The Top 5 Benefits of Vaping vs Smoking

Some people who have made the transition from smoking to vaping have sworn by numerous health effects including physical and mental.

While some of these positive effects haven’t been thoroughly studied to conclude how much of an effect it is and if they’re true, there are still some noteworthy benefits with vaping versus smoking. We’ll count down 5 of the top benefits of vaping.

#1 – The Flavor

One thing that you won’t get with smoking is the flavor you can get with e-liquid. There are hundreds of possible e-liquid flavors and these flavors arguably make vaping far more enjoyable than smoking. Some people have attributed quitting smoking to the flavors. In response to vape liquids, some companies have started releasing e-cigarettes to try and include some flavor.

The problem with e-cigarettes is that they didn’t satisfy people who had been smoking for years. They more often than not always returned to smoking. E-cigarettes taste rather terrible for most of their flavors and they’re not very cheap. You’d almost be better off smoking regularly if you want to go the route of e-cigarettes.

This is why the flavor and taste of vape liquids have provided a huge positive net benefit when it comes to people quitting smoking and quitting for good. It’s not just teenagers or young adults who enjoy the flavor either, as there’s a common myth that vaping is usually done by millennials because they enjoy the flavor.

A lot of older adults enjoy the flavor and taste too. Regardless of what your favorite flavor to taste is, vape liquids more than likely have it.

E liquids

#2 – Your Overall Health

When you’re smoking cigarettes, long term use can be absolutely devastating to your health.

  • Your heart will suffer and won’t pump blood as sufficiently
  • Brain cells are killed off and your cognitive function will be less effective over time
  • You’ll be exposing yourself to a higher possibility of stroke, heart attack and various forms of heart disease
  • Your lungs will start to turn black and moving around will be more of a chore as it’s harder to breathe
  • It has a detrimental negative impact on your skin as well, you’ll lose a lot of the silky-smooth feeling

Not to mention, smoking regular cigarettes leaves an awful smell on your person that other non-smokers cannot stand. You may not smell it but other people do. If you’ve entered the home of a smoker, it’s one of the first things you smell.

When it comes to your overall health, there have been absolutely no negative impacts recorded or thoroughly studied on vaping. You don’t increase your chance of getting heart disease, you don’t increase your chance of stroke and at this time, there are no known negative impacts.

#3 – Your Wallet Will Thank You

Smoking is expensive. It’s becoming more increasingly expensive, especially in the United States where they’ve been placing high taxes on cigarettes. If we look at New England, cigarettes have become so expensive that they’ve become a rich man’s luxury instead of an everyday purchase. In some parts of New England, the average cost of a pack is around $12.

Your wallet will sight a great relief of pressure once you make the move to vaping from smoking. A lot of vaping starter kits actually cost less than a carton of cigarettes thanks to the ridiculous tax hike placed on cigarettes. On top of the money saved, vaping kits also give you a far more thorough enjoyment when used.

The economic choice seems pretty obvious here when you see how much money you’re going to be saving.

#4 – It’s Less Addicting

When we say it’s less addicting, we mean it’s far less addicting. Cigarettes can have some horrific side effects when you try to quit. A lot of people can get easily agitated, they can become angry and some people even lash out at everyone around them when they haven’t had a cigarette in a while.

We haven’t heard of anyone throwing a frenzy or going crazy because they hadn’t vaped in a while, yet. Some people thought it would be physically impossible to quit smoking because of the agitation and some of the physical symptoms they would get when they tried to quit.

After they try out vaping for just a month, they found that abstaining from smoking was much easier and some people have attributed vaping to giving them the ability to quit smoking for good. Some people find vaping as a great alternative because of how much lower risk it is and they often find themselves free of the financial burden that is smoking.

benefits of vaping

#5 – The Community

If there’s one thing that smoking lacks it’s a community of people you can share your new-found hobby and passion with. Vaping, however, has a large online presence, there’s vape shops where you can hang out and there’s a lot of communities you can get involved in.

The only type of communities you’ll find with smoking are help and support groups to help you quit. As far as we know, there is no help to support groups to help people stop vaping because it’s not necessary.

As a huge plus, you can also vape in far more areas as well. Even bars today have a restriction on smoking inside but vaping doesn’t have to follow these restrictions because there have been no studies that show second-hand smoke from vaping to be harmful or addicting. You won’t have to step outside or step out of your office to vape and the smell doesn’t linger as it does with cigarettes.


Vaping has started taking over the world by storm and it’s easy to see why. It’s fun, it costs far less money, it’s not as appalling as smoking, it’s healthier for you than smoking and far more people are as accepting of vaping than they are smoking.

here’s also a lot of help and support out there for people who want to get started and don’t know where to take the next step. It won’t cost you an arm and a leg and you’ll find that the vaping community is really friendly while being accepting to newcomers.

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