Red Borneo Kratom Powder Review: Effects Dosage, Where To Buy

If you are looking for an affordable and enjoyable way to get more done and get rid of negative emotions, then kratom is something many people before you have already discovered. But there are a lot of misconceptions out there, especially about certain types of kratom, which is why it’s time for a proper red Borneo kratom review, to put things straight.

The misconception is around what red Borneo kratom is exactly, and the effects has. A lot of the effects and experience of kratom will depend on the quality of what you are taking, and how much your body can handle.

Because of the misconceptions, red vein Borneo kratom is something a lot of people overlook, which is a shame because it’s an incredibly useful strain of kratom, that can have positive benefits for relaxation and anxiety.

So let’s take a look at the details around red vein Borneo kratom, where you can buy high-quality, and affordable, red Borneo, and also discuss the positive and negative effects of red Borneo kratom, and how you can minimize them.

Key Facts About Red Vein Borneo Kratom

The island of Borneo is one of the largest in the world, and it’s split between three countries in terms of its governance.

Those three countries, Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei control different areas of the island. However, most of the red Borneo kratom is grown in the Indonesian area. That’s where it has been developed and refined over time.

To clear up one confusion around red vein Borneo kratom, it’s often confused with red vein Bali kratom. This is because Borneo is closely related. So it’s assumed that the two are the same in terms of effects. However, this is not the case, they are two distinct strains of kratom, from two different trees, and they have a different balance of alkaloids within them.

Borneo red vein kratom

What Are The Effects of Red Borneo Kratom?

If you are looking for a stimulating, uplifting and euphoric effects, then red vein Borneo kratom is not the type you are looking for.

On top of that, green and white vein Borneo kratom also tends to be stimulating and uplifting, in comparison to red vein Borneo kratom. This is because the different vein types within the leaves produce a different balance of alkaloids.

In terms of its main effects, red vein Borneo kratom produces a feeling of calm and relaxation, but without feeling “spaced out”. Generally, red vein kratom is more analgesic and sedating than white or green vein, but it’s the degree to which this effect takes hold it’s important.

Red vein Maeng Da, and red vein Bali tends towards stronger sedative effects. Even at a moderate dose, some people say that it can be very numbing and disassociating.

Which is why you could find that red vein Borneo kratom is perfect if you are looking to relax, but still retain sharpness and focus.

So because it’s not overwhelming, Borneo kratom is mostly a relaxant that is controllable unless you take far too much. This makes it perfect for people who may have anxiety, want to feel more chilled out but still focus, or who are wishing to enter a stressful situation in a calm mood.

On top of that, red vein Borneo kratom can lower pain levels, but in a far more gentle way than the sometimes overwhelming feeling of sedation and analgesia that can accompany larger doses of Maeng Da.

Dosage & Use Of Red Vein Borneo Kratom Powder

Because the overriding effects of red vein Borneo kratom are relaxing, unless you take a very high dose, that level of relaxation will increase from minimal, through to maximum. So you don’t need a particularly large dose of red Borneo kratom to achieve something relaxing.

However, at higher doses, it is possible for red vein Borneo kratom to move from being relaxing into sedative. If you want that level of sedation, then a lower dose of Maeng Da is far more appropriate, which is exactly why red vein Borneo kratom is not often used for that purpose at high dose.

You can achieve higher levels of sedation and detachment, which many would call relaxation, using some of the more modern ultra enhanced red Borneo kratom out there. This is concentrated kratom, that has a higher level of alkaloids.

Red vein borneo kratom powder dosage

But generally, you want to achieve the feelings of lessening anxiety, relaxation, contentment, but still retaining mental and physical sharpness. So this means taking a low-to-medium dose.

In terms of the exact dose you can take, it will depend a lot on the quality of the kratom, and also the type of person you are, as well as what you define as the effect you want to achieve.

For most people though, a mild dose of red vein Borneo kratom is 2 grams or less, while a moderate dose is up to 4 grams, a strong dose up to 6 grams, while a dose over that starts to become overwhelming and sedative.

For beginners, it’s probably recommended that you start with just a single gram of red vein Borneo kratom. The next time use 2 grams, and so on, until you reach that feeling you want to achieve, namely, where you feel relaxed and no longer anxious, but retaining your awareness and mental sharpness.

If you’re thinking about trying red Borneo kratom, then it’s good to know that kratom does not taste very nice. Although you can simply mix it with water, or tea, and drink it, the taste can be unpalatable. It’s also a good idea to try kratom in capsule form.

However, many people in Asia mix it into fruit smoothies, often as a boost to their mood before they go out for the night, so it’s a good recommendation to consider.

Side Effects Of Red Borneo Kratom

The amount of side-effects you will experience using kratom can range from absolutely none, through to quite severe.

Whether you experience side effects from using red Borneo kratom, or not, will depend a lot on several key things:

  1. The type of person you are mentally and physically
  2. The dose of kratom you take
  3. How often you take kratom, and therefore get used to it
  4. The quality of the kratom, poor quality can produce worse side effects

It doesn’t really matter what type of kratom you take, you don’t get specific side effects when you take red vein Borneo kratom in comparison to another type for example, it’s about the above factors.

When it comes to the type of side-effects you may experience using kratom, the most common are:

  • Dry mouth
  • Nausea
  • Dizziness
  • Growing tolerance
  • Constipation
  • Low libido 

Not strictly a side effect, but still an effect, is if you use kratom on top of antidepressants. Not only can these interact badly with SSRI’s, but it’s not ideal to self-medicate a mental health condition.

So although red vein Borneo kratom powder is an easy way to feel more relaxed, confident and improve your mood, it should not be used to self-medicate your mental health problems.

Another side effects worth mentioning is tolerance. If you take kratom too often, you will find you get tolerant to it. This means you will start increasing the dose naturally, to get the same effects. This can lead to both tolerance, and dependency.

So always have more days away from kratom, than on it.

Best Places To Buy Red Borneo Kratom

The key point we have made here is that the quality of the red Borneo kratom you buy is vital, if you want to experience the best effects, smooth, and long-lasting.

Not all Borneo kratom sold is the same. The way it farmed, produced, packaged, and stored, plus the age of it, can all affect the quality. Cheap kratom is usually cheap for a reason.

It’s always better to look at buying red Borneo kratom powder from a reputable kratom seller that isn’t the cheapest. You are looking for a retailer that sells high-quality kratom, and is proud of doing so.

In my experience, and I’ve tried more than 10 different red Borneo kratom powders in my time, only a couple of online stores ever consistently sell high quality red Borneo kratom, at a decent price.

  1. red vein borneo kratom powderThe first of these two great kratom sellers is BuyKratom. If you want high quality Borneo kratom, that can give you relaxation at moderate dose, then these guys really are a company to look at.

Specifically, they sell awesome horned red vein kratom. This isn’t specifically pure Borneo kratom, it’s actually a hybrid kratom. It’s grown in a specific region of Borneo, called kalimantan, and it’s a fusion of barley and Borneo kratom. Its name comes from the horned shape of its leaves.

The end result, is a fantastically smooth experience, that can really evaporate anxiety, and make you feel very relaxed.

So this is a recommended Borneo kratom strain, backed up by free delivery if you order more than $50 worth, and these guys also deliver great customer service.

  1. Red borneo kratom reviewThe second trusted retailer I always turn to is CoastlineKratom. They have been around for years, and have a great reputation. They are very knowledgeable, happy to chat, and they have fantastic customer service levels.

The kratom I often buy from them is ultra enhanced red Borneo kratom powder. If you’re looking for the ultimate red Borneo kratom experience, then this is probably the strongest you will find that still retains balance and smoothness.

It comes from mature kratom trees that are grown and processed to the highest standards. The leaves are boiled down to create the red Borneo kratom resin.

This resin is then enhanced with alkaloids extracted from more red vein Borneo kratom, to create an intense concentration of effects.

Red Borneo Kratom Review: Conclusion

Word of warning here though, it’s awesome, but powerful. A little goes a long way, and taking too much will leave you feeling overwhelmed.

But generally, it’s a next step up, it’s a brilliant experience, and I’m going to conclude this red Borneo kratom review by saying that either of these two trusted kratom retailers are fantastic first place to start experimenting with red vein Borneo kratom.

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