Red Horn Kratom Review

Despite mass production, and increasing sales in the West, red horn kratom is still actually quite a rare strain. There are several reasons for this, which I will explain in this red horn kratom review.

The combination of rarity and effects push the price of this type of kratom up, making it desirable, which is why you have to make sure that you buy good quality red form kratom.

So what exactly is red horn kratom, why are red horn kratom effects so desirable, and where can you buy genuine red form kratom for a fair price, so you don’t get ripped off?

What Is Red Horn Kratom?

Red horn kratom is grown exclusively in the west kalimantan forests, owned by Indonesia. I say owned by Indonesia, because it’s actually part of the island of Borneo, which is split between three countries. But red horn kratom is grown exclusively in that region. Which is one reason why it’s so rare.

It’s called red horn kratom, because of the distinctive shape of the leaves. It sometimes also called spiked leaf kratom because of this distinctive shape.

It’s thought to be a hybrid strain of kratom. Basically, it’s a cross between the red vein kratom of the region, and Maeng Da. The similarity in leaf shapes confirms this, with red Horn kratom looking like Maeng Da leaf at the top, but at the bottom, looking more like a standard red vein kratom leaf.

How To Use: Red Horn Kratom Dosage

Red Horn Kratom Reviews

Getting the right red horn kratom dosage is key to successfully enjoying the benefits of this strain of kratom.

Because of where it is grown, and how it has developed, it has a high potency, being rich in alkaloids. This means that a lower dose is usually more than enough.

So anyone thinking of trying red horn kratom the first time, is advised to use a lower dosage, less than 3 grams, and usually 1-2 grams initially. A lot of people actually report that just a daily dose of 1 gram is enough to feel the effects and benefit from them in a subtle way.

Very high doses of this strain of kratom produce stimulating and euphoric effects, but then turn to a deep sedation. Some people at these higher doses can be uncontrollable. This is usually a dose of 8 grams or higher.

But in terms of getting the relaxing, but uplifting effects, a much lower dose is usually enough.

Red Horn Kratom Effects

Many people report the red horn kratom effects are different to red kratom generally. Red kratom, like red vein Borneo usually produces pain relief and sedation.

However, red horn kratom produces this at a lower level. But it also brings balance as it is also stimulating. Not stimulating like a white kratom, but it does allow you to retain sharpness and energy levels, while also feeling relaxed.

So it’s a bit like a green kratom, but with a wider spectrum of effects creating a balance.

At low levels this balance of gentle stimulation and relaxation, allows people to feel like a much better version of themselves, which is why a lot of people use it daily, as a daytime lift, usually taking a gram mid-morning to see them through the day. Although, personally I wouldn’t recommend taking kratom every day.

Some people mix white/green kratom with red kratom to get the balance we have just described. But those “in the know” have turned to the much more refined red Horn kratom to get the same effect.

Green Horn Vs Red Horn Kratom

Just like other strains of kratom, you can get red horn, white horn and green horn kratom.

Also, as with other strains of kratom, red tends to be more sedating and analgesic, white is more euphoric and uplifting, and green is somewhere in the middle.

However, red horn kratom is more uplifting than other red kratom strains tend to be, but still retains the ability for pain relief and sedation.

Green horn kratom can produce the same effects, but moves towards the middle ground, away from relaxation, and into more energizing and alertness.

If you want to chill out, feel relaxed, but still have focus and good energy levels, then red horn kratom will deliver far more balance.

Red Horn Kratom dosage

Red Horned Kratom Review: Where To Buy

Because of the small region in which is grown, getting hold of good quality red horn kratom is actually quite tough. Although a lot of shops sell it online, a lot of what is claimed to be red horn kratom is just standard red vein kratom packaged incorrectly.

In my experience, only a handful of places can consistently deliver red horn kratom of a high quality, but still at a decent price.


The first place that I have bought red horn kratom from on several occasions, and can vouch for its quality and authenticity, is

They sell Borneo red horn kratom in as little as 1 ounce pouches, but for a very good price even at that non-bulk purchase level.

I can tell you it’s great kratom, that is hugely relaxing even when taking a couple of grams.

BuyKratom back this up with great customer service, a long track record, a refund guarantee, and even free domestic USA 2-3 day delivery on orders over $50.

borneo red horned kratom review


The second place I recommend buying genuine red horn kratom powder is I’ve dealt with this company a couple of times, as they are one of the best established kratom sellers in the USA. They been around for a number of years, and the range of high-quality kratom they sell is amazing, although possibly not quite as powerful as that from, but that would explain why it is slightly cheaper.

However, is perfect for the first time buyer, because you can get a decent quantity of genuine red horn kratom for an inexpensive amount of money.

Krabot a high quality company, who package their products well, and have pride in what they sell. It’s well sourced, genuine, and the red horn kratom they sell is backed up by moneyback guarantee.

So the conclusion of my red horn kratom review is that either of these retailers, in my experience personally, deliver genuine red horn kratom that can deliver a smooth relaxation and tranquility, but not at the cost of agitation or lack of focus.

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