XXtra Clean Review

I’m a bit concerned about how this detox drink is marketed so I thought I would do an XXtra Clean review to put things straight, as I see them.

The brand who make Xxtra Clean are called Detoxify, and they have four different detox drinks available, at the time of writing this review.

My concern is around why you would choose Xxtra Clean, and I guess in expressing my concern, I’m wondering why the company chose to make it? So what’s the deal, and why am I so concerned?

What Is Xxtra Clean?

Detoxify make four different drinks. The first is their flagship product Mega Clean. This is a drink I swear by, and it really can help you to pass a urine drug test.

They now also make Mighty Clean, which is Mega Clean with a new name and design. This worries me, because when you have a trusted brand, why muddy the waters and confuse things by introducing the same thing under a different label?

Then there are what I basically think are two identical detox drinks, Ready Clean and Xxtra Clean.

The problem I have is that the implication of the name Xxtra Clean is that it is actually more powerful than their flagship product Mega Clean. This isn’t the case.

Xxtra Clean and Ready Clean are less powerful and not as good. So why have they been made?

Does xxtra clean work

Does Xxtra Clean Work For Coke?

I’m going to be honest here and say that based on the evidence, I don’t think Xxtra Clean will work for much. So in asking the question does Xxtra Clean work for Coke, the question is really does it work at all?

If you are a female, have small body weight, or are a very occasional smoker or user, then yes you might get through a urine drug test using this detox drink.

It’s designed for low toxin exposure, but this is unclear, which is what worries me. I can see a lot of people getting caught out, especially as the price for the much weaker Xxtra Clean is not that much lower than the powerful Mega Clean.

Basically, why would you want to spend almost as much on a weaker product? And why would the company want to sell you that, are they trying to set people up to fail?

Xxtra Clean review: Does It Work?

Xxtra Clean ReviewI can’t really recommend Xxtra Clean. You should be especially careful of buying it from somewhere like Amazon because they often have sellers on their with expired products at low prices. They suck people in and then you get spat out in the drugs test.

When it comes to Xxtra Clean detox at Walmart or any other mainstream seller, it’s again not recommended because you don’t get the luxury of pre-rid tablets.

If you buy from a specialist shop online, you can get Xxtra Clean with Toxin Rid tablets. These will increase your chances of passing the test a lot.

You take the pills 24 hours before the test, and then mask the rest of the toxins using a detox drink a few hours before the test.

But the bottom line here is if you are going to spend that much money, the combo you really are looking for is Mega Clean bundled up with the Toxin Rid tablets.

Does Xxtra Clean work? I guess maybe. But I’m advising me not to take the risk.

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