Quick Fix 6.2 Review: Does it still the best synthetic urine in 2019?

  • Quick Fix 6.2 Review: Does it still the best synthetic urine in 2019?
  • Quick Fix 6.2 Review: Does it still the best synthetic urine in 2019?
  • Quick Fix 6.2 Review: Does it still the best synthetic urine in 2019?
  • Quick Fix 6.2 Review: Does it still the best synthetic urine in 2019?

For many years and through many formulas, Spectrum Labs Quick Fix synthetic urine has been one of the highest quality products available.

It’s one of the best known brands, with a good track record of passing drug tests and an incredible base of positive online quick fix synthetic urine reviews backing it up.

The new formula Quick Fix 6.2 is an improvement on previous versions. In this review were going to look at what makes quick fix so awesome and also if it’s possible for a quick fix 6.2 fail at a drug test.


Quick Fix 6.2 is out, you can order here!

Quick Fix 6.2 Review – What makes it so good?

Quick Fix always been one of the highest quality synthetic urine products out there. One of the main reasons for this is that it was developed specifically to calibrate the machines which test human urine for its chemical construction. What you get with Quick Fix 6.2 synthetic urine are the following Key Ingredients & Characteristics:

  1. Contains uric acid
  2. Balanced pH levels in line with human urine
  3. Has correct specific gravity
  4. Lab quality composition
  5. Contains creatine

Quick Fix review

So Quick Fix has always been lab grade quality. But the new formulation, 6.2, for the first time includes uric acid. This is essential for passing a lab drug test nowadays because they look for its presence.

How To Use Quick Fix Synthetic Urine To Pass A Drug Test

Spectrum Labs Quick Fix 6.2 synthetic urine comes as a kit that contains everything you need to activate it and pass a drug test. You get a bottle of synthetic urine, a special heating pad to make sure it’s at the right temperature when needed, and a plastic temperature strip to check with.

All you have to do is put the bottle of quick fix in the microwave, check the temperature using the plastic strip and then keep it warm using the heat pad.

It can retain heat for up to 8 hours, meaning that you can confidently take your drug test when called upon at any point of a working day.

So with everything premixed and easy to get to the right temperature, you can be confident that you stand a great chance of passing that drug test, whenever you’re asked to produce a sample.

Can Quick Fix 6.2 Fail A Drug Test?

Quick fix claim you cannot fail a drugs test using their synthetic urine. But looking online, there are some negative Quick Fix 6.2 reviews, some people who claim that it did fail a drug test.

My guess is from reading what these people are saying, and from testing people I know have done, is that it could be around the temperature not being correct at the time you give the sample.

For me, this is the one downside to quick fix 6.2, and one I’m surprised they haven’t addressed.

Quick Fix 6.2 Or Sub Solution?

quick fix synthetic urine reviewsQuick fix is an amazing synthetic urine a great price, and I do recommend it.

However, if it comes to straight up battle between choosing it or Sub Solution by Clear Choice, then I have to go for Sub Solution.

I have a couple of good reasons for this choice and recommendation.

Firstly, Sub Solution contains 11 premixed chemicals including urea and uric acid, making it incredibly close to the composition of human piss.

On top of that, it really does look and smell like real urine.


And the second reason is that it comes packaged with special heat activator powder this means that you don’t have to microwave it, and that patented powder takes the chance out of it not being the correct temperature. It can heat it to the correct temperature in around 20 seconds.

So for me, Sub Solution edges it because of it’s slightly superior composition and the ability to not get caught out by having a sample, not at human body temperature. But of course, if you can’t get hold of it then Quick Fix 6.2 is an excellent choice to virtually guarantee you pass a drug test. You can order Quick Fix 6.2 here. (latest version)

Stay away from Ultra Pure, KKleinstream, magnum and Field Kit synthetic urine.

You can read my detailed Sub Solution synthetic urine here and buy it from the manufacturer’s website.

8 Total Score
Quick Fix 6.1 Review

  • High Quality synthetic urine
  • Relatively cheap
  • Contains Urea and Uric Acid
  • Works for all kind of urine drug test
  • Second best synthetic urine on the market
  • Doesn't come with heat activating powder
User Rating: 2.81 (588 votes)
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