Kratom Vein Colors: What Are The Differences?

Most commercially sold kratom is in powder form. It is variously advertised as either red, white or green kratom. These colors reflect the color of the veins of the kratom leaf prior to drying and powdering.

Although it is known that the different colored veins produce different base effects, and mixing the different veins can create other combinations of effects, ranging from sedative to euphoric, and from mild to off the scale, it’s tough to know exactly what’s right to start experimenting with.

So if you are curious about the differences between the different kratom colors, and how they can use to achieve the effect you want, then this guide to understanding kratom vein colors will be useful in helping you start your journey.

Why Are Veins Different Colors In Kratom Leaves?

If you were to go to a kratom farm and look at the leaves of the kratom tree against the light, you would see that they contain veins which are red, white or green.

The color of the veins is different in each tree, and different in each location. Different regions produce different vein colors, depending on atmospherics and soil.

So the different vein colors represent the chemical differences in the leaves, which when consumed produce slightly different responses in our bodies.

White Vein Kratom

Kratom powder derived from kratom leaves with a white vein are mostly associated with an energizing feeling, which can help to bring a more positive mood.  A stimulant, uplifting effect can be achieved with a reasonable dosage.

In much the same way as other stimulants, for example caffeine, a good dose of white vein kratom can improve alertness, mental sharpness and keep you awake for longer.

Increased concentration and motivation are also reported, overwhelming fatigue and tiredness.

This is why white vein kratom is often used by people who are studying to increase their ability to learn a longer, and produce better results.

On the negative side, just like with caffeine, you could experience similar irritability. Insomnia or poor sleep can also be experienced if the kratom doses taken late in the day.

Some people mix white vein with red vein kratom strains to achieve a better balance in energy without this irritability, but that takes experimentation.

white vein kratom

Red Vein Kratom

The most popular strain of kratom is red vein from various locations.

Its popularity is down to it being more subtle in effect than white vein kratom. Producing the effects of optimism and positivity, but without the potential for insomnia or irritability.

Red vein is also associated with being able to treat tension, anxiety and reduce pain in the body. That is why it is sometimes used as an alternative to standard painkilling medicines.

Red vein kratom is also the strain used most frequ with people suffering from opiate withdrawal. At higher doses, it can have a sedative effect, and lessen the pain that withdrawal can produce.

The range of effects, from subtle to extreme, mean that different types of red vein kratom are associated with different experiences and benefits. For example, red Bali kratom is linked with being a strong analgesic.

Red vein strains tend to have the strongest link between dosage and effects as well.

In small doses, red vein kratom generally produces a small uplifting and stimulant effect, but in keeping with tranquility. At higher doses, it can have a strong painkilling and sedative effect.

Red Vein kratom

Green Vein Kratom

Green vein kratom is linked to feelings of relaxation in the mind. It is used to treat anxiety, and for people who wish to be more outgoing. In terms of balance, it’s somewhere between the uplifting white vein, and the sedative red vein kratom leaves in terms of effect.

It can have a similar uplifting effect to white vein kratom, but without the excessive edge. It can also prevent excessive sedative effect strong doses of red vein kratom can produce.

So generally, green vein kratom is used the most recreationally, and by younger people. For example in some countries is mixed to create an uplifting drink where alcohol is banned or frowned upon.

If you want to feel relaxed, outgoing and talkative, then a mid-range dose of green vein kratom is going to be the best starting point.

kratom powder mix

Which Kratom Vein Color Is Best?

This is a very subjective question, because it depends on the type of person you are, the mood you are in, the quality of the kratom you take, and the dose.

Unfortunately, personal preference will come into effect here, and as we have already mentioned, it’s possible to mix the different strains to balance the effects or create new ones.

There are similarities between the three colors of vein, and different types of the same vein color can produce slightly different effects.

But generally, white vein kratom will produce the most aggressive uplifting feelings, red vein will produce the most sedative and painkilling effects, and green vein kratom will produce the strongest feelings of social calmness, and general positive emotional balance.

These effects will change with the strength of the dose. For example, red vein kratom at a higher dose will still produce uplifting and positive effects, but these will be more likely to move into a strong sedative and painkilling effect. Some people can find that they just want to sit down more or will simply go to sleep using red vein kratom.

So the best advice in terms of discovering which vein of kratom is going to be best for you, or what combination will work for you, is to firstly look at the symptoms you want to alleviate, or the mood you want to achieve, match the leaf color, and then balance it by mixing.

You can buy high-quality kratom sample packs containing good quantities of all three colors at reputable online kratom sellers for a reasonable price. It’s simply a case then of trying each strain to see how a moderate dose of around 3-5 grams affects you and then balancing it by adding in small doses of one of the other strains.

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