxin Rid, but doesn’t want to buy something unsafe then I advise you to get a bottle of  Rescue Cleanse from Clear Choice (read my review here.)

The bigger bottle Rescue Cleanse 32Oz costs 50$ only.

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