This Is The Best Kratom For Sex

 Kratom is getting an increasingly positive reputation because of its ability to lift mood, lessen pain, and promote a relaxed state physically and emotionally. So it’s little wonder that people are wondering what the best kratom for sex enhancement is.

There are many strains of kratom. The combination of color, vein and region of origin, mixed with the different doses you can take, can make it confusing to work out where kratom would work best for sex.

So let’s take a look in detail at the effects kratom can have on your sexual experience, performance, and desire.

Is There Any Evidence Kratom Boosts Sex Drive & Performance?

Unfortunately, there hasn’t been a single proper scientific study into the way the kratom positively or negatively affects human sexual desire and performance.

So we have to look at anecdotal evidence to come up with a realistic answer to the question about whether using kratom increases, or decreases, sexual desire.

In writing this, we have carefully studied the responses on several kratom forums, and several Reddit groups to come up with a consensus, as much as possible, around what kratom does to sex drive.

One surprise, which will upset one of the sexes, is that kratom appears to have a positive effect on one group of people, while having a negative effect on another.

 Does Kratom Have Negative Effects On libido?

From our research, kratom has been found to enhance female sexual pleasure in a lot of cases. There are many women talking online about increased sensitivity, increased awareness, and better sexual response.

However, on the other side of this story, there seems to be a large group of men who say that even moderate doses, sustained over several days, has consistently lowered performance levels to the point where sex is not thought about at all.

Now obviously, this is a small sample group, and it’s not scientific, it’s anecdotal.

Some men report it’s only certain types of kratom which have this negative effect, while others say that sustained use of any type of kratom basically destroys their sex drive, both through a lower desire, and also a lower sensitivity, with many people reporting numbness despite a normal physical response.

Reinforcing the validity of this view is that the same men report that when they have stopped taking kratom, their sex drive slowly gets restored.

So there appears to be a divide between the sexes on using kratom. Generally, people who were used to other opiates, suggest that kratom has similar performance effects, especially red vein kratom, even if desire is enhanced, the ability to finish, both in men and women, is lowered:

“It almost always reduces my sensitivity (allowing me to last longer) and lowers my sex drive just slightly for some reason. Opiods also do the same thing for me.”

However, it should be noted that when a question is asked around whether kratom kills your sex drive, that will prompt more people to post that they agree, than it would to disagree.

kratom and sex drive

Kratom And Sex: Best Strains

Generally, red kratom is more associated with pain relief and sedation. So red kratom, especially at higher doses, is anecdotally being linked more to negative sexual experiences, especially in men

“It takes forever to finish while on kratom it’s really annoying to me to be honest lol.. because it seems like the kratom decreases sensitivity a lot so at least for me its not even that fun and just feels like work trying to finish. But I take reds mainly which remind me of opiates and I used to not be interested at all in sex while taking opiates.”

Conversely, women report that moderate doses of green strains of kratom can enhance that desire and energy levels. This is also reported in men, but not anywhere near the same frequency.

So it appears that the type of kratom you take to try and enhance sexual performance does matter. Green vein/leaf kratom appears to have a more uplifting effect, creating an emotional situation where sex is more considered.

It should also be said that many users, both male, and female, say that their desire to have sex was definitely lowered when using kratom. However, in the majority, those people also made the point that once they actually got engaged in sexual activity it became more intense.

Which means that although kratom appears to generally lower sexual desire, it can also raise the intensity and focus during sexual activity. Basically, it puts your mind in the zone better once you actually get started.

Kratom Dosage For Experimenting With Sexual Performance

The anecdotal evidence appears to be that red kratom, even a moderate dose, tends to have a more numbing and sedative effect, which is not good for enhancing sexual performance.

Conversely, more people, especially women, state online that green vein kratom can enhance sexual pleasure, even if it lowers libido at the same time.

So now we understand which types of kratom could potentially enhance sexual pleasure, we need to try and work out what dose you should take.

Some men report that a daily dose of 1 gram is enough to stop their sex drive completely. Others are taking 3-5 grams before they report that level. So it depends on the individual, as well as the dose.

If you are new to kratom, then starting with as little as 1 gram, both for you and your partner, is a great starting point, and then increasing the dose slightly each time, to see if there is a “sweet spot”, and then taking note of when one or both of you start to decline in interest in performance.

If you are an existing kratom user, then switching to the green vein, and lowering the dose until your interest returns, is also a great starting point.

kratom and sex

The Best Kratom For Sex: Conclusion

So in summary, it’s not clear how kratom affects sex drive and enjoyment. It appears to treat women and men differently at times, and also individuals differently, which makes it obvious that you have to experiment for yourself.

But generally, it appears that green vein kratom is the more likely to enhance the enjoyment, even if at even moderate dose it can decrease desire. You just have to go for it and see what happens.

Red vein kratom, at moderate and high doses, appears to act more like an opiate and kills desire completely in most people. However, it can still make “getting there” far more pleasurable, because of the intensity.

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So if you want to last longer, and have more intense sexual experiences, then experimenting with kratom could be a great thing to do.

However, on the flipside, you have to be aware of the fact that it could quickly lower your desire to want to try.

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