The 5 Best CBD Edibles & The Many Benefits of CBD Edibles

What exactly are CBD edibles? Since the invention of CBD consumables, people have always been looking for new and exciting ways to consume them. Enter, CBD edibles. These aren’t exactly new but they’re a fun way to take in the benefits and reap the rewards of CBD without smoking or anything or consuming a substance with the THC compound present.

The Health Benefits of CBD Edibles

Anti-Anxiety – Something that plagues a lot of people is depression and anxiety. More often than not, the two often go together and researchers are always looking for a new way to combat anxiety. Anxiety leads to panic attacks; increased stress and it causes people to look for unhealthy remedies such as drinking and taking drugs that are incredibly harmful to your health.

CBD can drastically reduce the amount of anxiety a person is experiencing and create a healthier lifestyle.

Cancer – It’s a dreaded word and none of us ever want to hear that we’ve been diagnosed with cancer, but it’s a part of our lives and we never know if we’re going to get it or not. Some research has been done to determine whether or not CBD can actively prevent or treat cancer.

One of the main benefits of anti-cancer found in CBD is that it prevents tumors from growing or spreading. In cervical cancer, CBD has been shown to actually stop the spread of cancer cells and keep it pinpointed.

Sleeplessness – People who suffer from insomnia or are unable to sleep due to stress, anxiety or other issues might find some resolve with CBD edibles. If taken about 30 minutes before bedtime, you’ll be in a far more relaxed state and you’ll be able to drift away without any hassle. Different strains will have different levels of effectiveness and there’s no telling which one will work best for you.

Seizures – People who suffer from epilepsy or are prone to random seizures live in a constant of fear. You never know when they’re going to come, how long they’re going to last and how severe they’re going to be. However, CBD has shown a lot of promise in people particularly with epileptic seizures.

The intensity of the seizures and the frequency at which they occur can be greatly diminished but a lot of research in this field still needs to be done before any conclusive answer can be given.

There are numerous untested benefits as well and a lot of on-going research to find even more benefits of CBD edibles. They’ve drastically improved the lives of some and have been fundamental in improving some people’s cognitive function.

cannabis chocolate cake

The Top 5 CBD Edibles

There are thousands of edible products on the market today but we’ve narrowed down 5 of the best CBD edibles. These are relatively inexpensive and highly effective while being delicious at the same time.

#1 – Care by Design Chocolate

People love chocolate and people love CBD, so why not combine the two? Well, one company based in California not only decided to combine the two but they wanted to make classy chocolate laced with 20mg of CBD in every bar.

The reason this appears on our list is that it’s an extremely potent stress reliever. The downside, however, is there is a small trace amount of THC in this chocolate bar so it’s illegal in most states still.

#2 – Plus CBD Oil Gummies

These hemp gummies are highly recommended all over the internet and they’re pretty inexpensive, at a rate of just a little over $1 per gummy. The dosage is pretty low so it’s not as intense as some of the other edibles we’ve found but it’s great for relaxation and keeping yourself focused on a task. It’s a really great product for those who struggle to keep focused or get sidetracked easily.

plus cbd oil gummies

#3 – Aurora Hemp Elixir

It comes in a bottle form and a liquid but this is one of the smoothest drinks out there. It has a nice 15mg of CBD per bottle which is pretty decent. It’s not too much and it’s not too little. They’re a bit hard to find but if you do, you might want to snag a few of them before they run out.

If you enjoy sparkling water, then you’ll probably find these elixirs to be delightful. They’re not so heavy on the psychoactive effects but they’re delicious and relatively inexpensive. They’re great stress relievers.

#4 – Lord Jones CBD Gumdrops

The packaging of these gumdrops looks kind of like a vintage album cover but that’s just how it was designed. It’s an official Hollywood flavor and the gummies are known for being free of radical ingredients that some other gumdrops might contain.

There’s approximately 20mg per gumdrop, so the dosage is relatively high. It has a very instant and noticeable calming effect, so if you ever notice yourself in the middle of a panic attack or feeling angry, pop in one of these and relax. They’re a little on the more expensive side though, at about $40-$50 for 9 gummies.

Lord Jones CBD Gumdrops

#5 – Canna Bees Raw CBD Honey

The company behind these CBD edibles is actually doing something for a good cause. They named their product after coming up with a fundraiser to help save honeybees around the world. The product itself is actually made by bees and all of their products are tested to make sure they’re chemical free.

The honey is in a raw form and if you mix this is in with your tea every morning, you’ll notice that you’re more alert during the day, you’ll be more awake and you’ll feel far more relaxed.

Which Edible is Right for Me?

There are chocolates, honey, drops and all kinds of other forms of edibles out there. There are possibly thousands of CBD edible products out there today so determining which one will work for you and which one is best for you would take a long time.

What we can however say is that all of the products listed above might be difficult to find but they’re some of the best. They’re effective and they’re not too expensive.


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