The 5 Top Ways To Enjoy Cannabis Without Smoking It

It’s all over the place. It’s in pop culture, it’s in music videos, it’s in movies and everyone’s talking about it. Does it seem like you can’t get away from smoking weed without feeling pressured? For years, most people have only consumed cannabis the most commonly known way, which is smoking it.

It’s the most common way to do it and a lot of people don’t know that there are many other ways to enjoy your cannabis and get the same psychoactive effects.

If you’re looking for a new way to smoke cannabis and you’re looking for some alternatives to smoking, here’s 5 of the top ways to consume cannabis without smoking.

#1 – Edible Cannabis

The idea of edibles isn’t exactly new. You’ve probably seen some references to people accidentally eating pot brownies and not knowing how they got high. Pot brownies are just one of the many different edibles that a person can consume.

The problem with edibles is, it’s not as easy as simply sprinkling some marijuana into the food and then baking it. It takes a precise amount of dosage to get it right or otherwise, it’ll just leave a bad taste in your mouth.

Today, there are a lot of edible cannabis options out there from cookies to brownies to even gummies. There are a lot of different edibles for people and you’ll get the same effect if you were to smoke it. You don’t inhale any smoke, there’s no combustion process and edibles are pretty easy to make if you want to venture into it.

CBD edibles

#2 – Topicals

This isn’t one of the most common methods out there and it’s still on the rise but topicals are starting to become more mainstream. Topicals are basically just creams, salves, balms or oils that are infused with cannabis. This isn’t a new concept though, because for over a millennium, people have been using cannabis to treat burns and open wounds.

Cannabis topical oils and creams have also been used in other ailments but we’re not sure about the effectiveness of topical cannabis oils on these ailments. The reason cannabis has been used to treat wounds was that cannabinoids cannot sink into the skin.

The substance is too thick and it’s too bulky. However, the same substance can also help heal pain on the skin and it can reduce inflammation. This is why some topical cannabis has been used directly on the skin of a wound and has been shown to drastically cut down on healing time.

One of the best things of a topical is that you won’t fail a drug test because no chemicals are released into the body if you use a topical correctly and you won’t experience some of the same psychoactive effects that other methods would give you.

CBD topicals

#3 – Dabs

If you haven’t heard of dabs, then you’re in for a treat. No, it’s not the internet meme where people do some weird dance move, dabs are a more complicated form of cannabis consumption that is becoming very popular with millennials.

The entire point of dabbing is to eliminate the concentrate from cannabis and to smoke that directly, instead of smoking the entire thing. You have to burn the concentrated substance off of the cannabis and then you collect it.

The process sounds rather complicated but it’s not the most newbie friendly way of consumption if this is something that you want to do yourself.

If you’re really interested in doing this, we’d recommend doing it under the supervision of someone who knows what they’re doing first or buy the concentrate from someone who knows what they’re doing. Don’t do this on your own or try to make dabs on your own as a first timer.

making dabs

#4 – Vaporized Cannabis

When you smoke cannabis, the cannabis plant has to be met with an intense amount of heat and fire in order to release the compounds required to give you the psychoactive effects. However, vaporization offers a new method of smoking cannabis that doesn’t require an immense amount of heat and fire. Vaping dry herbs are getting more and more popular, it’s actually much healthier and convenient than smoking.

Vaporizing has a lower temperature threshold and the entire idea is to melt the cannabis resin which then turns it into a vapor.

The vapor is then inhaled through a hose or vaporizing device. There are many different devices out there you can use and some people choose to be creative by creating their own, but you can pretty much do whatever you want here.

The thing with vaporizing though is that you have to find the temperature that’s right for you. If you want an experience that’s on the heavy side and produces the most amount of vapor, then you’ll want to aim for 370 degrees Fahrenheit to 445 degrees Fahrenheit or 189 degrees Celsius to 229 degrees Celsius. For more info, check out my recommended vape pen starter kits for weed.

best vape pen for weed


#5 – Fresh Raw Cannabis

A lot of people don’t know this but you can actually consume some cannabis plants raw to get some of the main benefits of the plant. Obviously, this doesn’t apply to every plant and won’t work for every type of cannabis but if you’re looking for something that’s on the raw dietary side, then you might want to consider literally eating the plant raw.

These raw cannabis plants are simply just plants that haven’t undergone any kind of heating process or any kind of drying process yet. Some people like to make smoothies out of them or throw them into their normal meals. However, the full range of psychoactive effects won’t take effect because those effects generally only kick in once the plant has been dried or heated.

cole memorendum


There are other methods of consumption out there but these are easily the top five. Some of the other methods include:

  • Oil droplets or droplets that come from CBD packaging, CBD oils have tons of benefits, but these generally don’t contain any THC or a little trace amount, so don’t expect the high
  • Supplemental tablets can provide some benefits but you won’t get the high from these either
  • There are even patches available like Icy-Hot patches you can apply to your skin

There are many methods for cannabis consumption out there but the 5 above are the safest and best for consumption.

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