X-Pulsion Detox Drink Review

There is a reason why X-Pulsion detox drink reviews are generally not positive. That reason is that it hasn’t got a great reputation, and a lot of people have said they have failed using it in online forums.

Well, I’ve also used it. I tested it for this review, and I’m going to tell you what my experiences with it were.

So the question is, does X-Pulsion detox drink work, or is it a waste of time, effort and money that is going to have you still testing positive when you next take a urine drug test?

What Is X-Pulsion By Herbal Extreme?

X-Pulsion is a detox drink made by company called Herbal Extreme. I can’t really tell you much about then, because there is not much information online about the company themselves.

In terms of the detox drink itself, it’s a 32 oz bottle, which the company says is suitable for someone up to 400 pounds in weight.

It comes in two flavors, black cherry and Valencia orange.

To be honest, the description of the product is bizarre, which even on that alone would have me worrying about the quality of this detox product:

“X-Pulsion will work for you even if you are the person who lives in the country with the smallest traces of toxins in your system, or you live in the city ingesting large amounts of toxins…”

I have no idea what your country or city of residence has to do with drinking a detox drink, I suspect they are referring to environmental toxins, which is hardly reassuring when it’s being sold on websites designed to flush out drug toxins so you can pass a drug test.

X-Pulsion Detox Drink Instructions

Instructions for using the X-Pulsion detox drink are pretty straightforward. In fact, they are the same as almost every other detox drink out there, apart from the ones that don’t require you to also drink water, and are as follows:

  1. Chill the contents of the bottle thoroughly.
  2. Shake the bottle well and drink the contents steadily over about 15 minutes.
  3. Wait 10 minutes, then refill the bottle with water and steadily drink over another 15 minutes.
  4. Urinate frequently in the 60 minutes after completing drinking.

After that, toxins should be flushed out of your system, and according to X-Pulsion you will have up to 8 hours of toxin free time.

X-Pulsion Detox by Herbal Extreme

Does X-Pulsion Detox Drink Work?

Even before I tested it, I was skeptical of X-Pulsion detox drink reviews that said it works.

The marketing is bizarre, it doesn’t make clear exactly what it detoxifies, and even worse it claims you will have up to 8 hours free of toxins after drinking it.

That is about three hours more than even the strongest brands out there claim.

So with skepticism, I bought a bottle for testing.

I was actually clean for four days before, more than half a week of natural detox, without smoking weed, because I had been off work and in bed with flu.

So I thought it was the perfect time to test it. If this stuff works, it’s going to work after four days of detox.

The results were poor. I followed the instructions, and did three home urine test kits. One hour after drinking, three hours after drinking and five hours after drinking. I failed all three of those kits, which should tell you the whole story.

Alternatives To X-Pulsion Detox

So the conclusion of this X-Pulsion detox review is that I cannot say it works, I cannot see how it could.

It’s cheap, the claims made about it are bizarre and unrealistic, and in my real-world testing it just didn’t do the job.

For me, the better alternatives out there costs more money, but from my own experiences, and people around me, I know that they work. Synthetic urine is also an option if the test is unsupervised.

For more info check my synthetic urine reviews.

The detox drinks I would recommend are:

  1. Mega Clean

If you buy Mega Clean with the six toxin rid pills, which you can buy as a bundle by clicking here, then you get a great deal. It’s about $20 more expensive, but you are getting virtually guaranteed toxin free urine for about four hours after you drink it.

For more info, check out my Mega clean review.

walmart detox pills

  1. Ultra Eliminex

This detox drink has been around for long, and it’s a replacement for the old QCarbo32 range, which was an old formula that didn’t work as well. It’s not cheap, but you can buy it at a discount, which brings it down in price quite a lot. It’s high quality, and it’s worked for me both in testing, and real life.

For more info, check out my Ultra Eliminex review.

So my conclusion here is that X-Pulsion by Herbal Extreme is a detox drink to steer clear of. The better alternatives out there are well worth investing  a little extra money in to get hold of.

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