Qcarbo32 Review: Does Qcarbo32 Detox Drink Work?

Herbal Clean Qcarbo (16oz and 32oz sizes) is one of the most well-known brands of detox drink out there. It’s heavily promoted and it claims it can help you pass a urine drug test consistently.

My concern with Herbal Clean QCarbo32 Maximum Strength is that there is a lot of hype, and I’m concerned that it doesn’t actually meet the reality. I worry a lot of people try and fail a drug test, but they get lost in the flood of fake reviews.

The people who make QCarb032 claim:

“… Is specially formulated for people with high toxin levels you want to be clean the very same day.”

That’s a significant claim, and from what I have read and heard, I’m not convinced. So I thought it was time I did a proper QCarbo32 review of my own, complete with real testing, to get at the truth. 

Qcarbo32 review

How Does Qcarbo32 Detox Work?

It’s a misconception that detox drinks truly detox your system. What they actually do is to temporarily flush the system so that you can have a clean urine sample for around 1 to 4 hours after taking them.

Basically, they mask the toxins for a few hours

In common with other detox drinks for drug test, Qcarbo32 contains herbs, vitamins and minerals that allegedly speed up your metabolism and increase the rate at which toxins are eliminated from the cells and flushed away through urinating.

This effect is increased further by the rapid drinking of the product, mixed with an increased water intake to help urination frequency and volume.

Looking at the ingredients, Herbal Clean QCarbo32 contains the same sort of things is nearly every other drink I’ve seen, a variety of vitamins such as vitamin C and B12, which can help the urine sample look normal for example.

I guess one thing I should mention is that QCarbo32 has an awful lot more ingredients than any other detox drink I’ve seen, I won’t list them all here and bore you, but I cant over 35 different additives, on top of the usual water, sugar, sweeteners, and flavorings. But whether that makes a better detox drink I don’t know.

What I do know is that comparing it to Mega Clean and Rescue Cleanse, there are several different ingredients, and as I have had success using Mega Clean and Rescue Cleanse, I wonder if it’s those ingredients which make the difference.

Herbal Clean  Qcarbo32 Instructions For Use

You can buy QCarbo32 Maximum Strength easily online, in big stores and also online shops like GNC. That’s why it’s so popular I think, but popularity doesn’t mean quality your success.

In terms of QCarbo32 instructions for use, they are pretty straightforward:

  1. Stop smoking marijuana or taking other drugs. You should do this for several days before a drug test.
  2. The morning of your drug test, drink the contents of the QCarbo32 bottle.
  3. Make sure that you go to the toilet at least three times during the hour after drinking the drink.

At that point, you should be temporarily masked for toxins in urine.

So Does Qcarbo32 Work: Testing It

Herbal Clean Qcarbo32 reviewIn terms of getting some real-world testing results, I spoke to 2 friends of mine who I know used QCarbo32 recently.

Both are regular smokers, and they are not small guys, so they could be just the perfect candidates for the larger size of this product.

The first guy passed his test. He drank a bottle of Qcarbo32 a couple of hours before the test. However, I should note is that he told me he also used Toxin Rid (high-quality drug detox pills) seven-day detox cleansing program as well.

So the conclusion here is that although Herbal Clean QCarbo32 might have helped, a little bit of extra insurance, to me it feels like the reason his passing was actually using Toxin Rid.

The second guy I know failed his test. He used opiates two days before and he didn’t use anything reputable, because he didn’t have time to order some Mega Clean in advance online

His sample was rejected by the lab. They reported that his urine was too diluted to be legitimate. He told me he used QCarbo32 as instructed, and he didn’t drink loads of water either.

My Test Herbal Clean Of Qcarbo32 Maximum Strength

So the pass and fail from people I know, I thought the only way to get a conclusion to this was to actually do a test myself.

I’m a big guy so I used QCarbo32 detox. It cost me $30 and I guess I was initially put into a skeptical frame of mind when on Amazon I saw that it only has three stars out of five.

Looking deeper at QCarbo 32 reviews, nearly 50% of the people I scanned said they failed a drug test using this product

I followed the instructions precisely and then I took a home drug test. You should always try a home drug test before going for a real one anyway. I passed the test, but my concern is that the urine looked diluted. It didn’t look how it normally did, and I was concerned it would be rejected in a real test situation. I used the combo of Qcarbo32 and Herbal pre-Cleanse.

I’ve done the same thing using Mega Clean and I did not feel that the quality of my sample would be an issue having to use that. It just felt much safer than this product.

QCarbo32 Review: Conclusions

So now I’ve got some real-world testing under my belt, spoken to friends who have tried it and looked at Qcarbo Amazon user reviews in depth, my conclusion is that Herbal Cleanse QCarbo32 is not the worst, but it should be avoided, if you decide to give it a try to use it with Herbal Pre-cleanse, the combo costs 50$ only. I personally would use Ultra Eliminex (if you are a heavy smoker) Mega Clean or Rescue Clenase and only go near QCarbo32 if it’s the last resort. Mega Clean is more expensive, but its high quality and much safer. If you going to be relying on this to get through a drug test, what are a few more dollars going to matter?

Qcarbo32 detoxIt might do the job, but I would suggest taking some additional Vitamin B12 just to try and make sure that your urine looks as normal as possible.

After testing myself, speaking to other people and reading QCarbo 32 reviews, it feels to me like this is the problem with Qcarbo, for some reason it can dilute your urine to make it an unsatisfactory sample.

Some additional safety can be gained by using Toxin Rid at least two or three days before you have to take a urine drug test. I know for a fact that it can eliminate most toxins, and will help any detox drink to mask toxins as it should.

So unless you are only a very light user, my recommendation is to steer clear of Qcarbo32.

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