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There’s been a spurt in websites and forums run by self-proclaimed weed gurus who dole out fake information and peddle detox liquids and synthetic piss. They seem to have a favorite brand that’s touted as the defacto choice for just about any situation.

Is it a DOT validated 5-panel drug test? Is it a supervised drug test? For how long has the user been smoking or using drugs? What is his body mass? How frequently does he exercise?
Without even knowing the answers to a lot of questions that can determine the best method to use to flush the drug metabolites from the body, these gurus readily force their favorite brands down the throats of gullible newbies.

One such brand that has been receiving a lot of positive press on a few such websites is Ultra Klean Synthetic Urine. This cheap ‘Quick Fix’ Clone was virtually unheard of a few years ago. Cut to today, they have glowing positive reviews all over.

Well, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is fake. I decided to write a Ultra Klean Synthetic Urine review and after testing it myself. And this is what I found.

Ultra Klean Synthetic Urine review

ultra klean synthetic urine reviewUltra Pure Ultra Klean synthetic urine claims to have been around for 20 years and also advertises itself as an industry leader in fake piss. Jeez!

Another claim is that they have passed more than ‘525000’ urine tests. Who conducted these tests? Were they a part of a controlled study that validates the efficacy of their products? If so, where are the results?

They also have a 500% money back guarantee. So, in case you lose your job after getting busted using their fake piss, you can still get 5 times the money you spent to buy the piss in the first place. That’s fucking amazing.

Along with their cheap synthetic piss, Ultra Klean also has a mouthwash and a shampoo for saliva and hair follicle tests.

My experience with Ultra Klean Synthetic Piss

I tested Ultra Klean synthetic urine with a home drug test kit first. Worked like a charm. All that I had to do was shake the bottle a couple of times, nuke it for 10 seconds and use the bottle warmer provided in the package for about 10 minutes to keep the sample between 90-100 degrees. It was a cakewalk.

Next up, I decided to put it to the real test. I had a urinalysis scheduled at a laboratory in three days or so for temporary employment at Home Depot. I was not too keen on landing the job. So I decided that this was a great way to test Ultra Klean in a real life situation.

So, I attached the warmer to the bottle as the lab is a good 30 minutes away from my place. Slid it into my undies. Reached the lab, entered the closed cubicle, took it out, double checked the temperature strip on the bottle which showed 96.

I went ahead and submitted the sample. The technician checked the bottle once and rejected it right away for not being the appropriate temperature and because the color looked unnatural. I was asked to resubmit a sample the next day or piss with an attendant watching me do it. I agreed to resubmit it and came back home. Lesson learned!

Cheap synthetic urine kits like Ultra Klean are too unreliable. They may or may not work and that’s just not worth the risk if you are serious about landing the job. Synthetic urine works very well for unsupervised drug tests, but you need to use quality urine like Sub Solution, Quick Fix or Monkey Whizz.

For more info, check out my synthetic urine reviews!

I hope you found my Ultra Klean synthetic urine review useful, more reviews coming soon!

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Ultra Klean Synthetic Urine review

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