Legal Cannabis Will Not Be A Thing In The United Kingdom

You already know that cannabis is starting to be seen in a different light throughout the world. With cannabis being legal in several states in the United States other countries are starting to follow suit.

Canada was just one of the latest, but it looks like the United Kingdom’s efforts recently got shot down by Parliament. However, it should be noted that the proposal to regulate and tax adult-use cannabis was not a complete loss of effort because the bill only lost fourteen votes.

MP Norman Hits Twitter And Makes Case For Legalizing Cannabis In The UK

This proposal to legalize cannabis for recreational use came about back in early November. And, this was when the UK announced that they were going to change their marijuana laws to reschedule medical cannabis treatments as a Schedule 2 drug. This basically meant that the UK was legally allowing certain doctors to prescribe cannabis-based products to patients that meet certain requirements.

This revelation immediately sparked the theory of even further broadening the legalization of cannabis.

This is where MP Norman comes into play. He immediately hit up Twitter and started making claims as to why cannabis should be legal for recreational use as well. He even went as far to invoke what is known as the Ten Minute Rule.

This Ten Minute Rule allows any MP the opportunity to present legislation. This basically gives any MP the ability to make a claim for a new bill and litigate about its legitimacy in front of Parliament for ten minutes before it is voted on. There are a large number of MPs that oppose legal cannabis, but Norman Lamb was not one and he showed his courage, but his efforts were shot down with a 66 to 52 vote.

Legal Weed In The UK At A Standstill

Lamb did make some strong points during his ten-minute case, but he really didn’t bring up any topics or facts that haven’t been heard many times before. Probably the most compelling thing that he said was that probation of the substance was cruel and inhuman.

It said that by keeping cannabis legal it diverts billions of dollars to organized crime and criminalizes young people. He also brought up the fact that alcohol was legal and it was no less harmful than cannabis. Lamb even threw out the well-worn points that legalization would not only bring in a ton of tax revenue for the country, but it would help protect children and teens.

This was about the time that MP Steve Double spoke up and said that he wanted the war on drugs to continue and since marijuana is just considered a gateway drug they would be freely urging teens and kids to try harder drugs after sampling marijuana.

Double also said that legalization would be like waving a white flag to the war on drugs. The sixty-second Twitter video that Lamb posted back in November was played before the other MPs before he took the floor and presented his ten-minute bill, but it didn’t seem that this helped matter much either. As of right now, it looks like legal cannabis will be at a standstill in the UK.

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