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When it comes to kratom, the strain you will probably hear most about is Red Maeng Da. The problem is that a lot of the information you will read about Red Maeng Da is inaccurate, which is why I’ve written this Red Maeng Da kratom review to put things straight.

It’s not surprising that this strain of kratom is so popular. Translated, Maeng Da means “Pimp grade”, which should tell you a lot about its strength and quality. However, not all Red Maeng Da is truly pimp grade.

So what’s the truth about Red Maeng Da kratom? Is it the best strain to use? What are its benefits and side effects, and most importantly, where can you buy great quality Red Maeng Da kratom?

Red Maeng Da Effects

Let’s get straight down to the essential facts here, by talking about what you really want to know: what are the Red Maeng Da kratom effects?

First of all, I want to make an important point about the reality of Red Maeng Da. The point is that its name is not traditional, it came from people wanting to market kratom to the west. So it’s not some magical strain of kratom, and you shouldn’t expect it to be overwhelmingly more powerful than other types.

But it is definitely a rich, and strong, strain of kratom. Its name does derive from the depth of its effects at lower doses than a lot of other kratom strains.

So as long as you are not expecting too much, then Red Maeng Da can definitely help if you have a need for more energy, analgesia, relaxation, enthusiasm or if you are looking for a strong kratom for pain relief.

Let’s talk a little more specifically about some key benefits of Red Maeng Da: 

  • More energy
  • The potential for enhanced mental function
  • An enhanced mood
  • Lessening of fatigue
  • Antidepressant qualities
  • Pain relief
  • Better stamina 

A lot of the effects we have just described are what you will feel at an “optimum” dose. But we need to discuss in detail what doses you should consider, because the effects of kratom can vary quite dramatically depending on the dose you take.

most opiate like kratom

Red Maeng Da Dosage

Most kratom has the same general progression of effects. At low dose, you will feel slightly more upbeat, positive, and energetic.

As you go into a mid-range dose, you will feel much more alert, enthusiastic, and also a slight sedation and pain relief or kicking, which is especially the case with red strains.

At high dose, and out-of-control euphoria, or detachment can occur, especially red strains, can lead to a strong pain relief and sedation.

So it’s all about who you are, and the effect you want to achieve. If you’re looking for alertness and energy, mixed with relaxation and slight pain relief, then a low-to-mid-range dose of Red Maeng Da is perfect. If you are looking for a sedative effect, then a higher dose will work.

In terms of the actual dose you will need, when it comes to feeling the full effects of Red Maeng Da kratom, then the following Red Maeng Da dosage is a good guide:

Low dose: 1-2 grams

Mid dose: 3-5 grams

High dose: 6+ grams

Because of the natural strength of Red Maeng Da, because it contains a higher concentration of key alkaloids, you will probably feel a stronger effects at these dosages, than by taking most other sorts of kratom.

The Difference Between Maeng Da White And Red

White strains of kratom tend to be more uplifting. They are like a huge caffeine hit, giving you energy and euphoria.

It’s the same with White Maeng Da. However, they do share some of the same effects as red. The difference between Maeng Da White and Red is therefore about the alkaloid profile. White is higher in the alkaloid that produces energy, and uplifting euphoria, while red is higher in the alkaloid which brings pain relief and sedation.

Again, it’s about the dose. At lower levels, you won’t feel as much difference between white and red.

However, as the dose increases, on white Maeng Da you will feel more euphoric and energetic, while on red, you will start to feel more numb and sedated. Basically, the higher the dose, the more stimulating white is, while the more sedating red is.

So the difference between Maeng Da White and Red is that White Maeng Da is good for people who want that energy boost, but without feeling chilled out, while red is better suited to people who want to remain alert, but who also want more peace of mind.

What Is Ultra Enhanced Red Maeng Da?

Don’t get caught out here, because some people call what they sell ultra enhanced Red Maeng Da, when it’s really not.

True ultra enhanced Red Maeng Da has added alkaloids. What this means is that the kratom leaves are turned into a resin, and then through this process, some of the alkaloids are extracted.

Those alkaloids are then put into another dose of Red Maeng Da, creating kratom powder that has a higher than natural amount of alkaloids.

The result is a very strong kratom. It should be treated with respect, and you should be knocking a gram off the standard dose when you start experimenting with it.

Where To Buy Red Maeng Da Kratom

red maeng da kratom dosageThe problem with deciding where to buy Red Maeng Da is often that it is more expensive because of its reputation, and ultra enhanced Red Maeng Da can be ridiculously expensive, even though sometimes it does not actually have many additional alkaloids added.

When it comes to buying high-quality Red Maeng Da, there are only a few reputable kratom sellers I would ever recommend. On top of that, when it comes to ultra enhanced, you are looking for a guarantee that at least 1200mg of additional alkaloids have been added, usually per 25 grams.

The first place I ever bought Red Maeng Da kratom from is a company called CoastlineKratom.

I bought it from these guys because they had a very strong reputation, backed up by a very professional website and customer service ethic.

The quality was awesome, and to be honest has rarely been matched in the couple of years since. That’s why they are the place I just about always buy Red Maeng Da from.

They also sell ultra enhanced Red Maeng Da kratom. This is not just an advertising gimmick, they guarantee the quality and strength. I can tell you for sure that it is the best, smoothest kratom I’ve ever tried, but you do have to treat it with respect.

So my conclusion at the end of this Red Maeng Da kratom review, is it can be wonderfully powerful, smooth and satisfying. It will chill you out, give you energy, and relieve pain.

But it’s tough to find the real deal, and that’s why I think if you’re looking to try Red Maeng Da then buying it from costlineKratom is a great place to start.

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