Does Quick Clear Detox Work?

Doing a Quick Clear detox review is something I’m quite pumped about because it’s a relatively new product and I haven’t used it before.

I like trying new detox products because it’s fascinating to see if they work or not and benchmark them against the ones that do work.

On top of that, not only can it help me to stay clear of trouble, and obviously you guys online, through my Facebook page and here, can also get the information you need to keep your job or freedom.

So what is Quick Clear detox, and does Quick Clear detox work?

When I say work, I mean does it flush the toxins out long enough for you to genuinely pass a drug test?

What Is Quick Clear Detox?

Quick Clear detox should be fantastic. The reason I say this is because it’s made by Spectrum Labs, the guys who make Quick Fix synthetic urine, one of only two brands of synthetic urine I have ever recommended fully (for more info, check out my synthetic urine reviews).

It’s basically the same as any other type of detox drink to look at, although it does come in quite a cool box. It’s also not cheap, around $45, although I have seen it with $10 off recently.

It’s designed for people who have a large body mass and high exposure to toxins. Basically, if you are a bit fat and smoke a lot of weed, this should still work for you.

And if you are a lighter personal smoker, then it should definitely work no problem.

What’s interesting about Quick Clear detox is that it also comes with eight “quick flush” capsules that you take at the same time as the drink.

It is claimed that Quick Clear detox is the latest in urine flushing technology, to get you clean and fast in a way like no other drink before it. So does it do that?

Quick Clear Detox Review

Quick Clear Detox Instructions

The instructions for using Quick Clear detox are pretty straightforward, the same as any other type of detox drink really.

Before I tell you the instructions for use, I just want to highlight what a detox drink does. It doesn’t actually detox your body at all. That’s a misconception.

What a detox drink does is to interfere with the passage of toxins into your bladder, so you drink it, clear out the toxins already passing out of your bladder, and then the detox drink helps to stop fresh toxins entering your bladder for a handful of hours.

So the instructions for using Quick Clear detox are pretty straightforward to achieve the goal of the temporary removal of toxins:

  1. Make sure the detox drink is chilled so it tastes good. Detox drinks always taste better chill.
  2. Stop putting toxins in your body the 48 hours before use, or for as long as you possibly can. That means to stop smoking weed, stop dabbing, stop drinking, stop all the toxins entering your body so that your body can focus on processing the ones that are already in you.
  3. Drink 20oz of water at a comfortable pace.
  4. Wait 20 minutes, shake the bottle well and then at a comfortable pace drink the entire contents of the Quick Clear detox drink. The eight included detox pills should be taken using the drink, although I’m guessing if you took them with the water before or after, it wouldn’t really make that much difference.
  5. Wait 20 minutes, then fill the bottle with water and drink that as well.
  6. After you finish the process urinate several times to get the existing toxins out of your bladder

So it’s a straightforward set of instructions, the only difference being that you take pills using the detox drink and they are meant to basically super boost the process to get more toxins out more rapidly, leaving you clean.

For absolute best results you should always take a detox drink on an empty stomach, although this one is quite powerful and if you have a sensitive stomach then you could eat something very light beforehand I’m guessing without much problem.

Quick Clear Detox Review: My Results

So the million-dollar question is does quick clear detox work?

As I said at the start, I got a bottle to give it a try. As I didn’t have any work drug tests lined up I was lucky in being able to test this using a home drug test kit.

The great news is that it worked, which is a rarity amongst detox drinks in my experience as I’m a regular smoker and a large guy, and most detox drinks are crap.

I will also say here that a week after I tried Quick Clear detox, just before I wrote this review, one of my friends mentioned to me that they had passed a pre-employment urine test for Aldi using Quick Clear detox.

So that was a bit of independent verification that my result wasn’t a one-off.

Generally, Quick-Clear detox seems high quality and it did give positive results for me.

It comes in two different flavors as well, blueberry and orange mango, so you’ve got a bit of choice there as well and you won’t have to gulp it down with a horrible taste in your mouth like you do with some detox products.

In terms of the window of opportunity to submit a clean sample that it gives you, it’s effective for up to 5 hours after you go through the consumption process. It’s apparently most effective after two hours, so out of the five hours, hours two and three of the best.

So that gives you plenty of time to get to the testing lab and then submit your sample when Quick Clear detox is working at its strongest.

Which means that Quick Clear detox is now on my list of detox drinks to recommend.

You can purchase it online, it’s on sale now.

The only other ones on that list are Absolute Detox, Mega Clean and Rescue Cleanse. So it’s joining a small and illustrious set of detox drinks that in testing and independent verification really work.

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