What Can Cannabis Do For Diabetes?

Recent research has proven that cannabis can be used effectively for an abundance of purposes. It is great for those dealing with cancer. There is also a possibility that it could help with diabetes. Below, you’re going to learn what cannabis can do for diabetics.

The Original Research Paper

Several years ago, a research paper was published about marijuana and cannabis. That research paper made some pretty big statements about the potential helpful of cannabis for people dealing with diabetes. At the time, the paper was criticized harshly.

The study concluded that cannabis could be helpful for stabilizing blood sugar levels and for preventing arterial inflammation. The list went on and on. It was also said that cannabis could potentially help alleviate restless leg syndrome.

Again, the research paper was bold and criticized by many. Of course, this was many years ago. Those statements are quickly being proven.

Why Pot Could Be Beneficial For Diabetics

So, why is there a possibility that cannabis can be helpful for those dealing with diabetes? Well, it is believed that it might have something to do with the endogenous cannabinoid system. This system is considered the most important physiologic system in the entire body.

There are endocannabinoid receptors throughout the body. They’re found pretty much everywhere, including in the brain, glands, immune cells and the organs. This system always aims to provide homeostasis. This means that the internal environment is maintained despise the changes in the external environment.

Cannabis can potentially promote homeostasis along the way. This is why many supporters feel that cannabis can potentially be a tonic for the body’s most important physiological healing system.

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What Does The Research Say?

The truth of the matter is that the research involving marijuana and diabetes is conflicting. Some suggests that the drug might be able to help delay type 2 diabetes. Others indicate that it can indeed be helpful for people who have already been diagnosed with either type of diabetes.

A 2013 study claimed that certain compounds found in cannabis could help control the levels of blood sugar in the body. It also claimed that people who use cannabis would like be skinner and have a lower BMI even if they did take in more calories. The study also found that those who smoked pot would have more good cholesterol.

Is there a real possibility that marijuana users will have a better carb metabolism than those who do not use marijuana? The study would lead one to believe so.

Additional Research Agrees

More research has been carried out involving marijuana and its impact on diabetics. One study analyzed all of the epidemiological evidence associated with cannabis and its ability to manage diabetes.

It found that marijuana use could be linked to decreased fasting insulin levels, as well as lower blood glucose, BMI, waist circumferences and insulin resistance. This is further evidence that cannabis could indeed be helpful for people who are currently dealing with diabetes. In 2015, Israeli researchers released a study, which showed that CBD had anti-inflammatory properties that could potentially help treat certain illnesses.

One of those illnesses was type 2 diabetes. The evidence is really piling up and it concludes that cannabis could be a good treatment option for type 2 diabetics.

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Treatment Of Obesity And Diabetes

It is no secret that diabetes and obesity are commonly associated with one another. This is why some believe that diabetes could be helpful for the treatment of both. A research study carried out recently found that cannabis could potentially help increase the amount of energy the body is capable of burning.

In return, that would make cannabis a good treatment option for people dealing with obesity-related diseases and that includes type 2 diabetes.

In late 2014, a study found that cannabis could help even further. It concluded that cannabis could help decrease the likelihood of obesity and potentially reduce the patient’s risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

Diabetes Complications And Cannabis

People suffering from type 2 diabetes will be very likely to experience certain complications. For instance, they may have to deal with chronic pain, sleeping disorders, and even eye problems. These problems are often difficult to treat and the diabetes makes them even worse.

Evidence shows that diabetics dealing with the complications of their condition can indeed get relief from cannabis. It is believed that cannabis could help slow the progression of the condition and ease the pain. It is helpful for the treatment of chronic pain, sleep disorders and so many more complications linked to diabetes.

Should You Treat Your Diabetes With Cannabis?

There are limited risks associated with cannabis. Still, it is generally best to speak with your doctor before attempting to self-medicate. After all, you should realize that cannabis may be illegal in your area. Speak with a professional and learn more about cannabis and your other potential treatment options.

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