How To Use Kratom For Alcohol Withdrawal

It’s tough to fight an alcohol addiction, but people are finding that using kratom for alcohol withdrawal can make the process of eradicating the evil of alcohol much easier.

Alcoholism overwhelms people. A creeping cancer that grows slowly in response to your life problems, drowning out the upset, all the while establishing itself in your body and mind to make things worse in the long run.

But with the help of kratom, evening out mood swings, giving you pain relief and sedation, and also giving you energy, euphoria and an emotional lift when you need it, things can be much easier to achieve.

So let’s take a look at how exactly people are using kratom for alcoholism and depression, and give them a potential springboard to get out of that hell forever.

Using Kratom For Alcoholism And Depression

One of the first things to address when talking about using kratom for alcoholism and depression, is to answer the question about whether you are simply replacing one addictive poison with another.

The bottom line here, as you will know, is that alcohol is insidious and highly addictive. It’s one of the most difficult things to escape from. It has a strong draw, and it’s available everywhere.

When you put up against that, the potential for addiction from kratom, it’s far, far lower. Yes of course there is a chance you could become addicted emotionally to it, but unlike what it mimics, opiates, it’s addiction potential is actually incredibly low.

So it’s by far the lesser of two evils, and once you have coped with removing alcohol from your life, then gently easing yourself down to the dose of kratom you want to keep as a pleasurable maintenance in your life will be far easier to achieve.

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How To Use Kratom  For Alcohol Withdrawal?

Kratom can help with quitting alcohol because it has the ability to lift your mood. It can also mimic the feelings of being on alcohol, and it can also alleviate the withdrawal symptoms of pain and unease.

There are an incredible amount of testimonies online stating exactly how kratom help with alcohol withdrawal and escape. I’ll just pluck one from Reddit for you, so you can see the miracle we are talking about:

Ive actually never taken kratom and alcohol at the same time but I can say that since I started using kratom I have not even had the slightest urge to drink. This was a miracle for me because I had somehow managed to stay sober for a year and was suddenly getting unbearably urges to drink. Those tall boys at the gas station convenience store were getting real hard to walk away from.  I believe kratom saved me from a relapse that would have ruined everything currently going on in my life.

In order to use kratom for alcohol withdrawal successfully, there is one important consideration however.

You have to be fully aware of when you take it, how you take it, the dose, your dependency level, your moods, and that you are actually using it to escape alcohol, and not to complement it. This means having a level of commitment and self-awareness about the process.

If you just start chucking kratom down your neck, and then relapsing on alcohol, your find you are in an even bigger mess than you were at the start.

The idea is to make the decision to quit the alcohol, and then alleviate the stress and withdrawal symptoms with the minimum amount of kratom that can achieve this, and that you reduce on a consistent basis.

Kratom is not a cure for alcoholism.  But it can be a good tool to make keeping alcohol out of your life a lot more easy to achieve.

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Explained: The Different Types Of Kratom You Can Try

When it comes to experimenting with using kratom for alcohol withdrawal, you are looking to achieve several different things, sometimes at once, and sometimes at different times: 

  • Mimic the feeling of being under the influence of alcohol
  • Increase your energy
  • Improve your mood
  • Feel chilled out and sedated
  • Lessen the physical and emotional pain of alcohol withdrawal symptoms
  • Pull yourself out of depression
  • lesson the anxiety and panic attacks alcohol comedowns produce 

As you can see, the problem is that those are contradictory, they sit at both ends of the emotional and physical scale, and at other points in between. But kratom can hit all of these problems, sometimes mostly the same time.

When it comes to kratom, broadly, it’s split into three different types. Each of these types of kratom is based on the color of the vein within the kratom leaf, with each color having multiple strains within it: 

  1. White kratom comes from kratom leaves that have white veins. The white strains of kratom generally lift mood and give energy, that at high doses enters euphoria. White strains are generally not good for sedation, chilling you out and relieving pain, but they can lift you out of depression and give you energy and mood boost.
  2. Red kratom generally is more sedative and analgesic in nature. It can help to retain energy levels and balance mood, but primarily it’s going to chill you out and stop that anxiety and pain.
  3. Green kratom is usually in the middle, between white and red, when it comes to its range of effects. Although at higher doses it can pull into the zones white and red occupy, generally, it’s milder, more balanced, and offers a middle ground. However, it doesn’t have the ability to hit those specific points you might want to target, in the same “full on” way the white and red can.  

There are so many strains of kratom out there, that it’s impossible to tell you about each one. So let’s just talk you through one strain from each vein color.

RED: Maeng Da

Maeng Da translates as “pimp grade”. That’s because it’s usually a very strong red vein kratom. It can be too strong for most people at high dose, which is why it’s great, because you don’t need so much.

Maeng Da has a high amount of alkaloids in it, and those alkaloids are more heavily weighted towards a certain group of effects. These effects are primarily focus and energy, at a moderate level, plus pain relief and sedation.

The higher the dose, the less focus and energy, and the more pain relief and sedation you can achieve. I always buy maeng da kratom from this vendor, their kratom is high quality and always fresh.


White Indo has the main effects of white kratom strains, in that it produces energy and euphoria, much like a warm caffeine hit, that increases with dosage to the point of becoming uncontrollable.

However, white Indo can, at moderate dose, infuse energy with some pain relief and relaxation, so it has a good range of effects as long as the dose isn’t too high.

The thing is with white strains is they do make you feel warm and euphoric. However, because it can feel like an uncontrollable caffeine-like hit sometimes, people who are trying to get away from feeling out of control can find they are unsettled and unbalanced with too much white kratom.

GREEN: Malay

Green Malay is probably the most popular strain of green kratom. It’s also quite balanced, in that it can produce an uplifting feeling, but also with an ability to minimize stress.

If you looking for a starting place and you want to experiment in the middle, it can be a great strain to start with because of its balance of effects that are not overwhelming unless you take an incredibly high dose.

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How Much Kratom To Take For Alcohol Withdrawal

Nobody can tell you how much kratom to take alcohol withdrawal and depression symptoms.

The reasons for this are that it’s a very personal thing, the effects are different for everyone. You also have to factor in the different vein colors, and the multitude of different strains available. That’s before you even consider mixing strains.

On top of all that, you might be wanting to suppress or enhance different things at different times, which means the dosage and type will also vary.

But generally, if you’re looking for a rough guide on the level of kratom you should take to help you cope with alcohol withdrawal, a lower dose will generally help, while a higher dose will target either upbeat euphoria, or deliver sedation and pain relief.

As a general guideline, most people consider normal strength kratom powder doses within the following brackets:

  • Low dose: 1-3 grams
  • Moderate dose: 3-5 grams
  • High dose: 5-7 grams
  • Very high dose: above 7 grams

If you are new to starting with kratom for trying to relieve alcohol withdrawal symptoms, you should start with a low dose, and work up by a small amount each time, until you understand how it interacts with your body, the effects you can achieve, and how powerful it is.

You should do this before you consider mixing strains, and also never start with anything other than a low dose.

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Buying Kratom To Use For Alcoholism And Depression

I’ll start this final section by saying I’ve got a friend who has drinking problems. He watched a video on YouTube, which talked about kratom and alcohol, and he decided to give it a try.

In the video she mentions using 15 g a day to help quit drinking. I advised my friend that her recommended dose is a hell of a lot of kratom, far too much for every day. It will leave you flying and also help to build tolerance.

My advice is to start low, and to not really go above 5 g a day, unless you are really struggling, and then primarily reds, to keep yourself chill. But it’s personal, some will tell you white, some red, some green and different amounts. You have to find your own way by experimenting.

My buddy actually ended up using this white kratom, because he liked the warm euphoria it delivered, that as long as he didn’t take too much, mimicked the feeling a few drinks give you. It took away his urge to drink, but still allowed him to feel like he was participating in having fun.

All this talk of using kratom for alcohol withdrawal symptoms is pretty new, you won’t find much concrete stuff about it online. That’s why you have to find your own way, based on sensible baby steps and thinking about each one in advance.

In terms of the specific kratom you should buy, if you don’t know where to start, I would suggest you look at buying a variety pack. These are a little bit of the financial investment, but they give you a good dose of a lot of the main types of kratom.

I recommend this beginner pack and also this pack from Purkratom.

By doing that, you can invest in all types of kratom you are interested in, but at a low cost in total compared to buying a full pack of each, which will allow you to experiment over a couple of weeks to see how the effects vary.

You’ll also be looking to buy variety pack from a trusted retailer. Kratom vendor’s are notoriously unreliable, which means you need to know you are getting quality powder.

The reputable kratom vendors will have a moneyback guarantee, they will have a strong social media presence, when you search for them online you will find positive feedback about them, and they will be responsive to customer service questions. Do not buy kratom near your home in local smoke shops or gas stations, as its never fresh and the quality always poor.

So if you’re new to thinking about using kratom for alcohol withdrawal, or more generally using kratom for alcoholism and depression symptoms, then my advice is a variety pack, start with a low dose, and test things slowly.

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