Are PurKratom Reviews Accurate?

If you’re in the market for buying high-quality kratom, then one of the kratom vendors you will undoubtedly hear a lot about on the grapevine is PurKratom.

As with a lot in life, you might be wondering if what you’ve heard is too good to be true. If it sounds too good to be true, then it often is. That’s why the question around whether PurKratom reviews are accurate often rears its head in online discussion groups.

The holy grail of buying kratom online is to get strong kratom that’s been produced, packaged and stored well, with rapid delivery, and backed up by strong customer service guarantees.

So let’s take a look at the accuracy of PurKratom reviews, by telling you about the company, and also my experiences with the kratom they sell, including where you can find legitimate Purkratom coupons online.

What PurKratom Offers

PurKratom offers the full range of kratom products, everything you would expect from a reputable kratom retailer, rather than one who just get hold of a bit of powder and sells that. Their range consists of:

  • 22 types of kratom powder
  • 20 types of kratom capsules
  • Capsule and powder variety packs

That’s a pretty impressive product range, and it’s worth noting that they also sell some of the less well-known types of kratom. Kratom like Green Kapuas, Gold Vein, plus several types of super kratom.

In terms of the capsule range, they are great value for money. Buying kratom capsules really can make the whole experience easier and more accurate. If you buy capsules, there are several benefits:

  • You don’t have to taste the kratom
  • You know the exact dose you are taking
  • The kratom is protected by two layers of packaging
  • You can take a dose on the move

As I said, they also sell variety packs. These are brilliant for beginners because they offer you a low-cost entry point into trying different types of kratom, either individually, or blending them to get the exact feeling and effect you need.

Variety packs are great, but not all retailers sell them, and the ones you can get from PurKratom in their capsule and powder variety packs, are actually very good value in relation to most other variety pack sellers I’ve ever seen.

I will also mention it because it’s a different direction the company of just taking, but they also sell really brilliant quality CBD dropper bottles. So it’s not just relaxation kratom, but you can also alleviate other stuff by bundling up some CBD in your order.

So Is PurKratom Legit?

Look, PurKratom is only one of three genuine “go to” kratom retailers that I ever really use and recommend. The reason for that is several years of great service, and great kratom, delivered to my door in a few days.

You can look online and see if Purkratom is legit. All the websites, forums, Reddit, social media, where people who know their stuff are talking, will mention PurKratom in an elite group of kratom sellers that deliver the goods.

You can also look at their online presence. They have a social media presence, good customer service, are contactable by phone, and they display their physical address, plus their company details on their website. Shady establishments don’t do that.

The other way to talk about the question around is PurKratom legit, is not just about the company, but to look at the quality of the kratom they sell.

Well, to reassure you of quality, you can view lab reports from an independent testing facility on their website. Every single batch of kratom that comes in is tested by that lab. This is a great quality check, and also a guarantee of the potency of the batches of kratom that they put up for sale on their website.

Customer Service Experiences From PurKratom

In terms of customer service experiences with PurKratom, I can only talk about my own. But as you can see from my site, I’m pretty into this stuff, and I do know I’m talking about.

Let’s talk specifically about customer service: 

  1. PurKratom offers an unconditional 30-day money back guarantee. That superb, and a real reassurance about the quality of the kratom products they sell. I can tell you, I’ve never had a problem with the quality of the kratom from this company, it’s been universally superb.
  2. They offer free USA domestic shipping, using 3-5 day USPS. If you want more guarantees, you can also select UPS, but free shipping is brilliant, and I’ve never had a problem with it. It means that you can basically buy a bit more kratom than you would be able to from retailers who charge shipping on all orders.
  3. They have real customer service people. You can contact them via email, phone, post or social media. You can even track your order on the website, so you always know what’s going on.
  4. A lot of kratom vendors don’t take credit cards. However, PurKratom has a full payment processing secure checkout, which means you don’t have to mess around with stupid things like eChecks. Plus you get that security guarantee. 

Getting A PurKratom Discount Code

Look, I think I’ve got to say here that the quality of the kratom is good at full price, so most people rooting around for a discount code properly think they’re going to be unlucky in any search to try and track down a legit Purkratom coupon.

But there is one that works. I can tell you right here, although they don’t publicize it much, that if you enter the code SPI10OFF during the checkout process, you will get a 10% PurKratom discount code value deducted from your order total.

So that’s a bit of additional value, a working PurKratom coupon, that can basically cover the cost of shipping, or if you want that, allow you to get 10% more kratom than you would have done without it.

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My PurKratom Review Conclusion

So look, there are tons of PurKratom reviews out there. A lot of them say they’re brilliant, and some say they are awful. But you can spot those a mile off as being paid reviews by other kratom sellers trying to trash them.

My personal experience, as an experienced kratom user, and writer about kratom, is they are impeccable.

For me, their White Vein Maeng Da is probably the best quality I’ve ever found. I don’t know where they source it from, but it could be a combination of the source that they get it from, plus the care with which they process and store their kratom, that makes it the best.

I’ve tried every single famous kratom vendors out there, and I can tell you 100% that PurKratom match them. Plus, most of the kratom of I’ve tried from these guys actually beats the quality of these “popular vendors”. So for me, it’s a first choice for buying kratom.

So sure, you can be reassured that PurKratom is legit. On top of that, you now know that there is a secret PurKratom discount code you can benefit from.

I will just mention another retailer here. are possibly the best-known kratom vendor out there. Their kratom quality is superb, and they have never let me down. So they get an honorable mention because I don’t want you to think that you should only consider PurKratom, and they certainly offer a great alternative.

But, the conclusion of my PurKratom review is that they are probably my most trusted retailer right now, because the combination of price, quality, and guarantees, make them simply a joy to deal with.

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