How To Properly Consume Kratom

Oral Consumption

Kratom is not water-soluble, so it is difficult to mix with liquids. When mixing Kratom with liquids, such as water, the powder will thicken and become sticky. The preferred method of consumption for Kratom is oral in the form of capsules. However, since a large dose of the drug is required to be effective, humans would need to consume a large volume of the capsules.

Preferred Form Of Consumption – Toss And Wash Method

If you are unfamiliar with the toss and wash method, you are missing out on a great way to consume Kratom. This method involves consuming the drug without premixing. The idea is to place the Kratom powder on your tongue and quickly wash it down with a full eight-ounce glass of water.

While some people are turned off by the bitter taste of Kratom, others do not mind. Since the drug is so effective, most people are willing to deal with the bitterness. And, if you perform the toss and wash method quickly, you will barely experience the flavor.

As mentioned above, Kratom powder is extremely sticky when wet. So, when you utilize the toss and wash method, the moistened powder will stick to your tongue and teeth. To eliminate the sticky residue, you will need to rinse your mouth thoroughly and follow up with brushing your teeth.

It is crucial to avoid inhaling the powder into your lungs when you consume Kratom. While there is no scientific information available about the dangers of inhaling the drug, it will be best to not to take any risks.

There may be some components of Kratom that could harm the lungs, so do not inhale it during the toss and wash technique.

Kratom smoothie

Create A Paste From Kratom

Creating a paste from Kratom is the way to avoid any risk of inhalation during consumption. It is really simple to convert Kratom powder into a paste. All you need to do is measure out a single dose and place it into a small empty container, preferably as glass.

Add a small amount of water and stir thoroughly. The powder will completely absorb the water very quickly. If more water is needed, be sure to only add a few drops at a time. Avoid over-saturation, because if the consistency is too thin, you will have difficulty swallowing the mixture.

Once the Kratom paste is complete, it will be ready for consumption. Since the drug does have a very bitter taste, you should have a full eight-ounce glass of water set aside for easy access. Place the paste into a tablespoon, put it on your tongue and wash it down with water.

You can also utilize the water to rinse the pasty residue out of your mouth, but do not spit it out. To achieve the best effect of Kratom, it is crucial to consume the entire dose and use high quality kratom.

You do not have to consume all of the paste in a single dose. If you do not, just repeat the above method until have consumed the entire dose.

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