Kandypens Gravity Review

I love the design team at Kandypens. These guys have introduced some eye candy into a device like a vape pen that was in desperate need of a makeover. Gravity is one of the the best wax vape pen on the market. In fact, it would be fair to say that Kandypens vape devices are like the ‘Cadillac’ of vape pens.

Oh, that’s too clichéd, isn’t it? I guess ‘Apple’ would be a better option.

Either ways, after the immensely popular Donut/ Galaxy, Kandypens is back with another excellent device that is garnering rave reviews all over. This is called Gravity and it has a very impressive feature bundle with an unbeatable price.

At the forefront is the uber-stylish finish backed by dual atomizers, coil less tech and a battery that is temperature controlled. It is no wonder that the Gravity is touted to become the next bestseller from Kandypens.

Sleek, Noir-Style finish

Kandypens gravity reviewAmong all the vape pens that I have tested and reviewed so far, Gravity comes closest to resembling an actual pen. It is incredibly sleek and would easily pass for a pen if I were to hook it up to my shirt.

The sandblasted all-black noir finish certainly looks much better than any pen does.

On the center is a Kandypens ‘K’ logo that also doubles up as a control button and features an integrated LED light that changes colors when you press the button.

By the way, that lets you toggle and switch between temperatures.

One of the notable differences from other wax vape pens and the gravity is the unique looking mouthpiece that has an added carb hole. This markedly improves the airflow and also adds some gloss to an otherwise all-matte finish.

Depending on which atomizer you have installed on the pen, you will either have a dual quartz rod atomizer with a revamped quartz chamber or coil less ceramic atomizer with an innovative design that does not have a hole in the dish.

Both the atomizers have 510 threading which lets you swap them with any compatible battery. Also, they feature titanium coils which offer excellent even heating without interfering with the taste of the vape.

Using the Kandypens Gravity

Once you load the concentrate, you need to select the appropriate temperature by tapping on the ‘K’ button three times. You have four options which are characterized by different colored LEDs.

  • 300 – Pink
  • 350 – Red
  • 390 – Green
  • 430 – Blue

Irrespective of what temperature setting you choose, the pen heats up fast and easy. The change in temperature is depicted by the LED light which blinks three times. If you restart the device, the last selected temperature is activated by default.

The temperature selection clubbed with the coil-less design make the Gravity a pleasure to use. You can customize the vapor to your preference and the taste and flavor are top notch.

What makes Gravity one of the best wax vape pen?  Vaping quality!

Since there are two different types of atomizers with the galaxy, we will speak about the vaping experience with each one.

Quartz Crystal Atomizer

best wax vape penDue to the dual quartz rods that are covered with titanium, the atomizer heats in a flash and unlike ceramic wicks or fiber, it burns your concentrate clean without any aftertaste.

The extraction is full and if you want to experience the true flavor of your concentrate, then this is the atomizer you should be using. Also, the entire chamber is made of quartz. So, there are no external components that affect the taste. The wax does burn faster though due to the dual coils. But the hits are strong, potent and the clouds are huge.


Ceramic Dish Atomizer

If you are looking for a slower and more relaxed session with your wax, then the Ceramic dish atomizer is your best bet. There are no coils or wires that come into contact with the concentrate. So, the wax burns noticeably slower. Kandypens calls this SloBurn Technology. Also, the ceramic chamber without the hole is easier to clean because there is no wax leeching into unreachable places. The hits are gentler and the taste is more suited for casual users.

Best features

  • Multiple temperature settings
  • Two coil options for different types of users
  • Improved mouthpiece design for better airflow
  • Excellent battery life
  • Super-stylish finish
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Easy to use

Verdict:  The Gravity is one of the best wax vape pen, it offers unrivaled styling, ease of use, multiple temperature settings and customization options at an excellent price point. It comes with a lifetime warranty too. There is no other vaping pen that is a feature rich as this one. Irrespective of what type of vaping experience you prefer, you’d be hard pressed to find a better one.

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KandyPens Gravity is a great vaporizer for concentrate and wax. It comes with two atomizers, temperature controlled battery and lifetime warranty


4.9 Total Score
Kandypens Gravity Review

  • Multiple temperature settings
  • Quartz coil great for large hits and maximum vapor production
  • Ceramic coil great for flavor and lighter sessions
  • Improved mouthpiece design for better airflow
  • Excellent battery life
  • Super-stylish finish
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Easy to use
  • Small and discrete build
  • No Micro-USB Charging
User Rating: 4.85 (1 votes)
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