What Is Bhang And How To Make It

Bhang is one of the oldest and most culturally accepted forms of cannabis. Bhang has a history dating way back to 2000 BC. Bhang has lasted throughout the test of time and even today, Bhang is still used in different festivals and has its own medicinal uses.

What Exactly is Bhang?

Unlike most forms of cannabis, Bhang is actually an edible drink. Bhang is a festive cannabis drink that often drinks during some of the more traditional Hindu festivals. You’ll see plenty of people drinking Bhang during Shivratri, Janmashtami and Holi.

What Does Bhang Do and What Is It Used For?

Bhang has many different uses and isn’t really thought of like a drug that people use just to get a high feeling. It’s a great euphoric feeling but it’s used in a far more spiritual and religious manner than it is recreationally. Here are some the most common uses of Bhang and what exactly it does.

Religion – A common use in India for Bhang is for religious uses. In Vedism, a lot of people believe that if you consume Bhang, you’re actually paying homage t o Shiva and worshipping. It’s a form of religious worship for some. Some while they’re meditating and praying like to consume Bhang as part of their tantric yoga routine. Some even use it during sexual intercourse because they believe it brings the two closer together and intensifies the feelings that one experiences during the act while under the effects of Bhang.

Medicinal – Since the year 2000 B.C., a lot of people believe that Bhang can be used to treat many different ailments and has been used as a natural path to healing for many different conditions. Bhang is one of the most common forms of treatment for some diseases and as a treatment for things such as dysentery, malaria, rheumatism and even fever. There are other diseases Bhang is used to treat but the effectiveness on Bhang for some of these diseases has been widely criticized.

For people who suffer from depression and anxiety, it’s a common use for relieving anxiety. For others who experience a low sexual drive, Bhang has been shown to increase your levels of libido.

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Other Uses of Bhang

  • Some people give brides Bhang as an aphrodisiac during their wedding night and it’s believed to give a new marriage good luck
  • When guests come over to a house, it’s known to be a hospitable gift and a nice house warming gift
  • There are plenty of festivals where Bhang is consumed and it’s well integrated into certain festivals like Holi and Janmashtami

Bhang Shops to Avoid

If you’re traveling through India and you want to get your hands on some Bhang to feel some of the psychoactive effects that consuming the substance does, you should pay attention to some things in order to not get ripped off.

It’s commonly known as Bhang Lassi although some people mention it by many names. You should never go to a street vendor to get some Bhang. There are shops that are licensed by the government that sells Bhang.

These shops have to adhere to strict standards and they have to make sure they’re keeping up with health and safety practices to serve Bhang. Also, don’t choose something that’s too strong, or you’ll have a rather unpleasant trip and a rather unpleasant experience, so if it’s your first time or you’re not used to cannabis in general, try to go with something that’s a little softer.

An Easy Bhang Recipe

Want to try and create a Bhang recipe yourself? First, you’ll need to gather some ingredients.

  • You’ll need 2 cups of water
  • For maximum effect, you should use ½ an ounce of cannabis leaves
  • 3 cups of milk but you should make sure the milk is moderately warm, but not too warm

Then, you’ll need ¼ tablespoons of the following: garam masala, ground fennel, and ground ginger.

Next, you’ll need a ½ tablespoon of the following: ground anise, rosewater, honey or sugar, and ground cardamom.

The next part is optional but if you want to garnish the flavor, then you should add some chopped almonds, mint leaves, rose petals or some pistachios to help enrich the flavor.

Step 1 – Heat up the two cups of water until they’re boiling.

Step 2 – Remove the water from the heat and add the leaves or flowers. You’ll want to steep this for approximately seven minutes.

Step 3 – You’ll then want to place your two teaspoons of warm milk inside of a mortar and pestle. Then, place the leaves inside of the milk and slowly grind the combination of milk and leaves together.

Step 4 – Occasionally remove the leaves from the milk and squeeze the milk out of them into another cup. You’ll want to continue doing this until you have about half a cup of milk. Place this milk to the side as you’ll want to save it.

Step 5 – If you want to garnish your flavor, add the almonds, pistachios or any other extra ingredients you’re going to be using inside of the mortar and pestle. Then, start grinding the extra ingredients and the warm milk until you’ve started to form a paste. The paste should be fine and not too hard or else, you’ve done it too long.

Step 6 – Take the remaining liquids and then mix them all together. Add the ingredients we listed above and it doesn’t matter what order you add the ingredients in. Add in that extra warm milk we set to the side.

Step 7 – Mix until it’s well done, then chill it so it’s not so warm and simply serve the drink.

That’s one of the easiest Bhang recipes that anyone can do and the ingredients aren’t too complicated. However, there are a lot of different Bhang recipes out there for you to try and enjoy. Bhang is something everyone should try out if they’re visiting India and there are many easy recipes you can follow to make your own. It’s an experience you won’t


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