One Shot Concentrate Detox Drink Review

If you’re looking to pass a urine drug test then you are really going to need to follow some clear instructions, and buy some high quality detox products. That’s why I thought that it was time I did a proper One Shot Concentrate detox drink review.

I’m seeing online people are using it, and I’m getting questions about whether it’s better than another one of the top branded detox drinks in a standard size. What makes the fact it’s concentrated better?

Well, I think there are a few questions to answer in this detailed review of One Shot Concentrate detox drink, and hopefully by the end of it you will be crystal clear on whether it’s worth buying, and be clear on any other options you have got for making sure you pass that urine drug test.

What Is One Shot Concentrate Detox Drink?

One Shot Concentrate detox drink is a relatively new product under the “Clear Choice” brand. This brand is owned by a long established parent company, who have been selling quality detox products since 1993.

They sell their Clear Choice brand detox products from the official website at

The company already sell a very good quality detox drink called Rescue Cleanse. It’s high quality, has a great track record in working for a urine drug test, and I’ve used it myself to pass “real world” employment drug test.

The premise behind Clear Choice One Shot Concentrate detox drink appears to be twofold: 

  1. It’s easy to carry around with you. So if you know there’s a chance you could get called up for a drug test at short notice, you can keep it on your person. If you know you’ve got an hour before your test, you can drink it and the product claims that after an hour you will have about five hours where your urine is clear of drug toxins.
  2. It’s easy to conceal. So just as it’s easy to carry around with you all the time, it’s also easy to conceal, should you be put in a situation where you know you have an hour before the test, but you can’t get out of the way long enough to glug down a large bottle of drink. 

You can simply glug down the One Shot Concentrate detox drink, and then surreptitiously take the two included herbal pills with a glass of water.

So let’s say you are told that someone is coming in to administer random drug tests and you’ll be called up to take one over the next couple of hours.

You could down the One Shot Concentrate detox drink out of sight, without even having to go to a locker, then wander up to the canteen and discreetly put the two pills and a mouth and drink down a glass of water, which would appear totally normal.

One Shot Concentrate Detox Drink

Does One Shot Concentrate Work?

So I was intrigued by this detox drink and its possibilities. However, I don’t need to try it because I’m really pleased with how Rescue Cleanse and Ultra Eliminex have worked for me both in-home tests and employment tests.

I’m also not going to be called up for a drug test at short notice like the scenarios I outlined above.

I’m also skeptical it would work for me because I am larger than 200lbs, and I’m a very heavy weed smoker.

So for the purposes of the test I gave the drink to my girlfriend. She’s a light weed smoker, and smaller than me.

She followed the exact instructions for taking the One Shot Concentrate detox drink: 

  1. She avoids all toxins for 48 hours (this is something you should always do if you have any suspicion you going to be called up for a drug test in the next few days).
  2. She didn’t eat or drink for four hours before consuming it.
  3. She shook the bottle well and drink it in one go.
  4. She then drank a 16-ounce glass of water and urinated frequently over the next hour

I tried her with two home drug test kits and she passed them both, in hours two and three. So this product certainly appears to work the people who are light smokers and who are a smaller body weight.

You can read the detailed instructions here.

Ultra Eliminex Reviews

What To Use Instead Of One Shot Concentrate Detox?

I don’t think this product will work for heavy body type or a heavy smoker. That’s why didn’t try it myself.

Why spend $50 knowing you’re probably going to fail when you can try it on somebody who could pass? At least shows it will work for some people, if not all.

On top of that, I’ve read a few negative One Shot Concentrate Detox drink reviews from people in my circumstances who also failed.

So my recommendation is that if you are a light smoker, small in body size, or it’s your only chance of passing a drug test on-the-job, then definitely get your hands on a bottle to keep it in stock.

However, if you are a heavy body type, or a several times a week weed smoker, then I would still recommend the following options as the best way to pass a urine drug test: 

  1. Use high-quality synthetic urine. TestNegetaive also sells Clear Choice Sub Solution, which is the best all-around synthetic urine out there.

I thoroughly recommend Sub Solution because it contains all the right ingredients a lab will check for, and it uses a heat activator powder rather than a heating pad.

This allows you to have tight control over the temperature of the sample before you submit it.

Use a full size, full strength detox drink like Rescue Cleanse or Ultra Eliminex,.

These detox drinks are not much more expensive than the One Shot Concentrate detox drink, with Rescue Cleanse only being about five dollars more

I know for a fact that both of these detox drinks work great, and I have to say at the end of this one-shot concentrate detox drink review that given the choice, I would stick with the tried and tested Rescue Cleanse or Ultra Eliminex rather than One Shot Concentrate detox, unless I had no other choice.

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