Precautions For First Time Salvia Use

Salvia can produce a fantastic physical and mental state, changing the emotions and bringing on at times a truly altered state of reality.

But sometimes if salvia is taken incorrectly, in the wrong dose or in the wrong state of mind, or personal space, the experience can be bad.

Because some people report bad experiences, especially at high doses and the first time they try salvia divinorum, it’s vital if you’re thinking of experimenting with it that you educate yourself before you start.

There are some potential dangers, and some great advice you can take to make your first experience positive and start the journey to feeling good and maybe even experiencing spiritual enlightenment.

So let’s take a look at what you can do to make your first time with salvia magnificent.

What Are The Key Dangers Around Taking Salvia?

I guess the first question most people will worry about is can you take a fatal overdose of salvia?

Well, the great news is that not a single fatal overdose has ever been reported. This is because an oral dose of salvia that is strong enough to be potentially life-threatening would have to be massive, as in unconsumable.

The reason that it’s very difficult to overdose on the psychoactive ingredient in salvia, Salvinorin A, is that when taken orally, it is not very well absorbed by the body. So the chances of mistakenly taking a lethal overdose orally or incredibly slim, as you would have two ingest a huge amount.

If you intend to take salvia by smoking it, then a high dose will make you pass out, or feel so sick that it would be almost impossible for you to take in a enough to overdose.

That’s not to say you can’t overdose, and especially if you are smoking you should be cautious. A single massive dose inhaled in one go could cause an overwhelming reaction, so it’s important to be aware of this and take care, especially first time round.

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Precautions To Make Your First Salvia Experience Good

So let’s look at the precautions you should take to make sure that your first experience with salvia is a positive one.

Generally there are some common sense things you should do:

  1. If you are on medication then you should not combine it with salvia unless you are very sure there will be no bad reaction from the interaction between the drugs. If you are intent on doing so, you start with the low dose and be cautious, to make sure that there isn’t a problem.
  2. Salvia at higher doses can bring on affects similar to that with drinking alcohol, such as poor coordination and slurred speech. So drinking alcohol before or during a salvia experience is a very bad idea as these side effects will be magnified, and could lead to an accident or passing out.
  3. Choose the perfect time and place as much as possible. The first time you try salvia, it’s essential that you are private, safe and in a good physical and mental state.
  4. Salvia peaks very quickly and then drifts off over a period of up to an hour. So especially the first time, it is always recommend that you lay down for the duration of the experience so that you are safe and so that you can focus on your mind.
  5. This shouldn’t really need to be said, but never use other drugs when taking salvia. If you do you are increasing the risk of an adverse reaction, or a negative experience.
  6. If you have mental health problems or are in a poor emotional state then you should not take salvia. It can alter your state of mind and potentially cause issues for a significant time afterwards.

Always Have Someone With You When You First try Salvia

At least for the first time you should have a “sitter” with you when you use salvia.

Because it can alter your state of mind and bring on hallucinations, it’s essential that somebody is with you to watch out for any issues you might have.

This will only usually happen at a high-dose, but whatever dose you are taking, the first time around you should always protect yourself by having a sitter with you.

It’s important you understand that at high-dosage, usually obtained through smoking, you can lose awareness of your environment, have an altered state of consciousness, and in a way lose touch with reality.

So a sitter is vital to protect you from a negative interaction with your environment, or a poor emotional reaction.

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How To Take Salvia For The First Time

When you are considering your first experience with salvia, you have two options to consider:

  • Consume it orally
  • Smoke it

Many people recommend that you consume salvia orally at least the first time, as it is a more gentle and long lasting experience.

When you smoke salvia, usually by vaporizing it, it delivers a far more concentrated dose which can have an almost immediate and overwhelming impact, depending on how much you consume.

What you mustn’t do is think that smoking salvia is like smoking marijuana. The two are very different experiences, marijuana delivers an ongoing gentle high after the initial hit, whereas salvia will feel like a punch in the face by comparison. Many people say there is simply no way to prepare for an intense salvia experience.

The dose is obviously critical. You will have to chew a considerable amount more than you will if you smoke it. You also need to be aware that you can buy concentrated salvia, which can be 10 times more concentrated in volume than the loose leaf.

In terms of the dose for the first time you experience salvia, it is going to come down to what is recommended, and what you wish to experiment with, to determine the starting volume. But it’s obviously recommended to start with the low dose and see how it feels, rather than going all in first time.

As long as you buy high quality saliva, follow the safety guidelines, and use your common sense, then a moderate dose of salvia should deliver a significant first user experience.

As long as you are prepared to the intensity, the rapid changes it will bring physically and mentally, and the short duration, then there is actually no reason for you to worry about your first time using salvia.

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