Saliva Drug Test Chewing Gum: Oral Clear Review

THC and other toxins leave traces in your saliva from hours to days. This can be really dangerous if you are asked to take an oral drug test.

The great news is that there is a saliva drug test chewing gum you can use that could help you to mask the toxins and get you through that oral drug test.

But does oral clear saliva neutralizing gum actually work, or is it yet another expensive scam designed to reassure smokers and users right up to the point they are told they have failed after the test?

What Happens With An Oral Drug Test?

An oral drug test can be spontaneous, which makes it very dangerous for anybody who could have toxins in the bloodstream due to drug use.

The toxins from drugs don’t stay in your saliva for very long, but if you are caught and asked to take an oral drug test within 2-3 days of use, there is a chance you could be found out.

It’s the random nature which makes them dangerous, rather than the time after taking drugs that you can be found out.

It’s also unfair because you could have not smoked for a couple of days four example, and be completely free of the effects, but still fail a saliva drug test.

Basically, either you under supervision or somebody else takes a sample of saliva using a swab and then puts it on the test pad to see how it reacts in a few moments. It’s quick, easy and doesn’t require a lab or expensive testing equipment, which is why it is becoming more common.

Saliva Drug Test Chewing Gum: Does Oral Clear Work?

If you want to protect yourself from an oral drug test then you need to be looking at buying Oral Clear gum.

Yes you can wait the two or three days to make sure your clear, but as I have already explained, that is not always possible. Oral Clear works. Basically, you just chew a small capsule for around 30 seconds to neutralize the saliva, then you swallow it and stay clear of toxins for around 30 minutes. It’s a short window of opportunity, but it can be done in pretty much any circumstance.

Saliva Drug Test Chewing Gum

Yes, you can use legitimate means to try and neutralize your saliva. Using:

  • Mouthwash (Listerine is recommended)
  • Brushing your teeth regularly
  • Drinking lots of water
  • Eating fatty food just before your drugs test

All of these can help. But they also carry risk and very uncertain.

Oral Clear Gum review: Conclusion

Oral drug test is becoming more popular. In the UK for example, roadside drug testing is quite common now.

I have a friend there who took one. He had some saliva neutralizing gum on him. He popped in his mouth as the policeman was walking towards his vehicle, and by the time he’d reached the car he had swallowed it. There was literally nothing the policeman could do, actually, cops don’t even know about this gum.

And in the United States especially, all tests are becoming more common. Employers also conduct saliva drug tests after an accident on the workplace. I’ve had emails from people who have had to take them, and also a guy from the forum who have passed the test using Oral Clear.

roadside swab testSo the conclusion of this Oral Clear gum review is that it works, it is an essential tool to: Protect yourself from random drug testing at your workplace or if you live in a country where roadside drug testing is common. The only downside, its expensive, 90$ for a piece of gum is a lot.

But it’s discreet and it works. Just make sure you have a capsule on you all times, and you are virtually guaranteed to be immune from that destructive saliva drug test.

You can purchase Oral Clear on their offical website.

10 Total Score
Oral Clear Review

  • Clears out Nicotine and all other toxins!
  • No abstinence period is required.
  • Effective in a blazing fast 30 seconds and will last 30 minutes
  • Small, easy to hide
  • Expensive
User Rating: 2.66 (186 votes)
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