OPMS Kratom Review

There’s a lot out there on the grapevine about a brand of kratom called OPMS kratom. I thought it was time to clear up any confusion about it, by doing a proper OPMS kratom review.

This stuff is different, and be used differently, plus it’s not cheap either. But is it worth the extra money? It’s been around quite a while, and has some brilliant feedback, but also some very concerning comments about it as well.

So let’s take a look at OPMS kratom, so you understand exactly why it’s different, and whether it’s worth spending the money to try it.

What Is OPMS Kratom?

A lot of people think that OPMS alludes to opium, to make you subconsciously think about it being a more potent type of kratom. I don’t know if that’s a factor in how they named it, but OPMS stands for Organic Purified Mitragyna Speciosa, which kind of makes complete sense.

The thing that makes this different, and why there’s a lot of buzz about it at the minute, is that it uses what it claims is a unique, patented method of processing which makes it more potent.

Now obviously I’m not a scientist, so I don’t know the whole truth, but basically the difference is that normal kratom is extracted through boiling it down using water or solvent.

But OPMS kratom uses a cold water and pressure extraction method, sometimes referred to as a cold process extraction. It’s claimed this extraction technique retains higher concentrations of the two main active alkaloids in kratom, whereas heat extraction is more full-spectrum, and loses some of its potency.

This extract is then pulverized using another unique process, which the company claims allows more surface area for the kratom powder, increasing its potency.

OPMS gold kratom

The Different Types Of OPMS Kratom

OPMS kratom is only manufactured by that single company, and is sold in three formats:

  • OPMS Silver kratom capsules
  • OPMS Gold kratom capsules
  • OPMS Liquid kratom

As you would expect, gold and silver represent different quality grades of kratom. OPMS gold kratom capsules are only sold in a maximum of five capsules per pack. This is for two purposes, one because they are allegedly strong, and two, because it gives them a feeling of exclusivity.

OPMS silver kratom capsules are sold in different pack sizes up to a 64 counted capsules. However, confusingly, sometimes these bags of capsules are listed by weight, rather than capsule amount.

OPMS liquid kratom is claimed to be a liquid extract made from the gold standard kratom the company uses. Certainly, online there is a lot of debate about the potency of this liquid kratom.

The company claims that the combination of its concentration and liquid form make it easier to digest, allowing a more even dose of experience.

My Experiences With OPMS Kratom

Okay, so now you know the basics, let’s talk about my personal experiences using OPMS kratom products.

I’ve often bought Salvia divinorum from salviaextract.com, and became aware of this brand of kratom through them, because they sell it in addition to a wide range of really high quality Salvia.

So I thought it was worth a try, as I’m a great fan of high-quality kratom as well.

OPMS kratom review

It’s interesting that they sell kratom in convenient capsule and liquid shot formats, and that’s what made me sit up and take a look at them.

On the downside, it doesn’t actually say what type of kratom is in it.

Some people say it’s Maeng Da, but I have not been able to verify that.

So I have to say I was a bit skeptical, because the statements about their products being “organically purified” don’t really mean much, and I’m not also convinced that cold water pressure extraction would be any more efficient than the traditional method.

The other concern I had is that the ingredients are not listed, and they don’t claim it to be 100% percent pure kratom. Some people are suspicious that an opiate-based research chemical is also included to increase the effects, rather than it being the extraction method that causes them.

But anyway, I put away all that skepticism, and I bought some of the gold capsules, and the thing I was really intrigued by, the OPMS liquid kratom shot.

The gold capsules are strong. Sometimes you need to take 5-10 kratom capsules to get a decent effect, but a couple of these were giving me a noticeable effect. So they do work, and they are potent.

I also tried the OPMS liquid kratom, I downed it in one, and it hit me like a train. It was really potent, and a little overwhelming. Whatever is in this, it works.

OPMS Kratom Review: Should You Use It?

So look, any decent OPMS kratom review has to tell you that this stuff is potent. If you don’t want to take much kratom, then this could be the way you can take it easily, to get effects.

By I do have concerns around the fact that we don’t know what sort of kratom is in it, how concentrated it is, and whether this has been enhanced with another type of substance, making it not kratom, but a legal high of dubious nature.

In their defense, there are counterfeit OPMS products out there. And it could be that these have been cut with other stuff to give the hit, but to keep the price down, giving the real company a bad name.

So I think OPMS is worth a try, as long as you only buy it from a trusted vendor. But whether you trust it, and whether the significant price it commands, even over premium quality kratom extracts, is worth it, is something only you can decide.

For me, it’s a nice gimmick and something to try once in a while, because whatever is in it, it sure as hell produces an instant kick.

If you’re dubious, or you just want really good quality kratom, then you can buy incredible quality standard kratom extract and standard powder is from stores like Coastline kratom and PurKratom. There really is no need to go near OPMS kratom if you don’t want to.

So the bottom line here, the conclusion of my OPMS kratom review is to give it a try, but bear in mind you need to make sure it’s the real deal, and to weigh up the purchase price when compared to high-quality standard kratom.

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