Ultra Eliminex Review: Does It Work?

Herbal Clean has been pretty well known for quite a few years because of their QCarbo32 detox drink. I’ve trashed that in a review in the past because it’s just not good enough.

It didn’t work for me, and I have had lots of people in real life and online telling me that it’s failed them a drug test.

But now there’s a new kid on the block in the Herbal Clean product range. It’s called Ultra Eliminex and its promising big results.

It has the power to flush out toxins and allow you to submit the negative urine sample in that drug test.

But what’s the truth? It’s got a different ingredient set to QCarbo32, but is it going to be a superior detox drink?

Or is this just another example of a company with a half decent reputation releasing new products to try and get people to try them, at the expense of their employment potentially if they fail. There aren’t many Ultra Eliminex reviews out there, so I decided to do one.

What Is Herbal Clean Ultra Eliminex

Ultra Eliminex is a premium detox drink from the makers of Qcarbo32, a product with a poor reputation.

I say it is premium because it looks premium, coming in a high-quality silver bottle. It really does look the business.

It’s also premium in price. This baby will set you back $80, which is massive. That’s $30 more than Rescue Cleanse, and it’s even $10 more than a highly reputable Mega Clean, both of which I know work like a charm.

Herbal Clean claim that Ultra Eliminex:

  • Is the most premium product on the market
  • Contains the highest quality ingredients in any detox drink out there
  • Will remove toxins from your system within a day 

In fact, they are so confident that they claim “…we guarantee it will cleanse and detox your body in the same day.”

Now that some claim and guarantee, especially when their other products don’t get anywhere near that detoxing Nirvana. So let’s have a look at how you use it, and whether it works.

How to use Ultra eliminex

How To Use Ultra Eliminex For A Drug Test

The instructions to use Ultra Eliminex for a drug test are pretty straightforward, and identical to almost every other detox drink out there:

  1. Chill the bottle, shake it well and drink the contents of it in about 30 minutes.
  2. Urinate frequently over the course of the next hour and you should be clear of toxins in your urine.

Something frequently missed out of manufacturer instructions because of legal issues is the key advice of not taking in toxins. Abstain for a few days before your test, and then take the detox drink on the morning of it.

Does Herbal Clean Ultra Eliminex Work For Drug Test?

I think my major concern around the question does Herbal Clean Ultra Eliminex work for a drug test, is in the marketing material from the company themselves.

As we have already said they claim it is the most powerful detox drink out there, guaranteeing it will cleanse and detox your body. That’s a strong and definite claim.

But further down the product description page, you see this:

“For anyone who wants a serious cleanse, we recommend taking Herbal Clean’s QPretox Master Concentrated Capsules prior to taking Ultra Eliminex.”

So like, hang on, just by buying your detox drink am I not serious about my cleanse? Am I not serious about wanting to be toxin free for that drug test?

If the detox drink is so damn good, then why on earth would you also need to take some cleansing pills as well?

Just that alone makes me wonder how good this stuff is. Why on earth are they trying to upsell you even more after claiming it’s all you need?

Well, I skeptically put it to the test myself.  Ultra Eliminex claims to stop toxins in high body mass people, which I am. So I thought I would give it a go because it should work. I drank it following the instructions, did a home drug test and I passed.

So on the surface in one test, it worked. It’s hardly a conclusive test, but I’m a regular weed smoker and I know my stuff about detox drinks and passing drug tests, so this is a positive result.

Ultra Eliminex Vs Qcarbo32

In terms of a contest, Ultra Eliminex Vs Qcarbo32, I don’t think there really is much to be said.

QCarbo32 is not that effective. I failed a home drug test trying it out, I know people who failed drug tests using it, and online feedback is very mixed.

Sure Ultra Eliminex is far more expensive than the other Herbal Clean product QCarbo32, but it’s really no competition in terms of quality and expectation.

You can order Ultra Eliminex here for 20% OFF.

Ultra Eliminex Review: Better Than The Alternatives?

Ultra eliminex vs Qcarbo32I know it’s marketing, but I worry about the claims that the company makes about it flushing toxins out of the cells in the body.

That’s not actually what a detox drink does at all, and Ultra Eliminex is no different.

A detox drink flushes your system through so that your bladder doesn’t contain toxins for a few hours. You could do this with just water, but your urine would get diluted and will probably get rejected as a sample because of that.

A detox drink aims to flush out the toxins passing through while keeping the levels of the things a drug test will look for like nutrients at a normal level.

But Ultra Eliminex does look promising. It’s got high quality all natural ingredients that I recognize as being in all the high-quality detox drinks. It works for me, and online I am seeing a lot of positive feedback as well.

So the conclusion of my Ultra Eliminex review has to be that this is definitely one to consider.

You can get it online at TestNegative. For a lower price, you can also get Rescue Cleanse and Mega Clean, my usual recommendations.

I’m not saying it’s better, but I do feel that there is a choice of three high-quality detox drinks out there now rather than two. Basically, I would be confident in recommending Ultra Eliminex somebody who needed to pass a urine drug test.

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