Toxin Rid 10 day detox review [Detailed Instructions]

  • Toxin Rid 10 day detox review [Detailed Instructions]
  • Toxin Rid 10 day detox review [Detailed Instructions]
  • Toxin Rid 10 day detox review [Detailed Instructions]
  • Toxin Rid 10 day detox review [Detailed Instructions]

I have never claimed to be an authority figure on drug detox methods. But being a mod on one of the biggest marijuana forums on the internet, I keep getting requests from noobs about my take on some of the detox products that are advertised aggressively.

I have one word for you guys, ‘Skedaddle’!

If it’s flashed around on the internet, then chances are that it won’t work. Save yourself some money and your possibility of landing the job too. On that note, I figured this was a great time to talk about one of my favorite detox products in the market currently, Toxin Rid 10 day detox.

Toxin Rid is a complete detox solution that is available in a bunch of packages that vary in the length of time for which you’d have to use it. Do you have a supervised drug test coming up in a day? You can use the Toxin Rid 1 day detox program.

Is the drug test two days away? They have a two day program too (but I wouldn’t recommend them).

You can choose from 1,2,3,4,5,7 and 10 day programs with the Toxin rid 10 day detox one being a surefire way to completely rid your system of drug metabolites as mentioned in countless toxin rid reviews on the internet.

Noticed that I didn’t mention Marijuana metabolites? That’s because Toxin Rid will eliminate all sorts of drug-based toxins from your system. That includes traces of weed, opiates, ecstasy, amphetamines and just about anything else that gives you a high.

What is Toxin Rid?

The best solution for people with higher toxin levels or larger body mass Free six PreCleanse tablet. 100% natural ingredients Great flavour Money back guarantee from the manufacturerBefore I talk about what Toxin Rid is, let me make one thing very clear. Personally, I wouldn’t vouch for the effectiveness of the 1-day plan. It’s just not sufficient enough to rid your system of the drug metabolites. If you have one day only, check out my review about Mega Clean.

If you want to use Toxin Rid only, then at least go for the 5 day program or as recommended by most toxin rid reviews, for the toxin rid 10 day detox  program.

Toxin Rid is a three-part detox program that will flush out traces of drug metabolites from your body. It contains a bottle of Pre-Rid Tablets, a detox solution, and dietary fiber.


Depending on the duration of the program that you choose, you’d have to consume the pre-rid tablets for all the days that lead up to the day of your test and the detox solution and dietary fiber on the day of the test.

Let me explain.

How to use Toxin Rid Instructions

Let’s say you choose the toxin rid 5 day detox program. You’d have to stop using marijuana 6 days before the drug test. That’s 24 hours before you begin the detox program. This is crucial for Toxin rid to work as advertised.

  • 24 hours after you stop using Marijuana, take three Pre-Rid pills every five hours and drink at least two glasses of water between each dose. The maximum permitted dose is 15 pills in a day. So, space out your doses accordingly.
  • Repeat this for 4 days.
  • On the 5th day, which is the day of the test, drink half of the detox solution with 4 ounces of water. You can also use Orange juice if you prefer that. But water works just fine.
  • Do not drink or eat anything else for at least two hours after this. Now gulp down the remaining half of the detox solution.
  • Now, for the final step of the Toxin rid 5 day detox program. One hour before the test, mix the dietary fiber in approximately 8 ounces of water or orange juice and gulp it down as fast as you can.
  • Now wait for 15-20 minutes and drink 16 ounces of water.
  • By now, your bladders will be bursting. Go pee and use the home drug test kit included in the package to verify if you pass the test. I am sure that you will. Now you are ready to go to the lab for the actual drug test.

When To Use Toxin Rid?

There are two situations in which you would use Toxin Rid to achieve either of those aims:

The first is to take a course of Toxin Rid as part of a permanent, natural detox. You would do a natural detox, by abstaining from taking in drug toxins, eating well, sleeping well, exercising, drinking lots of water, basically living healthily. This allows your body to eliminate toxins at its maximum rate. Toxin Rid can help your body to speed up that natural detox process, because of the ingredients it contains.

So you would choose a longer course duration of Toxin Rid in order to speed up a natural detox.

The second reason you would use Toxin Rid is to make sure there are fewer toxins in your body before you use a detox drink. So you might choose the short three-day course of Toxin Rid. This will give you three days to boost the elimination of toxins from your system.

That means that when you take the detox drink on the day of your drug test, you will have fewer toxins floating around to get rid of. So Toxin Rid can also be an insurance policy.

What does it contain?

Toxin Rid is a completely natural blend of ingredients. There are vitamins, minerals, and herbs which work to completely flush out THC metabolites from the system while ensuring that the vital minerals and vitamins in the body are not lost. The urine sample looks like one from a perfectly healthy body and not one that is too diluted.

Who Is Toxin Rid 10 Day Detox Ideal For?

toxin rid reviews

  • Toxin Rid’s 10 day detox, which is the most popular package is ideal for heavy users with large body mass or for anyone who has time on their hands for the drug test and is looking for a comprehensive detox method as opposed to a liquid that masks the urine.
  • Toxin Rid 5-7 day detox program for moderate users.
  • Shorter 2-3 day programs can be used as a pre-cleanse supplement, combine it with a high-quality detox drink like Ultra Eliminex and you will surely pass your test.

Along with a urine drug test, it will also help you clear a saliva and blood test for drug use.

Conclusion Of My Toxin Rid Review

I have personally used the Toxin Rid 10 day detox program and passed a supervised drug test with flying colors.

That’s one of the reasons why I still prefer it over other cheaper products which may or may not work.

Pay a few extra bucks or look for toxin rid for sale and get the reliability that you need in a situation like this.

By the way, Toxin Rid also comes with a money back guarantee from the manufacturer. So, if it doesn’t work for you, you can just return it for a refund. No questions asked. You can not buy Toxin Rid in stores!

For more details and verified Toxin Rid reviews from customers, visit their official website. After the detox program, I highly suggest you buy a 5 Panel Test Kit to test check your urine before the test.

And they are one of the only companies that have a dedicated customer service team which can be reached via Live Chat as well as a Phone number. So, if you have any questions about using Toxin Rid, help is just around the corner.

9 Total Score
Toxin Rid detox pills

Toxin Rid is recommended for those who are looking for real detox not just masking. It works for urine, blood and saliva drug tests. For light drug users 5 day program, for heavy users with larger body, mass 10 days is recommended.

  • Most effective way to flush out toxins of your body
  • It rids your blood, urine and saliva of unwanted drug toxins
  • Recommended for supervised drug test
  • Real detox not "masking"
  • Works for all drugs
  • No artifical ingredients or animal products, 100% natural
  • Fast, overnight shipping
  • Money back guarantee
  • Expensive
  • Takes a few days for full detox
  • You have to follow the instruction exactly to pass the test
  • Succesful detoxification depends on many factor: age,weight,metabolism,smoking habits ( If you have time, always take the longer program)
User Rating: 2.84 (420 votes)
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