War Against Drugs or a Chance to Recover Economically

It has become one of the hottest debates of the year, since Barack Obama took his place as the American President. Will marijuana become legalized or decriminalized this year? The answer; however, is not quite as clear.

The confusion and pushing of the stimulus package would have you to believe that Obama and Congress would want to do whatever they could to prevent any more families from the suffering so many have endured over the last year.

However, with a stimulus package that is bailing out companies that used it to give executives their annual bonuses, the question is how do we the people get the point across that something has got to give?

Well, first of all, we the people are not getting our money’s worth from our political parties. There are millions of families in America that are about to lose their homes, cars, and have already lost what really makes the world go around: their job.

The stimulus package is suppose to create new jobs over the next ten years; however, what do families do in the mean time? Each member of congress got a raise out of that stimulus package, but do see a 5, 000; 10,000, or 50,000 “raise” coming to your mailbox? No.

The truth is we’re not going to see that money, because this President is making the same mistake that every other President has made before; he’s just throwing money at a money problem. The economy isn’t in trouble because people aren’t spending, it’s in trouble because people can’t spend.

So how do you fix a problem so huge it is become a modern day Depression? You think outside the box, and you ask yourself: what doesn’t America have it’s hands in when it comes to marketing?

The first thing that comes to mind is the growing marijuana industry. We spend billions going after marijuana growers in America that are from another country!

The DEA uses up more financial resources than we really have available to fight a loosing battle. So stop fighting and do the American thing and tax it.

war on drugsIf you look at America’s history it is evident that everything has begun being taxed. Once upon a time their was no importing or exporting taxes, no property taxes, no employment, state, or federal taxes. Once upon a time there was no tax on tobacco and alcohol. Then the government said this is how we can pay ourselves better. We’ll tax it.

Alcohol is bad for you so we’ll regulate it and tax it, cigarette’s cause health problems so we’ll tax it, and we’ll tax the land and house your buying at closing, during the payment, and annually every year after that.

Then if you can’t pay that tax we’ll seize your property that has been paid off for 30 years. The government thought if they raise taxes on things like cigarettes and alcohol then people will stop buying it, that was one that they got completely wrong. even in the falling economy the tobacco and alcohol industries are still holding fairly steady. Because the American public enjoys it that’s why.

Something else that is evident in recent months is that the American public or rather the majority of it thinks that the decriminalization of marijuana is a good idea. It’s become the hottest topic on the Obama Website.

 Why fight it when you can grow it, package it, and tax it just like you do with tobacco?

There is no conclusive health tests that proves for certain that marijuana is the gateway drug that leads to things like heroine and ecstasy use. Actually, most marijuana users smoke and drink so it is safe to say that those “drugs” are the true gateways and yet they are still legal and being taxed to the hilt thanks to the new tax going into effect April 1 increasing cigarette taxes.

Then there is the upside that the state of California has confirmed on it’s many different studies of the effects of marijuana. To start it off, marijuana is a medical drug that helps decrease or eliminate dangerous side effects of cancer.

Other diseases that marijuana has been proven to help is bi-polar disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety disorders, and glaucoma. All of these diseases have billion dollar pharmaceutical medications that, guess what, most of America can’t afford.

The other portion that can afford that drug then can not afford the nest five drugs they also have to buy to elevate the side effects of the first drug for the problem to begin with.

When compared to having to keep an extra bag of potato chips around for your munchies and no risk of overdosing on marijuana makes it a more logical choice.

the truth is you take two much synthetic stuff you could die, but you can’t smoke to much weed for your body. Studies have shown that in order to overdose on marijuana you have to smoke 40 times your body weight.

war against weed

Now I’m 235 pounds, that means that I would have to smoke 9,400 pounds of marijuana in one day to overdose.

Could you smoke that much?

The last reason legalizing marijuana would be good is it would get honest, hard-working American’s back to work doing something we know how to do: working. If America allowed marijuana to be cultivated, processed, packaged and sold in the US; there would be a bombardment of jobs available overnight.

Marijuana companies would need planters, pickers, factory workers, packaging workers, supervisors, sellers, and many more. Our job security, homes, and future could be safe with one move of the government, and they aren’t doing it.

So the next time you see your representative on television or hear them on the radio talking about how the money’s going to get to use eventually, write them a letter and tell them that we can’t wait for eventually, that there are millions of Americans, that have paid their salaries with our tax dollars for many years, and we need relief today, not tomorrow, not next month, and not ten years from now, but today.

The time for America to unite and make politicians do what the majority wants like the government is suppose to do is today, it is time for a new tax America. Taxing is the one thing this country’s government knows how to do and allowing the growing and taxing of marijuana would only mean a brighter future for our children at this point in history!

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