Ultra Klean Saliva Mouthwash Review 2019

 Lots of people swear that you can pass an oral swab drug test just by using Listerine and brushing your teeth. However, others including me, say that unless you’re a really light user, then you need something more powerful.

I’ve reviewed a lot of detox products recently, and so I wanted to do an Ultra Wash mouthwash review as well.

In this review of Ultra Wash mouthwash, I’m going to tell you what is, how to use it, and I’m going to test it and give you the results.

So let’s get down to business, and see if Ultra Wash mouthwash really works, or if it’s a waste of time and money.

Do You Need A Saliva Cleansing Mouthwash?

Some people claim you don’t even need a proper saliva cleansing mouthwash at all. They say you can just brush your teeth a few times, and use a standard mouthwash like Listerine, and then go and take a mouth swab drug test with no problems.

That’s sort of true. Drug metabolites only stay in saliva for about 24-48 hours, maybe a bit longer for a regular weed smoker.

So if it’s been a couple of days, and you not a heavy smoker or user, then yes brushing your teeth a load of times, and using a lot of normal mouthwash could well be enough to get rid of the last few metabolites, if only for a short space of time while you take a test.

If you are a heavy smoker or user, or you have done something in the past 72 hours, then you are probably going to need and want that extra insurance policy. That’s where products like Ultra Wash mouthwash come in.

saliva cleansing mouthwash

What Is Ultra Wash Mouthwash

Ultra Wash mouthwash is a specifically designed product that is formulated to target drug metabolites and other toxins in saliva, washing them away, to give you a clean oral swab for up to 30 minutes in most cases.

The instructions for using Ultra Wash mouthwash are pretty straightforward:

  1. Pour half the bottle into your mouth and swirl it around, then spit it out.
  2. Repeat the process a couple of minutes later with the other half of the bottle.
  3. Do not eat or drink after using this product, as it will generate more saliva, meaning there is more danger of metabolites working their way back into your saliva. 

This process should give you about 30 minutes of drug metabolite clean saliva.

Where Can I Buy Ultra Wash Mouthwash

The full name of the product is Ultra Klean Saliva Detox mouthwash, but many people also know it as “Ultra Wash”.

So that can make it confusing when you are looking to buy it online.

You can buy Ultra Klean mouthwash on eBay, Amazon and Walmart, amongst other main stores.

Usually, I don’t recommend anything from places like this. Usually the product is poor quality, is, out of date, or just don’t work.

But this is slightly different, and it’s a decent price as well. You can also buy it from trusted retailers like buyfakeurine.com

Ultra Wash Mouthwash Review: Does It Work?

where can i buy ultra wash mouthwashThere’s only one way to find out if Ultra Klean saliva mouthwash works, and that’s to test it.

I was given a bottle by someone I know who hadn’t used it, so I thought it was the perfect opportunity to test it for a proper review.

I’m a regular weed smoker, and I had smoked the day before I did this test.

I followed the instructions, and then took a home mouth swab drug test. I passed. I was a bit shocked, because I had smoked quite a lot, I waited 15 minutes, when it should be wearing off of a bit, and then did a second test.

Again I passed. So in my experience, it feels like this product works.

On top of that, I had a look online at ultra wash mouthwash reviews on various websites, and the ones that look real, are generally favorable about it.

So for me, Ultra Wash mouthwash is definitely a product you consider, if you think you might be up for a mouth swab drug test at any time.

Other Saliva Cleansing Mouthwash Products That

Having recommended Ultra Klean saliva mouthwash, I do also want to conclude by telling you about a couple of other products you should consider, which could be useful depending on your circumstances.

Firstly, there is an alternative mouthwash out there which I have used. It’s actually my first choice still, because I’ve used it in a real life mouth swab test environment, and passed.

It’s called Toxin Rid rescue mouthwash, and it’s available from the same company who make Toxin Rid detox pills. They are awesome, they really work well, and so you would expect a high-quality mouthwash from the same people.

Secondly, this is a product I would recommend if you are worried about having a bottle of mouthwash on you.

It’s called Oral Clear saliva neutralizing gum. This stuff isn’t cheap, it’s about $90 for a single capsule.

Saliva Drug Test Chewing Gum

But what you get is a concentrated mouthwash solution you can also swallow. So there’s not even a bottle to dispose of.

You can literally keep the capsule in your pocket all the time. All you need is 30 seconds out of sight to pop it in your mouth, chew and swirl around the contents in your mouth, and then swallow them.

So you could do it surreptitiously when somebody’s head is turned.

So I would recommend at the end of this Ultra Wash review that sure, you can use Ultra Wash mouthwash if you have time, or Toxin Rid rescue mouthwash.

But for the ultimate in undetectable avoidance, you really should consider buying some Oral Clear saliva neutralizing gum.

Powerful, and can do everything a mouthwash can but importantly as I said, you can hide it on you and basically take it almost literally in front of the person carrying out the test.

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