What is K2 / Spice? | Synthetic Cannabinoids

K2 is an herbal incense that is laced with a synthetic form of marijuana. It is marketed as an herb and is legal in many states.

Head shops, gas stations, and grocery stores everywhere sell it over the counter to anyone who has money to buy it. Among teenagers and young adults, K2 is more popular than marijuana, ecstasy, and crack cocaine combined.

Not only does it make you high like smoking a joint, but also it is legal.

According to health professionals, K2 is not an innocent herb, but rather a dangerous drug that produces lethal side effects. Hospitals across the country have reported patients entering the ER after smoking K2 as having paranoia, rapid heart rate, increase blood pressure, and even near-death experiences.

K2 was developed in a university lab in order to simulate the effects of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is the active ingredient in marijuana.

Originally, the purpose of K2 was to replicate the medicinal effects of THC in animals, in order to create a legal prescription drug that acted as THC. K2 was not developed for human consumption, but instead for testing to see if it was possible to replicate the effects of THC as a medicinal use.

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Possible Dangers of K2 / Spice

Since K2 was developed for experimental use and testing on animals, it is not medically safe for humans. In addition, people are mixing the chemical compound with other substances and marketing them as all natural herbs, incense, or spice. Long-term effects of the drug are not known; however, some short-term effects include the following.

• Drowsiness

• Mental confusion

• Forgetfulness

• Fear/paranoia

• Depression

• Anxiety

K2 is known by other names as well, such as:

  • blue ice
  • demon
  • red devil
  • genie
  • orange-angel

The different names suggest different chemical make-ups, which means if you smoked plain K2 one night and then tried the red devil version of it another night, you will most likely experience two different reactions.

So far, 11 states have outlawed K2 and many others are not far behind. It is important for parents to be aware of K2 and its prevalence among teenagers and young adults. Not only is K2 a dangerous, untested, chemical compound; but also a cheap over the counter product marketed to kids. At around $40 an ounce, it is not only easily accessible, but also affordable.

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