The Top Marijuana Infused Cocktails

If there’s one thing that marijuana enthusiasts need no help with, it’s coming up with new ways and exciting ideas to consume cannabis. Some people like to hollow out fruits and smoke them out of things like apples and some people can make bongs out of things you would never think to use.

However, next to getting high, that’s something else that people thoroughly enjoy doing? A nice refreshing alcoholic drink. When you mix the two concepts together, you have an amazing experience that you aren’t going to forget.

However, that seems impossible, right? It’s actually a lot easier than you think it is. Making a marijuana-infused cocktail is easy, even for complete beginners. We’ll go over some of the top Marijuana infused cocktails.

You’ll obviously need some of your favorite choice alcohol and some measuring cups to help get the portions right. A cocktail shaker also helps to have handy and they’re cheap.

Please note: Any alcohol listed must already be infused with marijuana before making any of these drinks. We’ll go over how to make infused alcohol later on in the article.

#1 – The Green Derby

What You’ll Need:

  • 1 ounce of dark infused bourbon
  • .5 ounces of lemon juice
  • 1 ounce of grapefruit juice
  • .5 ounces of honey syrup (to make this, you just need to mix honey and water together making sure both are equal)
  • Soda water


Simply pour the drink into a nice glass with ice. Fill the rest of the glass with soda water and then to complement the drink, you can add a grapefruit, orange or lemon if you like.

#2 – CBD Cosmo

What You’ll Need:

  • 5 ounces of your favorite Vodka (something like Tito’s works great)
  • 1 ounce of cranberry juice
  • .25 ounces of your favorite CBD oil
  • .75 ounces of lime juice
  • .75 ounces of Triple sec
  • You can also have an orange slice to top it off if you like


Pour the mixture of vodka, CBD oil, Triple sec, cranberry juice and lime juice into a shaker and make sure it’s mixed thoroughly well. Pour the mixture into a small glass and then add an orange slice on top of the mixture if you’d like to add some flavor. It’s a classy and small drink that doesn’t take long to make.

#3 – Sour T-iesel

Warning: If you don’t like the scent or flavor of mint, you might want to avoid this one. Also, this one’s a bit more difficult.

What You’ll Need:

  • 2 ounces of tequila (you can pick)
  • 1 ounce of lime juice
  • .5 ounces of organic agave nectar
  • A small hint of sea salt (pink sea salt works the best)
  • 3 mint leaves and make sure there’s no stems on the leaves
  • 5 drops of hemp CBD oil and make sure the oil is cold
  • .75 ounces of organic aquafaba


You’ll need to place every single ingredient excluding the organic aquafaba and the CBD oil into a shaker and mix it extremely well. You need to make sure it’s shaken until the cocktail shaker is cold or you won’t get the right result. Next, you’ll want to pour the mixture into a large pitcher.

Then, add your aquafaba and your CBD oil you’ve set off to the side. You’ll need to stir this combination vigorously as they don’t mix together easily. Once it’s stirred, simply pour the cocktail into a glass and if you want to garnish, you can get creative with the toppings.

#4 – CB Tea

What You’ll Need:

  • 2 ounces of whiskey, preferably whiskey that’s light and not dark
  • You’ll need a hint of fresh mint leaves
  • You’ll need some CBD oil but you have to make sure that the oil is really high grade
  • Lemonade


Simply take the combination and pour into a 12-ounce glass. Then, stir the combination around a little bit, you don’t need to shake this up. Add in the CBD oil and stir it up again. You won’t be able to taste much of the mint and it’s very refreshing.

#5 – Chronic Cure

What You’ll Need:

  • 2 ounces of whiskey (some people like to use Irish whiskey)
  • 1 ounce of honey syrup
  • .75 ounces of lemon juice
  • .5 ounces of ginger juice
  • A lemon wedge if you want something to top it off with


Pour into a cocktail shaker filled with ice and shake roughly until the ice shaker is cold and the mixture is mixed well. This is served best in a glass with ice already in the glass. A small glass should do and add the lemon on top to add a garnish.

How Do You Infuse Cannabis with Alcohol?

What You’ll Need:

  • A double boiler
  • A bowl with a microwaveable safe top
  • A weed grinder
  • Your weed
  • A fifth of liquor
  • A stove or a hotplate with no open flames (for obvious reasons)
  • A cheesecloth

The process might seem relatively involved but it’s actually not that bad once you get the hang of it. It does, however, require a lot of patience. First thing is first, you’re going to need your alcohol. The alcohol should be a fifth or a 750 ml bottle of whatever alcoholic drink you plan on infusing. Next, you’ll obviously need your weed.

Step 1 – You need to decarb your weed. Some people do this in the oven but you can actually do this in a microwave. Simply place your weed in a bowl, put it in the microwave, put a microwave safe top on the bowl and microwave on high for 2 minutes. After that, mix the weed up so that the bottom can be heated appropriately too and then it’s time to grind.

Step 2 – You need to grind your weed. While there are plenty of ways to do this without a grinder, we’d highly recommend getting a weed grinder, because it doesn’t make nearly as much of a mess.

Step 3 – Grab your double boiler and fill it up halfway with water. Place the double boiler on the stove and wait for it to start boiling, which shouldn’t take very long. Once the water starts boiling, then place the heat to a lower setting.

Step 4 – Once you’ve got the heat set to low and a low boil going, you’ll want to place your liquor and your weed in the top part of the double boiler. Make sure you stir it up thoroughly and cover the top with a size appropriate pan. Make sure to keep the stove on low. This is where the waiting comes in because this next part takes a couple of hours. Check in occasionally to make sure it’s not boiling. The double boiler top half should be kept around 150 degrees for maximum efficiency.

Step 5 – After about 2 hours, you’ll then place a cheesecloth back over the original liquor bottle. Slowly to make sure none of it falls outside of the cheesecloth or container.

You’ll also notice that once you pour the alcohol back in, it will have more of a yellow tint if the alcohol is clear. Weed tends to make alcohol have a yellow-ish tent when it’s decarbed so if you really want that green color, you’ll need to use some food coloring. People who drink it probably won’t care anyway.

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