U Pass Synthetic Urine Review: Does It Still Work In 2019?

I’ve talked about U Pass synthetic urine in a previous blog post. I wasn’t particularly impressed with it, and I kind of dismissed it out of hand.

However, I’ve become concerned that I’m seeing lots of people giving a positive U Pass synthetic urine review on websites and social media, despite the fact the formula has been updated for years.

So I thought it was time to actually address the quality of U Pass, by looking at what’s in it, comparing it to other synthetic urine brands, and also answering the question around whether you could use U Pass synthetic urine to pass a Labcorp quality test.

What Is U Pass Synthetic Urine?

U Pass urine is actually quite an established brand. It used to have an advanced formula, but that was a few years ago and times have moved on fast.

To be honest from what I understand, and certainly looking at the evidence online, it’s full name of U Pass fetish urine is actually more realistic. It’s fine for people wanting that sort of stuff safely, but it’s not an advanced enough formula to pass a lab grade urinalysis.

I receive messages on a daily basis on here, and on social media about using U Pass, and especially asking if U Pass synthetic urine is Labcorp beatable. So let’s answer that question now.

How Does It Compare To Other Synthetic Urine?

U pass synthetic urine for saleIn terms of price, U Pass 8.4 is about the same amount of money as the latest formula Spectrum Labs Quick Fix.

But the point here is that Quick Fix has a reputation 1000 times better than U Pass.

I’ve used Quick Fix myself to pass a basic pre-employment drug test, and I passed. I know other people who have done the same. I know nobody who has successfully used U Pass in the past couple of years.

One of the reasons I decided to write a proper U Pass synthetic urine review, fully updated, is that the other week my neighbor failed a urine test at Labcorp after finding some U Pass synthetic urine for sale and assuming it was good quality.

People have to stop using this stuff.

Would U Pass 8.4 Synthetic Urine Fool LabCorp?

So look, U Pass is not going to pass a modern drug screening like those done by LabCorp.

The thing is, it’s 2019, and technology has moved on massively. On top of that, everyone’s got the Internet, and I find it astonishing that they can’t spend five minutes googling about the different types of synthetic urine, and quickly see that almost everything written about U Pass in the past couple of years is negative.

Any U Pass synthetic urine review which tells you it works is lying, I’m telling you that for nothing.

My Experiences With U Pass Fetish Urine

I did use U Pass a few years ago to pass a pre-employment drug test. But that was back in the day when labs testing was just not as advanced as it is.

For a start, U Pass doesn’t contain all the chemicals that could be looked for in a lab validity test. On top of that, it contains something called biocide. Biocide’s are chemicals that are used in various things as preservatives.

And here’s the thing, the big labs look for the presence of biocide nowadays. So using U Pass synthetic urine for Labcorp tests would be suicide.

But that’s not all, the fact it’s now marketed as U Pass fetish urine should tell you about its quality. This stuff is not going to fool advanced, modern lab testing facilities. The only fool is someone who thinks it can.

how to pass a 10 panel urine drug test

U Pass Synthetic Urine Review: Conclusion&Alternatives

So look, even if you find U Pass synthetic urine for sale, don’t be tempted to buy it. For almost the same price you can buy Quick Fix 6.2, which is a far superior brand of synthetic urine.  Quick Fix will pass you a basic pre-employment drug test every time.

If you can’t find Quick Fix, then another brand in the same price bracket I would recommend is called Monkey Whizz synthetic urine. It’s another modern formula, it doesn’t contain biocide, and the heat pad is good quality, just the same as with Quick Fix.

That means you have less chance of getting caught out with a dodgy heat pad leaving the sample cold.

But for me, if you’re going to spend money on synthetic urine, then I would recommend you use Sub Solution, unless you really can’t afford it.

It’s expensive, one of the most expensive synthetic urine brand on the market, one bottle costs 80$, but in terms of comparison, it makes U Pass look like colored water. It really is a complex formula, that will pass more advanced lab testing.

I would only ever recommend Sub Solution fully for any more advanced lab test, because it doesn’t contain biocide, and it contains over a dozen chemical markers that could be looked for in the lab.

Plus, Sub Solution can’t be let down by faulty heat pad. It uses heat activator powder, which means you don’t even need a microwave.

It uses agitation to heat the liquid up. You simply pour some in, shake it gently, and after a couple of minutes the temperature should be near where you need it, between 90°F and 100°F.

If you get to the lab and you’re ready to go in and submit your sample, you can check the temperature strip, and if it’s cool you can surreptitiously add a little more heat activator powder. It’s that flexible.

So the conclusion of this U Pass synthetic urine review is that even if you can find U Pass synthetic urine for sale, you should steer well clear of it. Far better synthetic urine in the same price bracket is Quick Fix, or Monkey Whizz if you can’t find it.

But if you’ve got the money, and you definitely do not want to fail a urine sample drug test, then the only brand I would fully ever recommend is Sub Solution, it’s simply head and shoulders above any other brand in terms of quality and safety, and I would never trust U Pass to pass any sort of drug test.

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