Stat Flush Reviews: Are They Accurate?

I’ve heard quite a lot about something called Stat Flush and have seen a lot of Stat Flush reviews saying how great it works.

So my curiosity to see if it really can flush your system, to detox you, to get you through a drugs test, I bought some STAT! Flush-5 Capsule Detox Supplement with the included 5 Panel Drug Test from eBay for $25 to test for this review.

Before I bought it I was skeptical, so let’s see what the truth is now I’ve actually tested extra strength Stat Flush for myself.

Stat Flush Directions For Use

Stat Flush ReviewsThe directions to use Stat Flush are simple enough, all you have to do is take all five capsules in the bottle over a 10 minute period with 40 ounces of water.

You should not then drink too much water because according to the people who make it that will dilute its effectiveness.

You are then apparently good to go after 60 minutes, with its effectiveness vanishing after about four hours.

I’m slightly larger so I followed the instructions on the eBay listing and ordered two bottles, so I took 10 capsules in total with the recommended increased total of 50 ounces of water, because of the recommendation:

“For women over 180 lbs and men over 220 lbs, we suggest you use 2 bottles.

I then urinated three times in 60 minutes, but no more as instructed.

Does Stat Flush Work For All Drugs?

For me, it was more a case of answering the question does Stat Flush work at all, let alone does Stat Flush work for all drugs.

The bottom line here is I waited for an hour which should have made me clean. I then did the five-panel drugs test that was included…and I failed the drug test.

Concerned, I did a second home drug test 30 minutes later and that tested positive as well.


Stat Flush Review: The Truth

IStat flush 5 capsules‘m afraid the truth is that from what I have seen, Stat Flush reviews telling you how great it works are inaccurate.

I’ve never seen a product that works simply by taking a handful of pills in that way, and I still haven’t. Also, the ingredients don’t give me any hope that it would ever work, there’s just nothing in it which gives me confidence it would flush out your system.

According to the seller on eBay, it also comes with a 200% money back guarantee if it doesn’t work for you. Well, I tested that promise and a week later I’ve had no response to my request for that guaranteed refund, and I sent both an email and tried to phone. So you can draw your own conclusions.

I’m not saying Stat Flush pills are a scam, I’m saying for me they simply don’t work and the money back guarantee is being honored. If you are looking for detox drinks, then I always recommend Mega Clean and Rescue cleanse.

Synthetic urine is also an option if the test is unsupervised.

What makes it even more ridiculous is that they are described as extra strength Stat Flush pills. Now I am a little on the heavy side, but I took two lots as instructed, followed the instructions precisely and failed. I’m a regular user, but that shouldn’t really make a difference with such claims on the product.

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