How To Use Dried Salvia Leaves For Maximum Potency

Salvia is a potent herb that can bring great changes and improvements to your life if used correctly.

It creates a unique experience based around contemplation, altered perception, visions, and self-awareness.

The combination of its simplicity to buy salvia divinorum online, store, grow and use, mixed with the profound effects it has made it very attractive to a growing community of people who are looking for a different and positive experience.

But it’s easy to not use salvia at maximum potency. This means you are wasting money and not getting the best experience, but obviously, potency must be managed within safe levels.

Salvia is often misrepresented and misused because it is seen as a “legal” alternative to cannabis or acid. The truth is that it is a unique drug that offers a unique experience, which is still legal in most places, but with effects that can be more powerful than illegal drugs.

So whether you have been given a salvia plant, or are growing them, or thinking about it, then understanding how to dry and store the leaves, and then use them to best effect, is a skill you need to learn.

Why Use Salvia At Maximum Potency?

There are lots of reasons why you would want to use salvia at maximum potency:

  1. Everything costs money. Whatever you buy and use, you want to get the best value from it. It’s the same with salvia. Whether you buy it ready to use, or you grow your own plants, it will take money to do it, and you want to spend as little as possible.
  2. If you are growing your own salvia plants, so that you can use the dried leaves, then you only have a finite resource. So using it wisely, and at maximum potency is obviously a good goal because you will use less.
  3. If you use salvia at maximum potency then you will get the highest efficiency you can with the optimum amount of dried leaf. This will give you the best combination of pure experience every single time.

salvia divinorum leaves

The Six Ways To Dry Salvia Leaves For Maximum Effect

If you dry salvia leaves correctly, they will retain their potency and stay usable for a very long time, sometimes even as long as several years.

If you do not dry the leaves properly, or you don’t store them to keep them dry and free from outside pollution, then you will not get the maximum effect and experience when you use them.

There are six basic ways you can dry Salvia leaves to retain their potency and balance:

  1. Wait for your salvia to naturally shed leaves. If you do it completely naturally, you are running the minimum risk of damaging the plant itself. Pick up the leaves that have fallen off and put them on a flat surface. Leave them in a low humidity environment, turning them once in a while until they are completely dried out. You can then store them in an air and light-tight container.
  2. Secondly, you can make tobacco from the dried leaves. You do this by placing a few leaves one on top of the other and then slicing them into thin strips. You can then dry them on a flat surface, and a low humidity environment, turning them every single day. Eventually, they will dry out. Don’t let them get completely crispy, use them just as they are fully browned.
  3. Dry out the leaves in a warm environment and so they are completely dry and crisp. You can then simply flake the leaves and store them.
  4. This method is slightly more involved and expensive, as it requires that you use a food dehydrator. This dries the leaves out, either as a just browned tobacco, or crispy and flaky leaves, but it does it more quickly and efficiently.
  5. You can slowly dry out salvia leaves in the oven. However, the problem with this is that if the oven’s fan assisted it could cause problems. But a very gentle heat in a still and warm oven can quite rapidly try them out. It’s not really recommended to dry out leaves in a microwave.
  6. You can also use calcium chloride to dry out your salvia leaves. Get a plastic container and put calcium chloride in the bottom of it. You then put aluminum foil over the top of the calcium chloride. But you must make sure it doesn’t touch the chemical. The best way of doing this is to create a small platform. You can then put the leaves on top of the foil and sealed container. It takes around two days to dry out salvia leaves using this method.

Salvia divinorum flower

Smoking Dried Salvia Leaves: How To Get Maximum Effect

Once you have dried out your salvia leaves correctly, leaving them full of their chemical potency, obviously you need to take them at maximum efficiency as well.

Dried salvia divinorum can be smoked in a pipe, or in a bong like cannabis. However, a sitter is essential because, with a naked flame and heat, things could go wrong. As soon as you inhale the effects could overwhelm you causing a fire or a burn.

You can also reach the maximum efficiency of smoking salvia using a vaporizer. The vaporizer is special because it heats up material without actually burning it. But you have to be careful because they can be deceptive. Because so little smoke is produced, you can inhale a large dose without being fully aware.

Vaporizers for cannabis will not usually work, however. You can build or buy special salvia vaporizers. These are the tools which will deliver a concentrated hit of salvia the most efficiently. A combination of beautifully prepared dried salvia leaves with an efficient vaporizer can produce a truly intoxicating experience.

But our final word has to go to safety. Always have somebody with you, especially the first time, and especially if you are going to smoke salvia rather than chew it.

The hits can be so instant and the effects so all-consuming, that you literally will not be able to rectify the situation for up to an hour.

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