Palo Azul Drug Test Success?

An increasingly popular question that has been asked around the Internet in the past few years, especially on respected discussion sites such as Reddit, is does Palo Azul tea help you to pass a drugs test?

So what’s the truth? Well, one truth is that it has been increasingly marketed as a miracle remedy for people who want to pass a drugs test. Another truth is that there are big claims about if drinking Palo Azul tea can make you more healthy, or help you to detox.

What Is Palo Azul Anyway?

how to make palo azul teaPalo Azul is a bush that grows mostly in Mexico, it is native to that country. Tea made from its bark is a popular drink in Mexico and has been for centuries. It has been claimed as a medical remedy since the 16th century.

One of the stories is that a Palo Azul detox is easy to do and very successful. But as with many of the claims, it’s finding out how many facts are in those claims.

But to be positive, there are claims that do seem to stack up in terms of it being medically beneficial. The Arizona Center for Education and Research on Therapeutics, for example, has indicated through their own research that Palo Azul tea can help to relieve symptoms of several kidney disorders, for example, kidney stones.

How Do You Actually Buy And Make Palo Azul Tea?

Let’s look at how to use Palo Azul. The first step of that is finding out how to make Palo Azul tea.

You can buy Palo Azul bark widely on the Internet, from specialist sellers claiming that Palo Azul helps you pass a drug test, helps you detox, and also from general sellers on sites like eBay.

To make Palo Azul tea you need to:

1. Boil at least a gallon and a half of water
2. Mix in a bag of Palo Azul bark
3. Boil the mix for around an hour and a half
4. Remove from the heat

It’s that simple, and if you’ve done it successfully, then although a lot will have evaporated, you will be left with a reddish colored liquid that will have a slight blue hue to it. This hint of the blue comes from the natural dye that the wood contains.

If you are hoping Palo Azul will help you to pass a drug test, then you drink the whole lot, around a gallon, within 24 hours, then allegedly it will help you to pass a urine test.

So that’s how you use Palo Azul tea, but where’s the evidence that the Palo Azul drug test method work?

Does Palo Azul drug test method work?

Palo azul drug testI’m really sorry to say that unfortunately, I can find no real evidence that Palo Azul tea will help you pass a drugs test.

There is lots of anecdotal evidence on forums around the Internet, but they don’t seem to have any particular depth to the detail, and many of them have links to sites where the bark is sold at an inflated price alongside magnificent claims of how it will help you to pass a drugs test.

There is zero scientific evidence to date that drinking Palo Azul tea in any volume will help you to pass a drugs test at all.

On top of that, some of the volumes of liquid of this stuff that people are saying you need to drink, sometimes up to 2 gallons, could actually be dangerous because the human body should not consume that amount of liquid in a short space of time.

Yes, there are tons of blogs and websites out there claiming that the Palo Azul drug test method work, but they all seem to link to websites selling the bark as well.

I think the truth is that if you have a very low level of drug toxicity (THC) then the diuretic properties in Palo Azul, which you should note is the same with normal tea, may help drugs to leave your system slightly more quickly.

But from where I’m standing, having looked into this quite a bit, there’s very little evidence that Palo Azul will help you to pass a drugs test. Sorry guys. If you have time and some extra cash, try Toxin Rid Detox Pills or Mega Clean detox drink, if the test is unsupervised then synthetic urine is the way to go.

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