All You Need To Know About African Dream Root

The Basics Of African Dream Root

African Dream Root is also known as Silene Capensis and it has been at the end of many controversial discussions over the years. However, over the last few years this flower has fallen under the eye of the western parts of the world, which has further increased its popularity.

It was only until recent times that this root was utilized only amongst the South African ethnic groups. While partaking in this powerful root, everyone will have different experiences and this is why you need to completely understand everything you possibly can about this powerful root before partaking in it.

African Dream Root Traditional Usage

Believe it or not, the African dream root was traditionally used to communicate with your ancestors. The root, which is also known as Xhosa or Ubulawu, has been utilized in the southern portions of Africa for many centuries.

It is commonly used for spiritual rituals, because it contains a psychoactive compound. That compound is capable of causing very imaginative dreams. Nevertheless, it is also possible to use the root for other purposes.

Exploring The Effects Of African Dream Root

The main reported side effect of African Dream Root has got to be that it improves the quality of sleep that an individual can achieve in a single night. Not only this, but you will wake up refreshed with a sense of responsibility and feeling that you are ready to tackle the day ahead of you.

In fact, recent studies have shown that individuals that are partaking in this root only need six hours of sleep a night to get these feeling of euphoria, as compared to a full eight.

These are not the only side effects, as vivid and memorable dreams have been reported as well. Some individuals even describe the root putting them into a dream like sleep state. Not every user has reported these effects.

In fact, some individuals are so aware of what is going on around them that their dream actually becomes reality. This is so true that some individuals have even reported of having the ability to control how their dreams go.

Immediately after waking up most users will be able to recount second for second what happened during their dream. With that being said, if you want to remember these vivid dreams for days and days after the experience, you probably want to keep a dream journal near you bed.

Many people in the past have utilized this powerful root to seek out higher questions to life. Some other individuals have reported taking the root, so that they could communicate with their ancestors during their dream state.

Silene capensis

Where To Get African Dream Root

There are tons of people that would be interested in experimenting with African Dream Root. There is a good chance that you fit into this category. Unfortunately, getting your hands on this root can be far more difficult than you could ever imagine.

If you want to get the root conveniently, you should consider shopping online. Just remember that most online retailers and traditional retailers will not sell this root to you, unless you’re at least 18 years or older. You may also be able to find the root in headshops.

Just remember to do your research and make sure that you’re getting the real deal. Otherwise, you might be dealing with a scammer and you could be throwing your money away.

Expected Results Of Using African Dream Root

So, what should you expect when using African dream root? It is vital to understand that the results can vary based on the individual in question. Some patients will experience one thing, but you might experience something entirely different.

Nevertheless, most people will experience many of the same effects. After taking this root, there is a good chance that your dreams will be very colorful and memorable.

When you wake up, there is a good chance that you’ll remember your dream. People that intend to take African dream root should keep a notebook nearby. This ensures that you’ll be able to log your dreams.

How To Prepare African Dream Root

To get the most out of African dream root, it must be prepared properly. There are several preparation methods suitable for this medicinal root. Each method is designed for a specific time of the day. So, if you are planning on consuming the concoction first thing in the morning, be sure to follow these directions.

Morning Consumption

Measure out half of teaspoon of the root and then mix with half a cup of tap or spring water. Stir the concoction thoroughly and then consume. To receive the maximum health benefits of the root, be sure to take on an empty stomach. Most experts recommend consuming, before breakfast.

Nighttime Consumption

Unlike the morning method, the root must be blended until froth is formed. Just mix a tablespoon of the African dream root with a liter of tap or spring water. Blend thoroughly until the froth is formed. The ideal here is to sip on the froth until your tummy feels full, at which time you will retire to your bed.

Precautions For Those With A Sensitive Stomach

People with sensitive stomachs should start out with a small dose of African dream root to avoid potential side effects.

If you believe a full tablespoon of the root at night is too much, cut the dose in half. For example, mix only half a tablespoon of the root with half a liter of tap or spring water, blend until froth is formed and consume.

If you experience any strange side effects, you should reduce the dose to half. It is okay to experiment with the dose, as long as you are decreasing the amount. Increasing the dose could put you at risk of harmful side effects.

Recommended Dosage

To ensure that you’re able to experience amazing dreams and to avoid negative side effects, it is pertinent to make sure that you do not overdo it. When using African dream root, it is absolutely pertinent to stick with safe dosages to avoid problems. The good news is that there is really no dosage limit.

Nevertheless, it is often best to stick with a single teaspoon of powdered root. Add this root to at least two cups of water. You can use this combination once or twice each day, until you’re able to achieve the outcome that is desired.

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