Magic Detox: Ultra THC Total Herbal Cleanse Review

Magic Detox is promoted heavily on YouTube and Facebook. I have seen a load of adverts, and it’s been in the back of my mind for a while to find out more about it and give it a test. The product being promoted is THC Total Herbal Cleanse, their main detox pill product.

Some people who read my blog have sent me three bottles between them over the past few months, asking me to review them. The bottles have been sitting in a cupboard and I finally decided it was time to see if this stuff really works, by doing a proper Magic Detox review

The situation leading up to this is that I wanted to do a detox before Christmas, and so thought it was a great time to test this product and see if it really works. It can apparently, according to their website, flush THC and other drug toxins out of your system in just seven days.

That’s a big claim, especially as they say it doesn’t just mask the toxins, it expels them from the body leaving you totally clean. So what’s the truth? Does Magic Detox live up to its claims, or is it yet another scam?

What Is Magic Detox?

Magic Detox make the product which is actually called THC Total Herbal Cleanse, and it claims to be an all natural, herbal detox system contained in a pill. Its claim is to rid your body of toxins within seven days, by flushing them out.

It’s not advertised as an overnight miracle cure, but the claim it can expel the body of toxins in seven days is a big one.

What concerns me about the company website is that they claim that detox drinks and synthetic urine for drug test don’t work anymore, because they don’t mask the toxins, and the labs can detect fake urine.

I know that’s not true, and I constantly get emails and comments from people who read my site telling me they passed a professional lab test using both fake urine and high-quality detox drinks.

So you could put it down to marketing hype, or you could see it as serious misinformation to scare people into choosing Magic Detox.Ultra THC Total Herbal Cleanse Review

So Does Magic Detox Work To Pass A Drug Test?

As I’ve done a live test of this product myself, I am in a great position to tell you if Magic Detox will flush your system of toxins to help you pass a drug test.

The pills are designed to be taken over seven days, and after that time you are meant to be clear of toxins. I wasn’t.

So the bottom line is that my experience with this product is that it didn’t work as advertised.

There was still a week to go until Christmas, so I opened up the second bottle and did it for another seven days. The great news is that after the 14-day course I did test negative on a home urine drug test.

It appears that this product can work, but the seven-day timeframe is unrealistic for the power of the product. I worry that people are getting caught out because of this.

Perhaps it’s because I’m a regular smoker or slightly larger body size. But that website claims that daily smokers and people up to 300+ pounds can still detox in seven days, so I’m doubtful about sticking up for them by wondering about that.

What Are The Alternative To THC Total Herbal Cleanse:

Herbal Pre-Cleanse

Herbal Pre cleanse formula reviewIf you have 14 days available before a drug test, then a better choice to ensure success in detoxifying is Herbal Pre-Cleanse formula. It has worked for me, and it has worked for people I know. It’s also slightly cheaper than Magic Detox.

It’s another all natural product, and you get one month supply, which means you can buy all the pills you need to detox for that drug test in one go.

All you have to do is stay clear of toxins and take two tablets a day for 14 days to stand a great chance of being clean for a urine drug test.

Toxin Rid Detox Pills

Toxin Rid reviewsThe bottom line here is that the best alternative to Magic Detox Total THC Herbal Cleanse is the high-quality Toxin Rid.

It’s by far the best option and has the best track record with me and everyone I know. There are also great reviews of it on most websites.

It’s more expensive than Magic Detox, but for me, it’s well worth that difference in price. The reason is that it just works. It’s also one of the only true seven-day detox pills out there I have ever found.


If you mix it with taking a high-quality detox drink, like Mega Clean or Rescue Cleanse, on the day of your drug test as well, you can almost literally guarantee you will get through a professional lab urine drug test.

Synthetic Urine

Sub Solution synthetic urine reviewAnother alternative is to use synthetic urine. Ignore the claims of the people who make Magic Detox, I just don’t know what they are talking about when they say synthetic urine doesn’t pass a drug test anymore. Perhaps they tested using a cheap and outdated formula?

Two brands I know almost certainly get you through a drug test. They are Sub Solution and Quick Fix.

Both of these brands of synthetic urine contain all the ingredients that are looked for in a real sample. On top of that, they have even been used to calibrate lab equipment, so they must be pretty good.

Even better, both of them come with a way of heating them to body temperature, which is one of the bigger failures of people submitting fake samples, because a sample at the wrong temperature will be automatically rejected.

Magic Detox Review: Steer Clear

So the bottom line here is that the end of this Magic detox review is, unfortunately, I would suggest you stay clear of it unless you have 14 days instead of the seven they claim.

I’m not saying it doesn’t work, but I am suspicious of the fact it doesn’t work as claimed as far as I can see and that they claim other methods don’t work like they used to.

My advice is to always consider submitting a fake urine sample as the first choice. The second choice would be to use Toxin Rid and a high-quality detox drink in combination.

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