Kava Kava High: How Does Kava Make You Feel?

Kava is getting rave reviews right now. Is not as well-known as kratom, but people are claiming it can make relax you physically, take away mental and physical stress, and dramatically improve your mood. But one key question exists around is there a kava kava high, or is it far more gentle?

So what’s the truth here, is kava the same as kratom, or is it a different type of thing entirely? Can it make you high, is it as good at getting rid of pain and calm you down as kratom, or is it something you should be using in a completely different way?

In this post I’m going to tell you all about kava, the correct kava dosage, the best kava kava supplements, effects to expect from kava, and also where to buy high quality kava so that you don’t get ripped off with poor quality product.

What Is Kava?

There are many different types of kava, it originated from the kava plant that grows in the Polynesian Islands.

It can be a bit bewildering, because are so many varieties and products out there:

  • Micronized/instant kava
  • Ground kava root
  • Kava concentrate
  • Kava drinks
  • Kava capsules
  • Kava root

On top of all that choice, you also have to add in the fact that there are more than a hundred different varieties of kava, split between two main categories, Noble kava and Tudei kava. I’m going to mostly talk about Noble kava, because a lot more people have adverse reactions to Tudei kava, so I don’t recommend it.

If you are bewildered by the number of different kratom strains out there, then right now you might be starting to get a sense of déjà vu around kava. But don’t worry, it’s actually not that complex, as I’ll explain.

kava kava dosage

How To Take Kava

The traditional Polynesian method of taking Kava is to drink it as a tea. When you see medium grind Kava products, that’s the traditional form are prepared kava.

However, medium grind Kava powder can produce a rather earthy, muddy tea that doesn’t actually taste that great. People tolerate it, not because of how it tastes, but because of how it makes them feel afterwards.

An improvement on drinking kava tea is to mix micronized Kava with juice. Or, you can use kava concentrates, that allow far more flexibility in how you ingest it.

Kava Effects: What Does Kava Feel Like?

To get the most out of the effects of kava, it’s best drunk on an empty stomach, so that you get the maximum effect at the same moment, due to your body being able to process it without interference from food in your stomach.

The first thing you’re going to feel when you drink kava is your lips and tongue will tingle and sometimes go numb. Now that doesn’t sound like a great effect, but don’t worry, just the normal reaction to the active ingredients in kava, and it will pass in a few minutes. Many people quite like this feeling anyway, and it will tell you that the kava you have bought is good quality.

Over the next 15 minutes or so, you will start to feel more relaxed as your body absorbs the alkaloids. You will know if the kava you are ingesting is good quality, because that relaxation will feel significant.

Depending on the strength of the kava, and what you ingest, you will feel very relaxed, like things are melting away in a good mindset, and maybe even slightly euphoric. But this doesn’t mean that kava is going to make you feel out of control on euphoria, it’s not that strong. Kava will make you feel happy, but it won’t make you feel high.

One caveat here is that high doses of kava over a long period of time can have had negative side-effects, which you should look into if you intend using kava frequently. You should also be aware that carbon negatively interacts with certain medications, so if you are taking medication you should always check that it does not interact with kava.

Kava Dosage

The dosage of kava you take is a very personal thing. It will also depend on the type of kava, what you mix it with, and the format you buy it in. It’s very difficult to give a specific dosage, it’s more about experimentation.

The more you drink, the more heady you will feel, and the more relaxed your body will feel. So it’s really more about drinking enough to reach the level of feeling you want.

It’s actually impossible to overdose on kava. Although you can drink too much, and feel a little bit “out of it”, it’s a herbal supplement, not a narcotic, and not even like kratom.

Kava does not diminish cognitive processes, unless you take a very significant amount. So you should be able to function normally even after drinking a good kava dose.

So there’s no real correct dosage, or maximum safe dose, when it comes drinking kava. Generally, if you are making a cup of kava tea, then you will normally use around 3 tablespoons of powder, or just 1 tablespoon of micronized kava. This will be added to around 8 ounces of water or juice.

Kava supplements

Kava Vs Kratom

As I’ve already said, kava is not like kratom. With kratom, although a small dose can have the same general effect as kava, especially red vein kratom which tends to be relaxing and will make you feel chilled out, it can’t produce the range and strength of different reactions that kratom does.

So when it comes to looking at whether you want to try kava or kratom, then it’s really about understanding that kratom contains a large amount of more powerful, alkaloids. It can change your energy levels, relaxation, pain levels and perception in a far greater way than kava can.

Also, it’s about the legality around kava versus kratom. Kava is completely legal everywhere, because it doesn’t get you high, it doesn’t deliver the significant changes that kratom can, and it’s not linked to opiates in the same kratom is.

Where To Buy Kava Kava Capsules And Supplements

When it comes to buying Kava capsules, I always recommend the same thing for every type of herbal supplement I use myself and talk about.

Never buy something specialist like kava from a general retailer like Amazon. You should always be looking to buy it from a specialist retailer whose reputation and knowledge are all around those exact things they sell.

My number one recommended store for getting started with kava is called Kalm With Kava. These guys are really good, very knowledgeable, and the kava they sell is very good quality and value for money.

As I said a start, kava doesn’t actually taste that good, and unless you can disguise the taste, then it will take you a lot of time to get used to drink it in water as a muddy tea.

However, specialist retailers like the kratomcapsules.com also sell kava  kava capsules. You can pop a few of these in your mouth and swallow them, and get the effects of kava in a few minutes, without having to taste it at all.

So the bottom line here is that you won’t get a kava kava high. Kava is relaxing, and will make you feel pleasant, it will make your problems melt away for a few hours. But it’s not kratom, and it doesn’t have the same legal issues. You can buy Kava easily, and enjoy it guilt free.


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