Why Marijuana Should Be Legalized

Ever since the “Above The Influence” commercials, I have been questioning why everyone frowns upon marijuana and believes that it makes you do such horrible things. My personal experiences with marijuana have always been pleasant ones.

At one point in my life, I was an avid weed smoker. I smoked at least one blunt each day. I found that the weed soothed me. It made me feel calmer, more relaxed, and very insightful and creative. I cannot recall one time that I had a negative experience and I had smoked for three years straight.

What I experienced with marijuana is something that I have never experienced with anything else. It calms you down and it even helps increase one’s creativity. Studies have shown that the alpha brain waves increase slightly when one is under the influence of weed. The alpha brain waves are connected to human creativity.

Not to mention, the herb calms you down and is even a natural pain killer. Weed has been prescribed to many patients who have multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, glaucoma, and even patients who are going through chemotherapy in order to increase appetite and help them gain weight.

Weed is not a gateway drug

Contrary to popular belief, cannabis does not make you more susceptible to other drugs. This has been proven by a number of different studies and loads of research. In fact, in the 1970’s, studies showed that when certain cities decriminalized marijuana, the number of emergency room visits due to harder drugs had decreased substantially as opposed to the cities that did not decriminalize the herb.

Also, the number of people who smoke reefer on a regular basis haven’t even touched another drug. Weed could be the end of harder, dangerous drugs.

Weed is not addictive. For some reason, many believe that the drug is extremely addicting. If anything is addicting, it is cigarettes and prescription pills. It is a proven fact that caffeine is more addicting than marijuana yet it is legal.

If anyone can prove that ganja is even remotely addictive, it shouldn’t even be able to be used in an argument to keep it illegal because alcohol, cigarettes, prescription pills, and even MSG are all addictive but they are legal and publicized like crazy.

So many of us complain about car accidents and murders that are caused by these addictive substances but do nothing about it. But whenever weed is brought up, everyone is against it despite there being no statistics to show that it is even nearly as harmful as legal drugs.

Did you know that in order to overdose and die from marijuana, you would have to consume 40,000 times the amount that it takes to get you high. For example, if you need one bowl to get high, you would need to smoke 40,000 more bowls in one day in order to die from marijuana intoxication. This is not even humanly possible.

I bet you didn’t know that no fetal injuries or deaths have been reported due to marijuana use. Studies show that when a pregnant woman consumes marijuana, it has no significant effect on the fetus. There is no substantial increase or decrease in weight, heart rate, length, or even brain development.

Its all about the money

We are all paying taxes for overcrowded prisons. Did you know that the majority of offenders are in prison for marijuana offenses? These are not even violent criminals but yet they are locked away with murderers, theives, and rapists because of a few sacks of weed. It’s a naturally occuring plant!

Emphysema, lung cancer, cancer of the throat, cancer of the mouth, or heart disease have not once been linked to marijuana use. In fact, marijuana is said to stimulate the immune system in a postive way, helping it fight infections. Marijuana even expands airways which is why many asthma sufferers look to the herb for relief.

Why would the government keep such a plant from us? Probably because the healing effects and benefits of marijuana are much greater than the manufactured drugs that are being prescribed all over America.

Did you know that the pharmecutical companies are one of the greatest money-makers in the United States?

God forbid we legalize marijuana so that people can grow it and enjoy it’s health benefits. God forbid these companies cannot tax it and make money off of it. This is why it remains illegal.

They are making money off of the drug through prisons, taxes, drug dogs, and so much more that it’s ridiculous to even get into.

When I am high

These “Above The Influence” commercials may be targeted towards young kids, but it upset me because no one gets to hear the ADULT smoker’s side of the story.

When I smoke weed, I don’t make my mother cry (in fact, I usually avoid arguments at all costs). I don’t let people draw on me. I don’t go out driving my car acting like some kind of fool. I don’t lie to people about it. I don’t steal or try to murder people.

I’m actually quite the contrary when I’m under the influence. I like to talk in a soft tone about random, trivial things. I enjoy getting into deep conversations about the universe, God, the government, and things of the sort. I don’t drive because I know that my reactions are delayed and I would be an idiot if I even attempted to.

I do not lie about smoking weed because it is not something that I am ashamed of. Heroin and cocaine users lie about what they do. Not me. I’m usually calm, relaxed, reserved, and I like to talk, read, write, watch television, and even study. Reefer helps keep me focused. It often helps me meditate. Sometimes it helps me sleep. Often it helps me gain an appetite when I need it.

Many people who smoke marijuana are not irresponsible children. I know over 50 people who smoke marijuana and do not do half of the stereotypical marijuana smoker things. We smoke in order to relax and gain insight, sometimes even spiritual enlightenment.

We smoke to clear our minds. Sometimes we smoke to pass the time. But we never smoke to act like fools. We aren’t kids. We are all grown, our brains are fully developed, and we are mature adults. I feel that we should be treated as such.

I understand that some people do not react exactly the same on marijuana as I do (like children) and this is why there should be an age limit on the herb. If the government is worried about cultivation and distribution ruining their regulation and taxes, they should put a limit on the amount one may grow and carry in public. I believe that the same thing should have been done with salvia divinorum.

Unfortunately, a few irresponsible teens put videos of themselves using the herb to act like a fool on the internet and it was made illegal in Ohio. It is now a felony if you are caught with any amount of salvia, a naturally occuring leafy plant, on you.

Herb is a medicine not a drug

weed is a medicineThe herb is not a drug, but instead, a medicine. The manufactured drugs are what we should be making illegal, not natural herbs like marijuana and salvia divinorum.

Marijuana’s benefits outweight the risk and this is what should be advertised, not some propaganda. If everyone is going to put out all of this negativity on marijuana, put it out about prescription pills, alcohol, and other man-made substances like fast-food that can potentially kill us (and some already are).

The majority of people I know have an occasional toke, sometimes they toke often, but regardless, we are all still on this never-ending journey to figure out why it has not yet been legalized, and why are we subjected to drug testing.

Research the reason that marijuana became illegal and you will see where all of the propaganda came from. It may even explain why the herb is still illegal today. It’s all about money and power, my friends. It doesn’t matter what’s in it for us…it matters what’s in it for “them”.

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