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Although powdered Kratom is widely available, and you can find Kratom plants for sale online really easily, such a freely available supply isn’t necessarily always going to be how things are.

Many countries, including the United States, are moving ever closer to regulating or banning the purchase and possession of Kratom powder, seeds, and live plants.

The obvious solution, if you want to benefit from the effects of these wonderful plants for the long term, is to learn how to grow your own Kratom plants. That way your own personal supply of high-quality Kratom is guaranteed.

Growing Kratom indoors is not difficult as long as you can find good quality Kratom plants for sale and understand the basics, so let’s go through that right now by giving you some easy to follow tips on growing Kratom.

How Long Does It Take To Grow A Kratom Plant?

growing kratom indoorsIt’s really easy to buy a Kratom plant online from a reputable seller, somewhere like my high quality, go-to seller, Coastline Kratom. They have young Kratom plants for sale very high quality, taking a lot of the risk out of growing them from seeds, only to watch them die.

The Kratom plants you buy from these guys will usually be less than 6 inches tall, and only in its first few months of life. At this point, it’s not going to supply you with leaves, and you have to understand that growing Kratom requires patience and time.

The plant is incredibly hungry and when well fed, and given around two years, will reach up to 20 feet tall.

It’s at this point that you will have an inexhaustible supply of your own high-quality Kratom. But you don’t have to let them grow that high in order to benefit.

Tips For Growing Kratom

Kratom plants can be notoriously difficult to grow healthily, but if you follow some simple tips and guidelines, it’s actually not tough to do.

  1. When growing Kratom indoors, you need soil that is at the correct pH, ideally between 5.5 and 6.5. If the soil is not within this range then the plant will struggle to absorb the nutrients it needs. You should also check the pH of the water you use as well.
  2. Growing Kratom can be tricky, especially indoors because these plants love light. If you can’t get strong natural light, then you can use LED or fluorescent lighting. An 18-watt fluorescent bulb should be enough for one or two plants.
  3. You should be aiming for at least the medium-range humidity, as Kratom grows better in humid conditions, which makes sense when you think about the region it is a native of. The higher the humidity, the more strong and shiny the leaves will be.
  4. If you want to keep the plants indoors, you could use a large fish tank to create the ideal environment, and simply trim them to keep them inside it. Alternatively, you could invest in a greenhouse.
  5. A Kratom plant requires a temperature range of around 70 to 90°F. This is too hot for your average house, but the heat from lighting in a tank will work. Below about 50°, you will notice discoloring and dropping of leaves.
  6. You can feed your Kratom plant using high quality liquid plant food.

Kratom Plants For Sale -Which One To Buy:

Red, White Or Green Vein?

This is the clever bit.  As you probably already know, the different vein colorings are what give the different strains of Kratom differing effects.

The Rifat and Malay strain plants available from my preferred seller, do not come with a specific colored vein.

What makes them exciting is that the color of the lighting you expose them to is what will develop the veins:

  • Red light = red vein
  • Blue light = green vein
  • White light = white vein

So although there is actually only one type of Kratom plant for sale from Coastline Kratom, you can actually alter the effects it will have simply by the color of the light.

Kratom plants for sale

Buy Kratom Plants To Get Started Today

It’s really easy to buy Kratom plants that are really high quality. Most kratom vendors have 6 inch Kratom plants for sale.

Click here to see the available plants.

They are posted safely, and come with the correct soil, and a humidity dome which you should keep them in for the first few days while they acclimatize, giving you time to set up a great environment for them to grow and thrive.

So it’s actually not difficult to grow your own inexhaustible supply of high quality Kratom with different colored veins, and you can get started today and start your own journey. Just be sure to buy a few Kratom plants rather than one, because the chances are not all of them will stay alive.

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