Does Yogi Detox Tea Work For Drug Tests?

 When people know they might have to take a drug test, they suddenly get crazy and search online for ways to pass a drug test that are quick, and don’t cost money. One of the ways they will usually come across is the question around does Yogi detox tea work for drug test?

So what is Yogi detox tea, and is there any chance it could really help you pass a drug test? And if it can’t, what will?

What Does Yogi Detox Tea Do?

Yogi is basically a brand of herbal tea. The reason it’s been linked to detoxification is that it contains herbs in its products that are linked to a very mild ability to increase the release of toxins from the body.

That, a bit of clever marketing, and some ridiculous rumors around places like for 420 forums.

But the bottom line here is that it’s minor, and although it might taste nice and make you feel a bit better, it’s not strong, or specially formulated to do anything else other than that.

Does Yogi Detox Tea Clean Your System?

Yogi detox tea can clean your system, but only over a couple of weeks, and as part of a regime that includes a change in diet, exercise, water intake, and generally looking after yourself.

The herbs that can help slightly include things like dandelion and burdock, which in the quantities contained in a few cups of tea, are going to have very little effect at all.

If you’ve got drug toxins racing round your body after your last binge session, then there’s actually no chance on earth that cup of tea or two is going to fool a professional drug testing facility. That’s the bottom line.

Does Yogi Detox Tea Clean Your System

Do NOT Use Yogi Detox Tea For Drug Test

So the sad truth here I’m afraid, is that Yogi detox tea doesn’t clean your system particularly, and it’s absolutely useless for passing a drug test.

But there are three ways you can genuinely pass a drug test. But they are not free, and you need to buy a specialist product to achieve it.

Products That Work For Drug Test

  1. You can buy a detox drink, something like Mega Clean or Ultra Eliminex. These will flush out the toxins in your urinary tract and bladder, allowing you to submit a toxin-free sample for around five hours.

Click here for more details on the detox drinks.

  1. You could use high quality detox pills like Toxin Rid, as part of a natural detox. Toxin Rid is not cheap, but it can speed up a natural detox by more than 50%.

Which means, if you know you’ve got a drug test coming up in about seven days, and you want to be properly clean, it will speed that up considerably, giving you the confidence to be totally drained of toxins.

The five day course is the minimum I would recommend. Click here to read my toxin rid review and how you can make it part of a rapid natural detox.

  1. Your third choice is to submit a completely fake sample, by using synthetic urine. Sub Solution and Quick Fix 6.2 are the two brands I recommend. They aren’t cheap, and you have to have the confidence to smuggle a fake sample into the testing facility.

But these two brands especially, have all the markers they will look for in a natural sample, giving you the absolute best chance to pass a drug test, effort free.

Click here to learn more about these brands of synthetic urine.

So the bottom line here is that home remedies like Yogi detox tea will not help you pass a drug test.

You need a professional detox product, and you’re going to have to pay, but when it comes to getting a job, or keeping a job, it’s not a lot of money really.

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