Super Indo Kratom Powder Review: Benefits&Dosage Recommended Vendors

When it comes to trying kratom, the number of choices available can be absolutely bewildering. There are so many different types and places to buy, that it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. In this Super Indo kratom review, I’m going to focus on that strain, and tell you all about it.

We’re going to talk about what Super Indo kratom is, what the effects are if it carries any nasty side-effects, plus importantly, where to buy Super Indo.

It took me ages to understand how this strain of kratom is beneficial, and then experiment with the right dose of Super Indo kratom for my needs.

So to help you, I’m also going to tell you about a couple of trusted retailers I use to obtain really high-quality Super Indo kratom, plus the best Ultra-Enhanced Indo kratom you will ever find.

Super Indo Kratom Review: What Is It?

Of all the types of kratom out there, it’s Indonesian kratom, known as Indo, that produces the most confusion.

Indonesian kratom is available in white, green and red strains, which is why it has a range of effects. White Indo tends to be the most uplifting, red Indo tends to be sedating, and green Indo tends to be gently between the others.

Where the confusion comes is in the fact you can get standard Indo kratom powder, super Indo kratom powder, plus something called Ultra-Enhanced Indo kratom powder.

To make it simple to understand, it’s basically three levels of intensity: 

  1. Normal Indo kratom is ground from the selected colored leaves to make the standard kratom powder.
  2. Super Indo kratom powder is made from the largest leaves on kratom tree. These tend to have the highest concentrations of alkaloids in them. So by picking these large leaves exclusively, they are creating kratom that has a higher potency, hence being called “super”.
  3. Ultra-Enhanced Indo kratom powder is the most potent of all. The standard kratom is boiled down into a thick resin, which intensifies it. To this is then added extracted alkaloids from another boiled down batch. The resulting resin is then ground into a powder. This process can intensify the alkaloids by up to 1500 mg per 25 grams of UEI powder

There’s also another type of Indo, called Premium Indo.  This is widely available, but generally, the process is that the stem the kratom leaf is cut out and processed separately, which apparently maintains a slightly higher level of alkaloids. I’ve never tried Premium Indo, because Super and UEI have packed every punch that I need.

Super Indo Kratom Effects

Generally, Indo kratom strains tend towards being sedating and relaxing. However, Super Indo kratom is known as “full spectrum” kratom.

Full spectrum kratom tends to have the ability to produce a range of uplifting and sedating effects at once, allowing you to feel sedated and benefit from analgesic effects, while also still remaining energized, focused and uplifted.

A word of warning here, about Ultra-Enhanced Indo. This is like nuclear rocket fuel for kratom users. You will need a much smaller dose to get this range of effects, and on top of that, you should start very gently.

A lot of beginners have been caught out buying EUI kratom, taking a standard dose, and then being utterly overwhelmed by the effects that have come on very quickly.

Super Indo Kratom Dosage

When we talk about Super Indo kratom dosage, we need to differentiate between that and Ultra-Enhanced Indo.

For Super Indo, I would recommend a low dose is around 2 grams, a moderate dose up to around 5 grams, and a high-dose 6 grams or more.

However, for UEI kratom, I would definitely recommend you start with a single gram, and then up that by nothing more than a gram at a time.

But generally, Super Indo kratom dosage is in line with other types of kratom, but you do have to be slightly conservative in relation to standard Indo strains of kratom.

kratom leafes

Super Indo Kratom Side Effects

You may well have already guessed, but if you are taking super or enhanced Indo, then you could suffer from enhanced side-effects.

Generally, kratom produces the following side effects:

  • Nausea
  • Loss of appetite (although some strains can enhance appetite)
  • Irritability
  • Feeling wobbly
  • Faster heart rate

Now obviously, these effects are minimized when taking lower doses of good quality kratom, but even at lower doses, you might get caught out using enhanced kratom if you are susceptible.

Super Indo Kratom Review: Where To Buy&Conclusion

Okay, so now we’ve done an honest Super Indo kratom review, you can see the benefits of this strain of kratom. It packs a punch, even at lower doses, and it can offer a very specific, refined kratom experience.

In terms of the exact options, I use and have found to be beneficial, these two products from a couple of trusted kratom vendors I’ve dealt with over the past couple years, always come out top in my eyes.

I’m sharing them here, as I know how difficult can be to get your hands on really high-quality Indo kratom.

super indo kratom effects
1.PurKratom sells Super Indo kratom that is very high quality. On top of that, they sell a wide range of other types of kratom as well. So if you want to mix and blend it, to get the exact effects that you want, then they offer a great way of doing it.

Purkratom also sells Super Indo Kratom Capsules for those who don’t like the taste of kratom.

PurKratom is a company I’ve dealt with on several occasions over the past, and they’ve never let me down.


They offer a money back guarantee, and they offer completely free 3-5 day shipping on any order value, making this a fantastic way of saving some money.

So if you’re looking for high-quality Indo kratom powder then I thoroughly recommend you take a look at PurKratom.

Super indo kratom review2.BuyKratom offers the best Ultra-Enhanced Indo kratom I have ever come across. This stuff is incredible.

At the heart of it is the addition of an incredible 1500 mg of additional alkaloids per 25 grams of kratom powder. And the kratom powder is already enhanced Indo kratom.

But be warned, this stuff is very strong. Some people mix it down with another strain to even it out a bit, but then what’s the point in buying it?

For me, it’s about being able to take less kratom, but get the same effects, plus super-intensify things when I want.

However, this stuff is expensive, 5g (.18oz) costs 45.99 and should be used sparingly, and with respect.

BuyKratom offers a full money back guarantee, plus free shipping on orders over $50. So again, not only do these guys offer great quality UEI kratom, but they also lower that cost-free shipping.

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