Vale Detox Review: Does It Work?

One of my friends recently used Vale detox to try and pass a urine drug test. I will talk more about him in a little while, but it’s that which has prompted me to do a proper Vale Detox review.

A lot of people on forums are asking the question “Does Vale Detox work for all drugs?”, But what I’m more interested in is the far more relevant question:

“Does Vale Detox work?”

That is the question I think that needs answering right here. So let’s take an in-depth look at the ingredients, instructions, and chances of you passing a drug test using Vale Detox.

Vale Detox Ingredients

Does vale detox workThis stuff made me skeptical as soon as I saw the ingredients. I know quite a bit about detox drinks from having successfully passed drugs test using Mega Clean, and I know what a good ingredients list looks like.

The ingredients of Vale Detox (triple strength, sweet apple flavor) are:

Water, dextrose, flavorings, fructose, inulin, citric acid, various colorings, and xantham gum.

It also contains a range of vitamins, iodine, magnesium, zinc, potassium and other minerals in small amounts.

The bottom line here is that it is just a very sugary drink that contains a lot of the ingredients many off-the-shelf drinks contain. I can see nothing in it in any quantity that is linked to having the ability to flush toxins from your system.

Vale Detox Instructions

In common with many other detox drinks, you basically drink the contents, refill it with water and drink that as well.

You then frequently urinate over the course of an hour or so and are then theoretically temporarily flushed of toxins from your urine.

So there’s nothing different about using Vale Detox as compared to any other type of detox drink.

Does Vale Detox Work?

Vale detox reviewThe company claims it works in one hour and keeps you clear of toxins for up to 5 hours.

The standard one-hour formula does that, and it’s the same with the Vale Detox triple strength formula.

The triple strength formula is the one my friend tested. The product claims its for people who are 30 pounds or more overweight and who are frequently exposed to toxins, so he went straight for the more powerful formula.

Thing is the more powerful formula just contains more sugar and other bits and pieces that don’t do any good. So it’s hardly any surprise that he tested it with a home drug test and failed it.

I have look at Amazon and it’s got a huge amount of negative reviews, for example:

“Followed all instructions, waited and tested 3 times during the most effective time of the product and failed 3 times. Detoxed for a week before trying Vale. Very disappointed in this product and this is triple strength!”

Currently, on Amazon, 42% of the user reviews are one star, I think that tells its own story on top of the story my friend is told and the story the ingredients tell.

Vale Detox Review: Conclusion

Don’t buy it, period. Vale Detox does not work, whether you buy the single strength or the triple strength detox drink version. My friends didn’t smoke five days prior to taking the home drugs test, and an hour after drinking it, he was still positive. He did a second test two hours later and was again still positive, so the five-hour window is a rubbish claim as well. There are plenty of other detox drinks out there which work, do not waste your money on Vale detox.

If I were you I’d invest in a proper detox drink like Mega Clean or Rescue Cleanse, or spend the $23.99 on some alcohol to numb the pain of failing a drug test and getting probation or losing your job.

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