Clear Choice Sub Solution Review: The Best Synthetic Pee?

If you are searching for the best synthetic pee to pass a drug test with, then it won’t be long before you come across a Sub Solution review. In fact, you’ll find tons of them, claiming it’s the best way to pass a drug test.

And it’s true. Synthetic urine really can help you to pass a drug test, even with a sample submitted to professional labs, like Labcorp or Quest Diagnostics.

As Sub Solution is the brand of synthetic urine that I recommend in most of the guides I write, I thought was time to write a proper Sub Solution synthetic urine review, to give my view on its quality.

So what’s the deal with Clear Choice SubSolution urine? Why is it so trusted, and is it the right choice for someone passing a urine sample drug test?

About Clear Choice Sub Solution Synthetic Urine

There are tons of brands of synthetic urine on the market, but 90% of them are just complete rubbish.

But Sub Solution synthetic urine is a different type of option entirely.

Sub-solution has been around for several years and is made by a reputable company called Clear Choice. They make other well-respected drug avoidance products, and Sub Solution has also got a great reputation for passing drug tests.

In fact, when you look online for a brand of synthetic urine that could potentially pass a professional lab drug test, you will only ever read about Sub Solution, Quick Fix, and maybe a few other brands, ever really being successful.

Clear Choice Urine Instructions

First, one great thing about Subsolution is that you get everything you need in the box:

  • Flask
  • Thermometer
  • Synthetic urine powder
  • Heat activator powder
  • Detailed instructions

sub solution heating powder

With synthetic urine, the instructions are usually slightly more complicated than the ones for using Clear Choice Sub Solution urine.

The reason for this is that you don’t get away of heating the fake urine to body temperature. You will be given a heating pad, that can be activated, but will take about an hour to warm the sample, or you can microwave the heat pad and do it more quickly.

The key point is that you need a microwave and a heating pad to realistically get the sample to the correct temperature in a decent amount of time. Plus, other than holding it against your body, once you on the way to the testing lab, there’s no way of reheating it.

That’s why Sub Solution urine instructions are easier, and safer for when it actually comes to taking a drug test: 

  1. Sub Solution is a powder, so you simply add some lukewarm water to the powder in the supplied sample bottle, and shake to mix it. This will create a frothy, realistic-looking sample.
  2. Wait for 1-2 minutes and then check the temperature strip. If it’s not close to 100°F, then you’ll need to use the included heat activator powder.
  3. Gently tap the heat activator powder vial, to make sure that the powder is loose. Then put a small amount into the sample bottle, and gently agitate it. You should never need to put in more than half of the heat activator powder initially.
  4. After 30 seconds, check the temperature, and repeat adding a little more heat activator powder if required.
  5. Just before you go in to give your sample, check the temperature, and add more powder is required. Make sure that when you travel to the test facility, that you don’t have the temperature strip on the side of the sample bottle against your skin. 

So as you can see, it’s a simple process to mix up Sub-Solution, and to add the heat activator powder. On top of that, it’s very easy to make sure that the temperature of the sample is within human body range right up to the point you walk into the testing facility.

Note that legally, your sample has to be between 90°F and 100°F. This is quite a wide range, which makes using the heat activator powder perfect for getting it into this legal sample temperature range.

Does Sub Solution Urine Work To Pass A Drug Test?

The bottom line around the question of does Sub Solution work to pass a drug test, is that compared to any other synthetic urine on the market, yes it does.

I’m talking from personal experience here. I’ve used it a handful of times and recently passed a pre-employment drug test using Sub Solution. This was a standard Labcorp drug test, and it went like a dream, the lab technician didn’t even glance at the sample twice when I handed it over.

The reason it works better than any other type of synthetic pee for passing a drug test, is down to the fact that it has a more complex formula. Not only does it contain Urea and Uric acid, but it also contains more than 10 other chemical compounds that appeared naturally in human urine.

On top of that, it doesn’t contain biocide, which is a group of artificial preservatives, used to lengthen the life of some products. Some testing labs reputedly look for the presence of biocide.

So put together, Clear choice sub solution synthetic urine has more biological markers in it, that will help to flag it up as a natural sample.

And on top of that, it looks and smells like the real thing. It’s frothy, and it is the right shade as well.

Sub Solution vs Quick Fix

Sub-Solution Vs Quick Fix

For this Sub Solution review, I’m going through the reasons why you should trust Sub Solution to get you through a professional lab drug test.

However, rather than cheerleading, let’s take a look at the second bestselling brand, another brand I’ve used and recommended, Quick Fix, to see how it stacks up.

Its latest formula is 6.2, and it’s very good (for detailed info, check out my Quick Fix review).

Well, as I’ve already said, Sub Solution is a more complex formula than Quick Fix.

However, for any standard pre-employment drug test, which is cheap for the employer, Quick Fix is perfectly good enough.

However, you do stand more chance of getting caught. Quick fix is a slightly greener color, and to my eye, could make a lab technician look twice, but Subsolution urine looks spot on.

Sub Solution also froths like human urine. Quick Fix doesn’t froth in the same way. It’s not a problem if the lab technician isn’t interested, but if they have a keen eye, it could arouse suspicion, and make them flag it up for additional validity testing.

The other problem with Quick Fix is you can’t control the heat of the fake sample in the same way.  Because Quick Fix uses a heating pad, and you will need a microwave, you can’t get the granular control over keeping it at human body temperature, the way that you can with Sub Solution’s heat activator powder.

So for me, this Sub Solution review is not just about complexity, it’s also about the fact that stacked up against the second best brand, and I’ve used both, it just gives you the best chance of passing a drug test.

Clear Choice Sub Solution synthetic urine

Sub Solution Review: Verdict

The bottom line here at the end of this Sub Solution review is that Clear Choice Sub Solution synthetic urine is hands-down the best synthetic pee on the market.

The heat activator powder is genius. It allows you to micro-control the temperature, right up to the point you walk into the lab to submit your sample.

In terms of its contents, and how it looks and smells, it’s far closer to the real thing than its closest rival, Quick Fix.

So for me, Clear Choice urine is definitely the way to go, and despite the fact it’s quite expensive, it’s worth every dollar.

Where To Buy Sub Solution: Amazon Or Elsewhere?

In terms of where to buy Sub Solution, a word of warning. Buying Sub Solution from Amazon, eBay, somewhere like that, is not recommended. The reason is that you might get a fake product, or it might be out of date.

If you want to buy Sub Solution, then the only place I recommend you buy it is It’s $80 on there, but it’s the company who makes it, and you know you’re getting a quality product.

Yes, it’s expensive, and so I want to tell you a way you can actually lower the cost of buying Sub Solution to pass a urine drug test.

Testnegative have actually just launched new synthetic urine called Quick Luck urine.

clear choice urine

It’s a more advanced formula than even Sub Solution, so it’s an even better option, definitely an updated, modern formula.

It’s a hundred dollars, so even more expensive than Sub Solution.

Buying that means that you will have two packages of high quality synthetic urine, whenever you need them. And with a long shelf life, it’s definitely a great investment.

So the conclusion of my Sub Solution review is that Clear Choice urine is the best on the market, and if you want to go one step further, then their new Quick Luck synthetic urine, when buying two-for-one, is an even better deal.

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