The Ballot For Medical Marijuana Passes In Utah

You don’t have to be a hardcore stoner to see that more and more states are starting to legalize the use of medical marijuana. And, this is because the substance really can provide relief and medicinal benefits that cannot be found elsewhere.

Utah was one of the latest states of follow pursuit with the trend. On November 6, 2018 the state passed what was known as the Proposition 2 Bill. This bill states that medical marijuana is now legal in the state of Utah.

Utah And Medical Marijuana

It was late on the night of November 5th when reports came out the Proposition 2 bill was won with a 53 percent to 47 percent margin. The state now possesses the legal right to sell medical marijuana. The bill has changed an evolved over time and might vary from some other states with legalized medical marijuana, but here is basically what the bill offers:

  • Individuals suffering from approved medical conditions will now be able to legally seek the relief that they need from medical marijuana products.
  • Medical marijuana can only be obtained by the recommendation of an approved physician.
  • When the licensed physician approves someone they will be issued a medical marijuana card that entitles them to purchase products at a dispensary.
  • Only a certain number of dispensaries will be legally allowed to operate throughout the state.
  • Patients cannot purchase more than ten grams every two weeks,
  • If you live far enough away from the dispensary, you will be granted access to grow six plants in your home.
  • If it is deemed necessary, some individuals can seek the assistance of another person to help them acquire medical marijuana or grow the plants.

Utah legal marijuana

All The Hurdles Are Passed

It goes without saying that the battle for the passing of Proposition two was by no means easy. It was quite the challenge and the state has seen many proposals over the years, but the time is here. It really was the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints that has been the biggest opponent for the medical marijuana industry in the area.

They are based out of Salt Lake City and have constantly spoken out against the legalization of the substance. In many cases they were quite successful and this is what has delayed the legalization.

Of course, this year was no different. The Church opposed the bill and urged its members and other residents to go vote it down. Along with these hurdles there were other hurdles. There was once a lawsuit filed against the bill in attempts of thwarting it from passing.

The lawsuit claimed that the passing of this bill would violate the Mormons’ religious freedom. They also claimed that the legalization would harm landlords. Regardless of these claims and other challenges, popular support for the legalization of medical marijuana stood high.

A poll that was conducted at the beginning of this year showed that 76 percent of adults in the state supported the legalization of medical marijuana.

Where Is Medical Marijuana Headed In The Future

Thankfully, after all the head butting the Mormon Church finally compromised to a medical marijuana deal. It is expected that the bill will be revised over and over again later in legislative sessions, which takes place later this year However, one thing is certain and that is that medical marijuana is now legal in Utah.

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