What Are Kratom Extracts And Why Use Them?

Typically, kratom is most widely sold online in powder form or in capsules, made from the dried out leaves of the kratom tree. But you may also come across sellers of kratom extracts in various forms.

Kratom extracts can be confusing to understand because they are processed more than standard powder, and also graded in a way that is not sometimes immediately clear or is misconstrued.

When it’s already a challenge to decide which color leaf and strain of kratom to try, adding in a decision to try it in extract form can be overwhelming.

In trying any new substance, people are right to be wary, and if you are uncertain about the effects are something it’s great to get educated. That’s why in this guide we are going to tell you everything you need to know about making an informed decision on giving kratom extracts a try.

How Are Kratom Extracts Made?

Kratom extracts are a powerful form of the plant leaf. Generally, the leaf is dried out and turned into a powder for sale.

Kratom extracts take this a step further, eradicating as much from the process of creation other than the active ingredients in the plant. The result is to create greater potency in concentration.

Kratom extracts are made by placing the powder in water and boiling it. This process continues until all of the water has evaporated to leave a thick paste. This is then strained to leave a very dark colored soft resin.

This resin is in itself left to dried, and either sold in that format or then powdered to create a stronger version of the normal powdered kratom. Sometimes this dense form is turned into a liquid tincture, or oil, for consumption.

The goal of this process is to keep the alkaloid content (mitragynine, 7-hydroxymitragynine, and mitraphylline) as high as possible, in as little base material as possible.

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How Are Kratom Extracts Graded?

It is the grading of kratom extracts that sometimes causes the greatest confusion. This is because what that grading means is often misunderstood.

But it’s actually very simple once you understand the grading. You will see products advertised as being 1x, 5x, 10x, and sometimes higher in concentration.

This number does not mean that what you are buying is 10 times stronger than unconcentrated kratom leaves or powder.  This multiplication factor shows you how concentrated it is by volume.

So for example, a kratom extract advertised as 10x means that 10 g of kratom powder has been reduced to down to 1 gram.

Another common confusion is that people believe it to represent a strength factor. This is not the case. It’s impossible to standardize the alkaloid content in such a way because of the differences in the strains and plants.

Therefore the multiplication factor is purely a guideline to show how much the raw kratom has been reduced in volume to create the extract.

Using Kratom Extracts

Kratom extracts are more expensive than the raw leaves or unconcentrated powder. Sometimes unscrupulous sellers disguise an increased cost by focusing on the size of the multiplication.

The bottom line here is that it doesn’t matter how concentrated it is, there is no point in buying it if you are paying more per gram for the same level of alkaloids. But generally, by buying extracts you should achieve a slightly lower price than buying standard powder.

In terms of using kratom extracts, the first thing to realize is that you are dealing with a concentrated form. This means that it’s far easier to take more than you should or more than you realize. That’s why so many resources out there will tell you to steer clear of extracts until you have fully experimented with standard powder kratom. This is generally sensible advice.

Once you have understood the side effects you personally experience, if any, and what your tolerance level is after experimenting, then extracts can be cost-effective and easier to use.

So for experienced users, they offer size and convenience over the standard powder but come with the caveat of having a higher potential for problems.

When using extracts, it’s important that you convert the dose you are looking for to make sure you don’t take too much. A typical dose of powdered kratom is around 5g, so a 10x kratom extract dose will be around 0.5g.

But it’s important to remember that it’s not necessarily 20 times stronger, so it’s only a starting point and you will need to experiment. Of course, it’s easy with kratom to take some, and then “top up”, so as long as you are sensible this won’t be a problem.

Tolerance is something you will need to keep an eye on if you are using extracts though. Because it’s easier and quicker to consume large amounts of active ingredients, tolerance levels can rise more rapidly. This possibility is increased if you are using what is known as a full spectrum extract, which contains the maximum range of active ingredients.

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What Are The Effects Of Kratom Extracts?

Kratom extracts produce exactly the same range of effects as standard powder or leaves (read more on the effects and dosage of Kratom here).

The difference comes in at the speed of onset, and the depth of effects due to the possibility of taking more.

Generally, the positive effects of a good kratom extract dose are:

  • Mental and physical stimulation
  • Improved mood
  • Better concentration levels
  • An ability to relax
  • Relief from pain
  • A mild to severe sedative effects
  • Sometimes an increased sexual response

However, kratom can have negative effects, which are amplified with an overdose of extracts:

  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • More frequent urination
  • An unsolvable dry mouth
  • Feelings of agitation and irritability
  • Poor coordination

So kratom extracts can be a great way to experience the effects at a slightly cheaper price. However, you have to watch the dose you are taking, because it’s far easier to overdose and produce extreme positive, or negative effects.

Although this can sound good, there is the potential for tolerance which can lead to ever-increasing doses to get the same effect, that’s why education and responsible use are key.

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