Yellow Vein Kratom Review: Vietnam vs Borneo

Many people ignore the potential benefits of yellow kratom because they just assume it’s the same as red vein kratom. In this yellow kratom review, I’m going to dispel that myth, by telling you more about yellow kratom.

I’m going to tell you how it’s grown, produced, and what the effects are. You’ll see how it differs from red, white and green kratom, and get a better idea of when, and if, you should use it.

I’ll also cover buying yellow kratom. Genuine yellow Vietnam kratom, and yellow Borneo kratom, are not actually widely available, and unfortunately the quality is mostly poor. Worse than that, some is just red kratom, that’s been dried out to a lighter colour. But my two trusted sources and offer proper yellow kratom, at a great price.

What Is Yellow Kratom?

Yellow kratom is often seen as a modern development, because it’s only recently appeared in the West. However, it’s been around just as long as all the other types of kratom, it’s just that only recently has it become popular outside of Asia.

Yellow kratom tends to be created from red kratom leaves, although some yellow kratom is also said to be made from white and green veined kratom leaves.

These leaves are kept on the tree past the point at which they would be cultivated to make the normal colours of kratom. The result is that they darken, and take on a golden hue.

These more mature leaves are then dried through an extended, and different, process, to produce a rich yellow kratom.

Looking specifically at yellow Vietnam kratom, this is certainly the case. It’s the drying process which makes this unique strain of kratom yellow. Yes, it’s a different type of kratom leaf from a specific tree, but it’s the drying process specific to that region, that produces the yellow, or golden veins when the leaves are dried.

However it’s made, the net result is that yellow Vietnam kratom, and yellow Borneo kratom especially, have a very unique balance of alkaloids, that help to create a different balance of effects, when compared to red, white and green kratom.

Drying yellow vein borneo kratom

Yellow Kratom Effects

Okay, so yellow vein kratom is different, there’s no denying that. But how do yellow kratom effects differ from those of normal kratom? 

Generally, red vein kratom tends towards painkilling and sedation. It’s not a euphoric, uplifting group of kratom strains. If you want pain relief, sedation, to feel calm and relaxed, then red vein Borneo or Maeng Da kratom is the way to go.

If you want to feel uplifted, euphoric, and even out-of-control, then white and green vein kratom are the way to go.

But genuine yellow kratom tends to be described as balanced. Yellow kratom tends to have higher levels of alkaloids, because the leaves are more mature. This could lead to a more balanced spectrum of fully developed alkaloid content.

So yellow kratom tends to have elements of producing energy, focus and pleasure. It can also at the same time, introduce elements of pain relief, relaxation and sedation. The levels that all this happens at depends on the dose.

But generally, yellow kratom from Borneo or Vietnam especially, can produce a well-balanced spectrum of effects, that progress towards a deeper relaxation at higher dose.

Yellow Vietnam Kratom Vs Yellow Borneo Kratom

When it comes to deciding whether to try yellow Vietnam kratom, or yellow Borneo kratom, the truth is that there isn’t that much to choose between them.

Generally both strains produce the following key effects:

  • Soothing
  • Enhances perception
  • Lifts mood
  • Produces relaxation
  • Lessons anxiety
  • Delivers energy
  • Allows stronger mental focus

So either yellow vein Vietnam kratom, or yellow Borneo kratom will produce this spectrum of effects, as long as you buy quality product.

It’s often described as a “middle of the day” kratom. Green and white kratom producing energy in the morning, red kratom relaxation and sedation at the end of the day, and a balance between the two, through yellow kratom, in the middle of the day.

yellow vein kratom review

Yellow Kratom Review: My Favorite Vendors

The problem with buying yellow Vietnam kratom or yellow Borneo kratom is that there are very few products out there which are genuinely this product. Many cheaper “yellow” kratom, is red kratom that has been bleached out through a longer drying process, simply to produce the hue needed to claim it’s rarer yellow kratom.

I have tried several yellow kratom products, and had some amazing yellow kratom effects from them, and they genuinely do produce a fantastic spectrum of results, that you can tailor through mixing them with other strains, or changing the dose.

But as it’s so rare to to find genuine yellow kratom, I tend to always go to one of the following two trusted kratom vendors, who have stocks of genuine sourced yellow kratom.

  1. Yellow Vietnam Kratom sell quality yellow Vietnam kratom. As I said earlier, not all yellow or gold kratom is made from red vein kratom. This yellow Vietnam kratom is actually produced from white and green kratom, harvested along the Mekong River Delta.

It is a mature leaf, which is then naturally dried in the sun over a longer period, producing the yellow glow and enhancing the range of alkaloids.

Backed up by rapid shipping, good customer service, and available at what I think is a very fair price, this yellow Vietnam kratom from really is one you should try if you are curious about yellow vein kratom.

  1. PurKratom Yellow borneo Kratom

PurKratom are one of the most renowned sellers of kratom in the USA. They sell a wide range of kratom and it’s all high-quality. I can vouch for them personally, because I tried and liked every kratom product I’ve ever bought from this company.

In terms of yellow vein kratom specifically, this yellow Borneo kratom product is superb. It’s very subtle and gentle, which some people describe as underwhelming. But within that subtle range of effects you get a good balance between mild uplifting euphoria, relaxation, and a mellow feeling, with aspects of analgesia as well. You can buy it in powder or capsule form.

PurKratom are another one of my very small group of trusted retailers, who I always buy from. I can tell you this yellow vein kratom is high quality, grown, harvested and dried traditionally to produce a genuine yellow Borneo kratom powder.

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