The Macujo Method: Pass Hair Follicle Drug Test Guaranteed

If you are a marijuana smoker or take any other sort of drug on a semi-regular basis, then the nightmare scenario is an employer, or law-enforcement agency asking you to attend a hair follicle drug test, it can be passed with the Macujo method, but still this is the hardest type of drug test to counter.

You can’t use detox drinks or submit a fake pee sample like you can with an easy urine drug test.

So the bottom line is you need to use only a proven method, and you need to make sure you do it correctly, using the correct process and ingredients.

The Macujo method really works, and it has for more than 10 years, for thousands of people. It’s worked for me, and it really can help you to pass a hair follicle drug test guaranteed, but only if you follow what about to tell you exactly.

Is Macujo Method The Only Way To Pass A Hair Drug Test?

The reason that the Macujo method has been recommended by websites, forums, and YouTube videos for over 10 years, with thousands of positive comments, is that it does really work. It’s not cheap, and it’s a risk because it could damage your hair follicles, but as long as you do it right the risk is small.

There is another method, the Jerry G (or G man) method, out there that you will read about if you’re looking for a way to pass a hair follicle drug test.

The problem with that method is that it has a lower success rate, probably around 50%. It also attacks the hair follicles even harder because it uses ammonia.

On the plus side, it’s far cheaper. You don’t need Nexxus Aloe Rid detox shampoo in the Jerry G method. That’s a big difference, with the Macujo method, you need Aloe Toxin Rid and Zydot Ultra Clean, with a combined price of $235.

So that’s why people try and cut corners by going for the cheap option, or hoping some bullshit home remedy like washing your hair with lime juice will work.

Let’s be crystal clear right now. If you want to guarantee as much as humanly possible that you are going to pass a high-risk hair sample drug test, then the only then you should be considering is spending the money and time doing the Macujo method.Jerry G method

Macujo Method Instructions

The ingredients used in the Macujo Method basically bust open your hair strands and clean out the toxins like THC from within. That’s why it can damage the hair, and what’s important that you look after it with proper care and conditioning after using this method.

This is a detailed set of instructions to pass a hair follicle drug test using the proven Macujo method. 

  1. You will need a big sink, with lots of warm water. You’ll also need to wear goggles to prevent substances from getting your eyes in causing damage. It’s also a great idea to wear rubber gloves.
  2. Rinse your hair thoroughly with warm water. Now apply Heinz white vinegar to the hair, working it thoroughly into the roots and scalp. This may burn your scalp a little bit.
  3. Now use the shampoo (Clean & Clear with salicylic acid) and massage into your scalp. Do not remove the vinegar before, and be aware this could cause a more burning sensation. Put a shower cap on and let the mixture work its magic for half an hour.
  4. Remove the shower cap and thoroughly wash your hair and scalp in warm water.
  5. Wash your hair twice using old formula Aloe Rid shampoo. Only use the old formula, and beware of buying fakes from sites like eBay.
  6. The last most important step is to wash your hair out with a few drops of Tide liquid detergent. Wash it until it feels squeaky clean.
  7. On the last time through this method, right at the end, wash your hair out with Zydot Ultra Clean shampoo.

Make sure each time you run through this cycle that you finish by rinsing your hair through with copious amounts of warm water because you really need to get rid of all the chemicals thoroughly.

Can I Do The Macujo Method Without Old Style Aloe Toxin Rid Shampoo?

The simple answer here is no you can’t, there is no way you can successfully do the Macujo method without Aloe Rid.

Also, you can only use the old formula of Aloe Rid which isn’t made anymore. It has not been made for years, which is why the supplies are getting lower, and why people can charge such a high price for it. You can buy the original Aloe Rid old style shampoo with Zydot Ultra clean HERE.

Be careful when you buy Aloe Toxin Rid. Get it only from a trusted source, and avoid eBay and Amazon. There are lots of fakes out there, including people selling stuff like liquid soap in old Aloe Rid bottles.

The reason you have to use the old formula is that it was much stronger than the current version, so make sure you are getting the real deal, and be prepared to pay for it. Not a hair drug test?

Check out how to pass a urine drug test or even a mouth swab drug test.

macujo method without nexxus

How Many Times Do I Need To Do The Macujo Method?

You need to repeat the Macujo method as outlined here every day for about seven or eight days before your hair follicle drug test.

You need to do this to make sure you have thoroughly stripped the toxins from the exposed shafts of your hair.

If you are short of time, then some people say you can get away with it if you wash your hair using the method three times per day for three days before the test, basically concentrating the process. Obviously, you are increasing the damage you are doing to your hair.

I’ve had success doing it twice a day for five days leading up to a hair follicle drug test.

In an absolute emergency, people have reported success doing it three or four times a day before a drug test, and then once on the morning of the test. But that’s one hell of a high-risk strategy unless you are desperate.

The bottom line here is to prepare by doing the following:

  • Get the ingredients in stock well in advance
  • Make sure you use the correct ingredients including old formula Aloe Rid
  • Do the Macujo method for at least five days, twice per day
  • Follow the steps correctly every time
  • Do not smoke pot or take other drugs during this time!


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