Ultra Pure Synthetic Urine Failed

I recently got a warning by my Facebook group about how Dr Greens Agent X was letting people down. Now it appears that Ultra Pure synthetic urine failed for a lot of people as well.

I’ve had several emails and messages now telling me that Ultra Pure didn’t work for them.

I wasn’t surprised at all, but it does make me wonder why people are turning to what are now outdated, cheap and low-quality fake urine, especially when it’s so easy to get quality information on the fake piss that really works just by doing a Google search.

Can You believe Any Ultra Pure Synthetic Urine Review?

When I was alerted to Ultra Pure failing drug tests for people, I called in some favors and did some research.

It appears that the formula has changed over the years, or maybe simply hasn’t been updated. Whichever it is, it’s failing tests. The drug labs are getting smarter and you can’t submit something which was formulated five years ago and expect it to work.

Just like Agent X, it’s an old brand that just hasn’t kept pace with developments in drug testing. That’s the bottom line, and unfortunately, any recent review of  Ultra Pure that states it works is lying. They do this to sell you the product, but it’s not true.

Why Is Ultra Pure Synthetic Urine Failing Drug Tests?

Ultra Pure Synthetic Urine FailedUltra Pure is failing drug tests because the formula is outdated I think.

Drug labs not only look for the basic ingredients, like urea but they also now a very sophisticated in picking up tell-tale signs that the sample is fake.

If the synthetic urine does not keep pace with progress then it’s going to start letting people down, which seems to be the case here.

Whatever its reputation in the past, it’s failing drugs tests now with alarming frequency and you just shouldn’t risk it.


Any Safe Alternatives To Ultra Pure?

Rather than relying on cheap and outdated brands like Agent X and Ultra Pure, you really should only use modern formulations fake urine that contains all the right ingredients and give you the means to submit the sample at the correct temperature as well.

For me, by far and away the safest choice you can make is to invest in a bottle of Sub Solution. It really is the real deal, and I’ve used it myself on several occasions.

Also, the feedback I get on my Facebook page says the same thing. People use Sub Solution to pass their urine drug test. It’s as simple as that.

If you can’t get hold of Sub Solution, then grab yourself a bottle of Quick Fix.

But be a bit careful with this because there is an older formulation of Quick Fix out there, which will have the same problems as Ultra Pure. But the new formulations 6.1 and 6.2 are high quality and really work.

I really don’t get why people take a risk with things like employment by only spending a lower amount of money and not doing research. If they did I wouldn’t have to write these posts up trying help people out who aren’t helping themselves.

So do yourself a favor and don’t follow the herd. If you’re doing a urine drug test, forget Ultra Pure and go with Sub Solution synthetic urine.

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